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Shallow talk about fluid of Electromechanical of 6 tops hydraulic pressure to control mode

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Normal > companion carries hydraulic press on the head 6 times to be inside the industry as big tonnage predominate equipment, 38, 40 wait for different specifications big housing to synthesize craft to already entered promotion application phase, with 28, 30 wait for small housing craft to differ, of housing increase the position that changed field of force of synthetic antrum internal pressure, temperature, how to optimize pressure and temperature control mode, produce the advantage of big housing adequately, already became each diamond the first task of the factory; And regard equipment as manufacturer, offerring big tonnage main engine while, how to provide form a complete set reasonable electro-hydraulic control system, also be the main task that face. Normal > to undertake an analysis with respect to field of the pressure that synthesizes antrum, temperature, combine pattern of current and general a few kinds of control to undertake contrast, the solution of whole of 6 tops hydraulic press that puts forward to accord with big housing to synthesize craft to ask. Normal >1.

Pressure controls Normal > synthesizes the amplification of housing, the synthesizes strong case and core ministry pressure difference that makes press a loss because of passing and be formed necessarily is increased, press the pressure gradient of field of force to increase namely; In the meantime, the growth of diamond the change that the process also causes pressure field: Well-known, include in the process of diamond of black lead translate into that medium controls to pass with Xie Lashi below high temperature high pressure a series of change process: Xie Lashi is mineral change generation cyanite and photograph of quartz stalking or branch, black lead change generation diamond, the child proportion that changes as a result of these photographs is large, generation changes the bulk of around is contractive, cause pressure of synthetic antrum interior to drop; And, because Xie Lashi is in,show tigidity, affected pass press and fill the effect that press, these cause the bigger pressure gradient inside housing, and the pressure requirement that the growth of single crystal of high grade diamond needs to be stabilized relatively, accordingly, how better reduce pressure gradient, it is the challenge that big housing craft faces. Normal > is fair the pattern of ideal pressure control that know can press the graph shows 1 times: Normal >1) step up curve can accuse, can cooperate to heat so the curve controls pressure gradient Normal >2) protect press level pressure curve to increase by degrees, reduce what become because of synthesizing photograph falsification to pass press gradient to increase Normal >3) discharge pressing speed can accuse, the discharge when discretion of give attention to two or morethings presses presses the diverse demand Normal > is current, the following kinds of pressure control mode to be in application: Normal >1.

The pressure of 1 tradition controls mode Normal > this mode is bigger, it is a kind of extensive completely model control mode, unwell synthesize craft at big housing. If pursue,2 are shown. Normal >1.

2 frequency conversion protect press control mode Normal > this mode maintained protect those who control level pressure is constant, but ignored pair of synthesis to change the pressure gradient that bring about undertakes compensating. If pursue,3 are shown. Normal >1.

Of 3 passivity give Normal > is shown 4 times like the graph. This adds type of filling tool set to be given primitively, fall to be worth to set through set dwell pressure, fill by set increment pressure, for passive type. Protecting actually approach level, press fills controlling a number is finite, and as sealed as press maximum pressure invalidation is relevant, because this does not have true implementation,fill through increasing by degrees approach the end that will make up for pressure gradient. Normal >1.

4 increase by degrees actively protect Normal > is shown 5 times like the graph. Press force increment and time-interval through set (fill control a number) , will come true give supplementary pressure, because this is,give form of supplementary tool set actively. Use frequency conversion to protect the form that press to be able to control the pressure inside every set time-interval to fall for the smallest. Nevertheless, because press is protected,control function general all better, because this is in,the pressure inside set time-interval falls negligible not plan. Normal >1.

The 5 pressure that use proportioning valve control mode Normal > proportioning valve is through pressing set the curve controls electric current or voltage, control the thrust of scale electro-magnet and displacement amount continuously in proportion thereby, achieve the goal of the pressure that controls a system and discharge. Scale pressure valve or scale pump are used in the system, can protecting not only press level to realize systematic pressure to increase by degrees continuously, and also can come true can accuse continuously in the step up speed of boost phase, realized the control of whole journey curve of pressure namely. Can say, this is the control mode that is close to ideal the most possibly, if pursue,6 are shown. 2.

Temperature controls those who synthesize field of the temperature inside antrum to build is to pass dc to heat of implementation, no matter be control electric current or voltage, be being returned finally is with heating the change of power achieves temperature rise. Because quantity of heat is to rely on synthesis to expect initiative heat produces strong resistance, even if is the function that black lead line provided the auxiliary measure that wait to also remove thermal insulation only, accordingly, because its temperature gradient comes loose to heat up and be born, temperature should is decrease successively outwards from strong core, and this is planted difference in temperature is heating with medicinal powder below the circumstance with hot changeless condition, answer to have nothing to do with size of synthetic marvellous diameter. Be based on this kind of inference, synthesize the amplification of housing, offerred to be able to be formed more balanced the external condition with stable temperature field, perhaps say, high grade diamond is accorded with to grow in big housing the dimensional proportion that requires temperature condition will be larger. The change that synthesizes antrum temperature suffers effect of two kinds of elements: It is to heat firstly, it is to come loose secondly hot. Current, with heating power controls the control mode that is a foundation to have two kinds: Normal Align=center>normal Align=center> is constant power mode firstly, heat power is in a kind constant condition, if the graph is shown 7 times, if pursue,add curve of quantity of heat accordingly 8: As the extension of time, add direct proportion of quantity of heat to increase; Normal Align=center>normal Align=center> is secondly change power mode, heat power can change according to set curve, if the graph is shown 9 times, heat accordingly if the curve pursues 10: As the extension of time, add quantity of heat to be not direct proportion to increase. As heat curvilinear change, existing to come loose hot curve, heat in freedom and come loose below hot circumstance, two curves intersect necessarily, exist namely heat with medicinal powder hot balance spot: Inside this bit of the following time, quantity of heat is not increasing, also do not decrease, be in condition of a kind of heat preservation. If pursue,11 are shown. Normal Align=center> is produced actually in synthesis in, often appear the phenomenon that synthesizes strong core ministry and exterior difference in temperature to affect diamond to grow greatly, the occurrence of condition of this kind of heat preservation will eliminate this kind of difference in temperature. Heat through timely, right amount adjustment power, the likelihood makes appear inside synthetic cycle or be close to this to balance a dot, and have only change those who add quantity of heat to output a function is electronic-controlled the system just offerred this kind of condition. 3.

The last word is integrated afore-mentioned analysises and contrast, provide the 6 tops hydraulic press of condition of the temperature that in according with big housing, single crystal of high grade diamond grows, pressure, should have following functions at least: 1) have increase by degrees actively protect control a function, with reducing pressure gradient effectively, using proportioning valve pilot to charge tool set pattern among them is system of relatively good hydraulic pressure control. 2) report heats the system has wide cut change add quantity of heat to output a function, offer a condition to adjust the occurrence of heat preservation condition. 3) have at least the synthetic tonnage of 1800T, in order to satisfy the pressure requirement of craft of 40 housing synthesis, small housing can not compare the temperature field advantage with big after all natural housing. CNC Milling CNC Machining