The process of true type selecting of ERP

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The author has what favour participated in project of a few ERP to carry out, discovering in the job type selecting is right is very important one step really for the ERP project of an unit. Though " 3 minutes of software, carry out 7 minutes " , but the process of type selecting, not be the course that chooses software merely, more important is examination ERP supplier and its system the process of integrated ability. From " should go up ERP " thought leads thrill through of the first time in popular feeling to begin in the enterprise, sign ERP contract to finally, this is a lengthy process, little an in about a year, need possibly to make more old. The article sums up an a certain number of measure that should experience in the enterprise in this process, call " ERP type selecting 9 paces " . The first, seek a supplier, give out invite an announcement. Consult all sorts of media information choose 10 ERP vendors of the left and right sides, give out invite. The choice of these suppliers should emphasize particularly on somewhat, characteristic of the fame in the dimensions that considers a supplier integratedly, industry, industry, executive characteristic, prevailing prices. Give none should hesitantly to a few suppliers that do not accord with this enterprise ERP to ask apparently eliminate. For example, enterprise ERP budget is very few, that need not connect the system of foreign famous ERP such as SAP, Oracle; The enterprise stresses industry distinguishing feature, that is put on the ERP system that has characteristic of course of study of one's own profession with respect to this general key; Kind of company production management is relatively special, put in the project with respect to this general key model (have 2 more development according to the requirement of the enterprise) on ERP system, etc. The 2nd, the first round demonstrate. The first round after beginning, ERP supplier can expedite ERP adviser to undertake on-the-spot survey to the enterprise, because the supplier is more, the enterprise arranges a lot of time impossibly to recieve, accordingly, to do not affect the regular job of departmental door, the proposal gives every domestic supplier 0.

The 5 time that come 1 day. Inside this paragraph of time of advisory survey, the adviser that recieves as a result of departmental door is more, and of the answer is same question almost, do easily very tired outly, can imagine arrive more from the back the adviser of survey the more adverse, for fair for the purpose of, period of time had better be separated between the time in every advisory survey, recieve the cheesed psychology of personnel in order to reduce each branch. To reduce the trouble of ERP advisory survey, departmental door had better begin what departmental door gets ready to be used now before survey in ERP adviser all sorts of watch sheet, file, had better contain primitive data, these data may provide the clue of a lot of survey to adviser, ERP adviser also may discover a lot of problems from inside these data. ERP adviser makes what ERP is in this enterprise implement plan according to the result of survey, and have initial quoted price according to this plan, inside the time in the regulation plan deliver this enterprise, the enterprise participates in the personnel of type selecting to should have serious research to plan, especially the part related to cadre door, come down question record, put forward to request to solve when ERP adviser undertakes the system demonstrates. After the plan in all ERP supplier is referred, enterprise IT branch or type selecting controller had decided each supplier demonstrate time and place. For fair for the purpose of, should reasonable allocation of each supplier demonstrate time, if altogether 10 ERP supplier, to prevent staff of ERP type selecting too fatigue, can divide a week to finish, recieve everyday, an arrangement 2-3 the time that the hour influences. Answer to inform each share staff in time calendar after arrangement is good, let participate in personnel to be able to have arranged his own job ahead of schedule, prepare oneself to need the question that raise, after watching ERP adviser to demonstrate of course, probable meeting has new issue generation. Departmental door controller should be mainly when the query on management, avoid a few technical too strong issue, after all the good qualities of ERP adviser depends on having business management with ERP, whats understand they are impossible, this we not too should exacting. The 3rd, the first round choose, before singling out 5. All ERP supplier the first round after demonstrating to end, the participation that the enterprise should organize ERP type selecting instantly personnel undertakes grading, according to quote plan and grading result, before singling out 5 enter contend below one round. The commissioner forms by the person of face of the following tripartite commonly: Personnel of ERP of department of the main controller of leader of company high level, departmental door, information. By information department ERP personnel or entrust advisory company to design good grading to express, each commissioner makes component according to grading watch. Next watches offer reference: When design grading is expressed, in should noticing to prevent a few companies to the design of grading project hardly the project that the person can clear up, although these items are likely very important really to ERP system. For example, "The operation speed of ERP software " , this bit is important to comparativing really for ERP, but in phase of ERP type selecting, the operation speed that is afraid very few someone can say so that understand this ERP system after all how, this need time and data will examine. When grading, need not importune every commissioner to give a mark to every project, to what do not understand the place can abstain, take average by the person that participates in grading actually to some grading project, the outcome that can avoid to hit cent to cause in disorder so is lack fidelity. For example, "Systematic framework " , besides the personnel of information department, be afraid very few somebody can do what knowing is software in the enterprise " systematic framework " , can abstain to this at this moment, and the grading to this authority leaves information department staff. The 4th, the 2nd round demonstrate. After the first round of end, 5 are entered below one round, because ERP supplier is opposite this round is less, the enterprise can arrange a more time to recieve. Can arrange the time that gives a week left and right sides for every adviser, stay in order to undertake detailed survey. In this a week, ERP adviser can commute at the same place with company staff, experience the manufacturing administration of the company personally, investigate departmental door the detailed demand to ERP. Additional, every branch chief can undertake be communicationed alone with ERP adviser, raise the special requirement of cadre door, when having doubt, can put forward to ERP adviser at any time. ERP advisory basis is detailed the result of survey, compose of this enterprise " ERP demand reports " . Basis of manager of enterprise ERP executive project each " ERP demand reports " , revise through treatment, liquidate this company " ERP demand reports " , distribute each ERP supplier, basis of each ERP supplier " ERP demand reports " preparation the next time demonstrate. What demonstrate this to differ with first time is, give priority to in order to introduce the software of ERP supplier itself for the first time, how to satisfy business demand in order to demonstrate this to give priority to. Additional, preparing " ERP demand reports " while, him enterprise should prepare a few real data, make ERP advisory demonstrate in their ERP system, this data should enclothe the major function of the enterprise to nod. Of course, should choose only a few have representative data to go, although to a system a few data follow the processing of mass data to have vast difference, but still process mass data unlikely after all in type selecting phase. The data of general preparation includes: Simple in information of information of foundation of parameter of center of course of order of long-term plan, sale, BOM, craft, work, productivity, stock, stock, purchase order for goods, cost basis data, bursary looks etc. One share data, include static material (like BOM, stock foundation information) with partial trends data (if sell order of order, production to wait) send ERP supplier in order to to demonstrate first, one share data (the one part of dynamic data) stay wait for the spot when demonstrating to type. The timeline that demonstrates the 2nd times follows first time very much the same, but main content is different, the content that demonstrates this basically includes 3 shares: It is the demand of the industry that how ERP system satisfies; If where manages,the 2 real data that are pair of received businesses are; 3 it is the spot types data of a few production, explain processing process. The 5th, visiting case. After be being entered the 2nd round, have a very important thing, see the executive case of each ERP businessman namely, the main job that this job should be ERP type selecting the 2nd round. If some ERP businessman rejects this demand (of course their affirmation that use a word is to comparative sweat and agreeable) , should offer the reason of be convinced making a person so, be afraid otherwise enter very hard below one round, unless their advantage really very big. To the case that will see, should somewhat demarcate, the requirement that includes district to go up commonly, requirement on dimensions, requirement on the industry. Most good case is: The circumjacent area of enterprise seat is in on district, differ with this enterprise on dimensions not big or be more than this enterprise, on the industry as identical as this enterprise. Ask to cannot get in this kind of course when satisfying (tell the truth, this kind of requirement is achieved not easily really) , be forced to make a few concession, but if do not have the case of identical industry, also should provide the case of similar industry so, there is similar place on technological process of government of at least production most. The following respect should pay close attention to in the process of visiting case: 1.

Case unit state. Include technological process of unit dimensions, main product, main production, future to develop the content such as direction. 2.

Informatization construction. The enterprise informatization construction before including to carry out is state, current business information is framework of construction case, network, current how is the system safeguarded, everyday the content such as the stability of data bulk, system. 3.

After service. The circumstance after the system is used how, whether does after service resemble publicizing what tell on material to reach the designated position in that way really. 4.

Executive functional module. The reason that module of the brief function that this system altogether had the how many module, company that see to carry out every how many module, module in all, use circumstance in this unit, other did not carry out is the what, time that continues to carry out plan. 5.

Welcome the personnel assessment to ERP system. Should analyse can more soberly to this kind of evaluation nevertheless, accept or reject somewhat, because welcome the assessment of personnel general won't low, want to know, ERP supplier will never seek the unit of bellyful of a complaint, the person that lets bellyful of a complaint recieves you. 6.

Partial function orders an operation. Best the main operation site that can seek system of a few use ERP randomly, the spot views operation situation, listen to the operation personnel evaluation to ERP, let them carry out the difference that ERP around works quite. Of course, this bit of difficulty is greater, because a lot of enterprises are,do not allow others to look around at will to their spot visit. After visiting end, visiting personnel should compose sees a report, cent sends every ERP type selecting participator. Generally speaking, visiting report can spread out from the following respects: 1.

Personnel. The visiting personnel, member that recieve supplier of personnel and post, ERP to accompany a person. 2.

Unit brief introduction. The direction of development of technological process of dimensions, industry, main production, future, similar point with this unit. 3.

Informatization builds the introduction. 4.

The functional module that already carried out. 5.

The functional module that did not carry out. 6.

Successful place. 7.

Insufficient place. 8.

Welcome the personnel assessment to ERP. 9.

Operate the personnel evaluation to ERP. 10.

Summary. The 6th, the 2nd round of grading, two are entered last rounds. After the communication according to this paragraph of time, the enterprise should be more thorough to the understanding of these 5 ERP. To original grading the watch should add a few content, be like the evaluation of the case that sees to place, the solution of certain to our company special requirement, to the evaluation of ERP adviser, wait a moment to the satisfaction of this business demand. Single out two are entered below one round finally. The 7th, ERP adviser is developed freely. Arrived this one pace, two adviser can be developed freely. Freedom also is compared on timeline, can arrange small-sized communicating to meet at any time. ERP adviser can place his advantage when communication, point out the competitor's defect, listed company should choose his ground, should not choose another ground, still can combine enterprise characteristic, seek a few the other side very scabrous problem. If the enterprise feels to need, can arrange moot 9 times, let both sides undertake arguing with respect to the actor defect of two ERP system. Nevertheless, be necessary to point out here, cannot go in order to watch the state of mind of controversy congress the controversy of look upon both sides, the key is the actor weakness that should understand two ERP system from inside the controversy, is not the eloquence that admires both sides. The eloquence with ERP advisory sale is good it is good to do not represent ERP system. "Manage jumps over argue bright " , work through above, the enterprise can understand the actor weakness of these two systems clearly more. The 8th, business affairs negotiates. The ability after ERP type selecting ends undertakes business affairs negotiates is not a tweak, the enterprise undertakes before supplier of final affirmatory ERP business affairs negotiates to be able to acquire the active right that business affairs negotiates undoubtedly, the result that business affairs negotiates is an enterprise the important basis that makes final choice. Business affairs negotiation needs to consider the content of a lot of respects, for instance: Bought module, user number, raise the cost of the user, the quote of each module, executive charge, uphold charge every year, hardware requirement, executive plan, etc. The 9th, choice. In this one pace, personnel of ERP type selecting should compose analyses a report, analytic report should nod 3 respects to spread out from two advantage, defect, risk discuss, analytic report and the result that business affairs negotiates lead decision-making basis as the high level together. Controller of enterprise type selecting or proprietor of an enterprise want leader, the result that the actor defect of system of two the result that gives a mark before the basis, circumstance that communicates with each ERP supplier, understanding to two ERP system, ERP analyses report and business affairs negotiation has choice. This one pace should avoid " tap a head " the decision-making method of type, not should because thought of some advantage of A suddenly, or because of the adviser of A rich agitative delivers a speech, or because the adviser of A is opposite,B is atttacked strongly, and the decision chooses A; Also not should because thought of some defect of A suddenly, or dissatisfactory to some some advisory word of A, expression, and sudden decision uses B. Two when kill, have actor drawback each apparently, those who do not have an advantage is early be fallen into disuse to go out bureau, also do not have without defect necessary speak of today, accordingly, doing decision-making when should integrated consideration, balance actors or actress each defect, make final decision again. Sum up type selecting to ERP project it is to send the one step with close important, also be a of lifecycle of enterprise ERP project main component, to the enterprise, should come to ERP type selecting manage as the project, can coach with project management methodology ERP type selecting. To ERP type selecting, the most important be first the plan of formulate ERP type selecting, avoid by all means is not had be without ground of art of composition to begin type selecting work, see this demonstrate today, will see that case tomorrow, without the plan sex of type selecting, final can get half the result with twice the effort, bring about industry leader to be made blindly decision-making, or dare not make decision-making. The measure of nine ERP type selecting that hopes the article puts forward, can the to the ERP on a few preparation company that does not know how to begin provides trifling help. CNC Milling CNC Machining