Raise a certain number of methods of AutoCAD plot speed

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Summary: The author is aimed at geological graph data bulk big, the problem with plot slow rate, a certain number of meanses offerred in article, raised scale effectively the speed of complex and geological graph. For the reader of geological to using AutoCAD scale graph, this article has fair referenced value. Keyword: AutoCAD of   of method of AutoCAD plot speed has been used at geological, environment widely evaluation, measure, the domain such as building and manufacturing industry. Because geological graph is professional characteristic, like the building with other domain domain graph has very big different, geological body is irregular body more, borderline has pliable curve to form more, commonly used bedding face accumulates color piece and decorative pattern to represent the geological put oneself in another's position of different property. Be like different cliff system, landforms unit, build, to hydrate learns a type to wait. Use AutoCAD scale complex geology pursues when, rate is slow as a result of,basically be the following two reasons cause: ① data bulk is great, elephantine A0 upland area relief map, press contour line of scale of 50 meters of span, data bulk is in commonly 8, 10M, a mountainous area data bulk is greater. With personal computer scale this kind pursues when, data is loaded, data keep in storage, graph is generated afresh etc process rate is very slow. ② repeats an editor, if be opposite,symbol of project of column of legend, responsibility, exploration, to hydrate learns the commonly used part such as the symbol and changeless part repeat an editor. Be aimed at above reason, through consulting CAD reference manual and summary computer drawing work, summed up the method that geology of a scale pursues, according to this method, we use the 486 personal computer of general configuration, can quickly scale geology pursues. These methods introduce respectively below. In order to offer reference of person of the same trade. 1.

Symbol of the bed that if column of legend, responsibility, staff guage, to hydrate learns type symbol, bore, prospect pit, different type,builds a commonly used changeless part in using a will geological figure more more and mine dot, geological time, in stocking them a certain subdirectory, make spare parts warehouse. When scale geology pursues, carry an operation, use these part directly. Such making, simplified to operate on one hand, decreased to repeat editorial time greatly, accelerated editor rate, united a symbol on the other hand, raised beautiful rate of the graph, moreover, if some kind of symbol makes mistake, need to change the corresponding part in spare parts library only, need not revise every symbol one by one in the graph, raised an editor to alter rate. 2.

Undertake to the graph statified each some is placed on the layer kind geological form and structure, wait like project of sex of contour line, fathom line, surface features, layer, tectonic, cliff, water system, chemical type, exploration. Want the hydrogeology picture of scale, differ its by graph extent content first, differentiate to wait for layer of attempt of water level line for surface features, area layer of 1 contour map, area layer of 2 contour map, part content scale pursues in Dw graph layer, Dx1 on layer and Dx2 graph layer, edit respectively to each graph layers, make these pursue the line of the body on the layer, color and place graph layer are consistent, such making on one hand, the line that passes change graph layer, the line of all geological system that color can change graph layer to go up with color, accelerate an editor to alter rate. On the other hand, rise through will not needing the graph layer that editorial body is in to freeze temporarily, when be generated afresh, these body will be generated afresh no longer, rise to make career afresh, in the meantime, because logo of graphical editor area is simpler, benefit at the editor. Make the main factor that is influence editor speed afresh, to accelerate editor rate further, still can pass setting AutoCAD to generate parameter automatically afresh for 0, avoid needless serious new student to become, edit speed with rising further. 3.

Build warehouse of geological and special design, use design stuff will finish bedding face to accumulate the fill of decorative pattern of sex of He Yan of color piece fill. The speed of design fill basically depends on the speed of affirmatory border. AutoCAD provided the means of border of two kinds of affirmatory fill: Choose target way, this means need not search border, but need builds border beforehand. Choose fill way, this means does not need to build border beforehand but need searchs border inside visible area. Border of the fill in geological graph is irregular border more, kind of the ordinary stuff that use a site will decide border. Should pursue bigger, border does not close, because of local search area expands greatly, search rate is very slow, search an area border to need 20-60 about sometimes minute. By such attrib border search speed compiles geological figure, hardly what is practical value. Because AutoCAD is when search of the way that use a site is attrib border, search visible area only, search the question with attrib border slow rate to solve bit of stuff kind, adducible auxiliary line, it is cent of fill division into districts above all with these auxiliary lines a certain number of opposite more regular near a square child area, have stuff respectively to each stature area next. To every when stature area fill, magnify its as far as possible first, use bit of means to decide border to this area next, can accelerate search border rate so. 4.

The processing of irregular pliable border becomes disperse of irregular pliable curve many justice line first, the acme of many justice line is curvilinear reference point. Have an edition to many justice line next. Advanced travel joins when the editor, cut is divided, outspread wait for an operation, have pliable operation to many justice line finally. Pliable when can use FIT means and SPLINE means. The curve that FIT means produces, pass reference point certainly, the curve has circular arc to form, data bulk is small. SPLINE means, the pliable curve that this means produces is more flowing, but the curve does not pass reference point certainly, pliable the deflection with the curve after and former curve constant presence, data bulk is great. In general relief map, SPLINE means and FIT means photograph are compared, the data bulk of former generation is 2 times latter about, use FIT means to be able to reduce graphical data bulk, raise editor rate effectively. Should use FIT means commonly accordingly pliable, asking the curve is particularly smooth, and do not need a curve to pass reference point certainly, means of ability use SPLINE is pliable curve. 5.

Use exterior reference to differ the content on geological graph by property, respectively scale is on different figure, on every graph calibration of a graph nods set. Have an edition to each graph first, cite in comprehensive plan next these single figures. Because the data bulk of single width graph is opposite,the ground of data bulk twice that pursues with whole is reduced, can accelerate the editor rate of single width graph so. Want the hydrogeology picture of scale, differ its by graph extent content first, differentiate to wait for waterline graph for surface features, area 1 contour map, area 2 contour map, install identical calibration to nod A in each graph, it is picture frame top right corner namely in this exemple. Compile the figure of water level line such as surface features respectively first, area 1 contour map, area 2 contour map. Cite in comprehensive plan these 3 kinds of graphs, make they are opposite in A dot neat. If comprehensive plan needs to edit again, edit content to be in a graph certainly first, compile this figure next, after the editor, can cite directly in integrated graph. 6.

The scale of relief map pursues in scale geology when, relief map is main component part more, but relief map data bulk often bigger, hold majority of whole graph data bulk commonly, it is to affect geological graph to load, the main factor that store and makes career automatically. For this, can have the contour line in relief map partition, the contour line of will different area is put on different graph layer, the contour line that goes up to layer of a graph only every time has an edition, the contour line that gets on other graph layer is frozen, can rise to make career afresh. the contour line in the graph cent is two areas, each division contour line is put on a corresponding layer. Because relief map data is bigger, also can use exterior reference to come scale relief map, it is relief map cent different area first, get on each area draw in a graph, cite respectively in relief map next each divisional graphs, can raise single figure so load, keep in storage, serious new student becomes speed. Make career afresh to rise further, to the isopleth in single figure, also can undertake again statified. 7.

Base map should be mixed correctly correctly with normative base map the standard can reduce a figure greatly editor workload and repeat modification workload, improve work efficiency. Before if be in,the graph is typed, should define good style kind, font size, project symbol size, line, color, the line is broad wait. If use scanner to type a graph, should maintain base map to be mixed correctly especially standard. If use digitlization board type a graph, can begin to type from draft phase, but should retain attrib border control the place is proper, literal symbol is normative. So OK working hours of tracing of leave out handiwork, shorten actual plot time. 8.

Change system configures AutoCAD to be able to use patulous memory and main memory automatically, because this passes change system configuration, go out for nothing as far as possible much memory is used for CAD, utmost ground reduces the number that data exchanges with hard disk in AutoCAD job, can raise AutoCAD plot rate. Above is based on the premise that does not raise hardware configuration to fall, main from strategy of working preparation, job, the respect such as parameter set and systematic configuration discussed to accelerate the method of speed of graph of AutoCAD scale geology. Pass of course raise hard configuration method, if increase personal computer class, increase memory, increase a graph to quicken the method such as card, also can raise the rate of scale graph. CNC Milling CNC Machining