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In catalysis implement manufacturing domain, the quality requirement that raises ceaselessly and exhaust emission regulation make install a technology to need to have new development. Be aimed at this kind of current situation, manufacturer of machine of German special type -- development of company of Richter Systeme Und Maschinen went to be measured - ram modular machine tool, it is OK will measure, shape, installation working procedure is united in wedlock faultlessly rise. At present till, catalysis implement exist in production depend on the difference of tolerancepublic errand, it is to pass the spacer that between integral structure and crust installation differs to undertake compensating, such doing mean measure and install a process to need extra expenditure. And this machine tool that Richter company develops can work in finish in the process measure, calm diameter and ram working procedure, optimized pull current Cheng thereby. Finish on a machine tool measure, calm diameter and ram -- Richter company went to measure for this development - ramming machine bed passes this machine tool, can be measured automatically to what remaining to install a component to undertake and cooperate the installation of precision. The part that needs installation is moved to send to by the hand measure machine, need not locate accurately right now, because the system can compensate the error of all sorts of geometrical appearance components. Trigonometry laser device scans when each component, precision is diametical ± 0.

1mm, circumferential ± 0.

3mm, calculate the data that gives all need. The measured value that computation gives conveys to decide diameter machine subsequently, use assorted cutting tool to be in charge of a canister to undertake moulding to treatment. Afore-mentioned shaping after working procedure is finished, full automatic labelling machine sticks label on workpiece again. Be in next in working procedure, the component is in ramming machine bed joint: Those who pass two programme controll is portable insert center of the taper that receive form, steel tube by Zhang Jin, undertake with CNC clamp axis length detects. Next, move to cone-shaped device hand add outfit interior part. Then, cone-shaped device and axis of two CNC outside having what reduce an arm accordingly are pushed together crust. This working procedure is called " ram " . Drive can amount to 100kN most. Meantime can determine extruding position and extruding force get check from the database. In addition, use scanner of 3 bar code to be able to undertake component identifying in filling machine bed. These data should stock a database likewise. The ram machine tool that Richter company develops has 4 servo axis and control lever shaft of a pneumatic. Machine tool parameter passes inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty (Oracle) company database is affirmatory. Data is use a machine tool hold a scanner to read in, the scanner can read in the add parameter with specific product, be like date of lot number, birth or producing area, stock these data the database, assured to be able to dog reversely thereby quality. To avoid to install a mistake, the machine tool still deployed a wireless cutting tool to identify implement, ensure all do not have correctly in component and cutting tool only by accident when just begin to undertake machining handling. CNC Milling CNC Machining