The improvement of bearing of front of C620 lathe main shaft

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What the front of C620 lathe main shaft of vintage in the past, low speed installs is sliding bearing, although sliding bearing has a structure simple, make convenient, cost low, movement is not smooth, sensitive to concussion and vibration wait for an advantage, but it already cannot satisfy high rotate speed of contemporary cutting machine tool, high accuracy, efficient requirement far, and after wearing away very difficult rehabilitate, the surface roughness of spare parts surface of treatment and precision are poor, productivity is very low also. For this, undertook transforming to sliding bearing of front of C620 lathe main shaft, concrete move is as follows (refer to attached drawing) : Headstock of aperture of 1 front bearing transform headstock aperture of 1 front bearing machines Ø150K6. Be facilitating bearing assemble and unassemble, in bearing Kong Zunduan machines a Ø151mm, grow the aperture of 55mm. Drill the hole of Ø16mm additionally, facilitating operation tightens solid screw 5. 1.

Headstock 2.

Adjust nut 3.

Main shaft 4.

Nut stops move mat 5.

Close solid bolt 6.

3182120 bearing 7.

Bearing lid presses annulus 8.

The transforms ① to be shown by plan institute dimension of 3 and position are in the main shaft of sketch map of bearing of front of C620 lathe main shaft after bearing lid is improved main shaft 3 on treatment gives M100 × 1.

The whorl of 5mm, and configuration adjusts nut 2, nut stops move mat 4 and close solid bolt 5. The position that ② shows by plan institute and dimension are in main shaft 3 on treatment gives 1:1The taper of 2 and bearing the inner cone aperture of 6 is suitable. Bearing is built 8, bearing lid presses annulus the treatment ① of 7 will install sliding bearing to adjust car of the whorl inside nut formerly, the bearing that machines builds the size of 8 (the dimension that did not tag is original part already some) . The bearing shell that ② builds former outfit bearing the treatment that press annulus to if plan institute is shown,be become presses annulus the dimension of 7. 3 axial change moves main shaft, the adjustment of bottom clearance the adjustment that momentum of change of axial of ① main shaft uses main shaft back end nut is adjusted, the change momentum of the face of shoulder of axis of actual measurement main shaft that prop up should is 0.

015mm. The radial of journal of centering of ② main shaft is jumpy, through adjusting nut 2 adjust, make bearing the 6 bottom clearance that obtain minim, the radial of head of axis of main shaft centering is jumpy should be 0.

02mm. The machine tool after changing one's costume or dress is as follows about precision actual measurement: The radial of head of axis of main shaft centering is jumpy for 0.

01 ~ 0.

03mm: Momentum of change of main shaft axial is 0.

015mm: Main shaft axes and the parallelism with mobile slide are on 300mm length 0.

02mm(is in perpendicular at the) inside horizontal: Horizontal tool carrier is transverse and mobile the verticality to line of main shaft axes is on 3000mm 0.

) of 02mm(concave side: The high deviation of two tips is the head of a bed and tailstock 0.

03mm: In 300mm the circle outside vehicle of the fine on long axis measures: Circularity is 0.

02mm, cylinder is spent for 0.

03mm: On 300mm diameter the flatness of fine vehicle end panel is 0.

) of 02mm(concave side: Treatment surface surface roughness is Ra6.

3 ~ 3.

2mm. Above data accords with JB2670, 82 " precision of metallic cutting machine tool examines general rule " . The quality of the product is more apparent than having without the machine tool that transforms main shaft bearing rise. CNC Milling CNC Machining