The milling cutter that quality of milling mould fast face uses

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To Walter company, mould manufacturing industry is firstly traditional essential industry. "In the past, make in the mould at first in the hard metal that obtains applied, it is the breed of a kind of standard, the cutting that this kind of hard alloy also can apply at other machines a domain " , the development department door that pursues development of circumgyrate cutting cutting tool in Walter company leads Mr Josef Giessler to review. "These hard alloy breed have amount to of 10% contain cobalt higher (Co) quantity. Applicable amounts to the workpiece of 52HRC at machining hardness. " it was described going up century the condition at the beginning of 90 time. It is at that time in the brand of Walter Prototyp, breed of milling cutter of first whole hard alloy is special make manufacturer use for the mould. The milling cutter that is used at mould steel is machined or be being used at good treatment is milling cutter breed is medium the biggest together, and the milling cutter that is used technically at black lead and cupreous electrode treatment holds minor share only. The demand is solid and " fine grained exceeding essence of life " time lasts not long, the technology developed sectional leader to organize the development of cutting tool further, because generation cutting tool already can satisfy the requirement of the user no longer. In 90 time metaphase, workpiece material hardness has improve the climate to 60HRC. The milling cutter series that is used at processing mould steel recently already used the hard metal that exceeds fine grained, walter Prototyp company turns the exceeds fine hard alloy milling cutter set that is based on this kind of hard alloy to the market. Development staff takes the performance that improves cutting tool matrix seriously particularly, mr Josef Giessler made a specification to this: "Resemble in those days same now, the cutting tool with user current requirement, this kind of cutting tool agrees with already have precision work, also agree with likewise undertake rough machining. For this, cutting tool has tenacity not only and have hardness even. And the optimal combination that exceeded the cutting tool matrix of fine grained to provide this kind of performance, its development is in 90 time are a tremendous progress. " graph 1 outfit but the product general survey of milling cutter of dislocation razor blade: In 90 time, in the time before the material of Tiger-tec- cutting tool of Walter company puts in the market, make with this kind of material but the milling cutter product of dislocation razor blade already was made in the mould in received relatively wide application. Can offer at present having contemporary geometry appearance and use those who resemble material of cutting tool of Tiger-tec-Silver WKP 35S or all milling cutter of the WHH15 of cutting tool material that is used at good treatment. Normally, bigger development move is have property of cutting tool material optimize, the experts of Walter company saw the possibility of the granuality that improves grain of material of cutting tool matrix further and composition. The milling cutter of integral hard alloy that is used at mould treatment in current Protomax-Ultra series already used the hard alloy variety of the 4th generation. Milling cutter diameter 0.

The hard data that 1mm uses at machining hardness to amount to 70HRC but, this should raise the hardness of itself of cutting tool material not only, and raise cutting tool precision even. When the component part precision that wants milling more than when the precision of cutting tool only, ability realizes higher treatment quality. Undertake changing a knife in machining a process, undertake changing a knife in finish machining process especially, this to each die maker it is worst circumstance. Accordingly, development staff focuses development to the link related to cutting tool life mainly: Besides the matrix that develops cutting tool, the geometrical form that should develop cutting edge especially and all sorts of coating. Such, as the elapse of time, development went to have optimal a when match a feature complete range of products: Series of milling cutter of profile modeling of Protomax-Ultra ball head. In this respect, protomax has the biggest cutting efficiency. Adopt the new TAS coat that is based on TiAlSiN and special microcosmic geometry form, make milling cutter agrees with the oil hard data that processes hardness to amount to 70HRC. The development that Nextpage is worth to pay attention to is the use that raises cutting tool flexible, reduce cutting tool cost from this, keyword: Modular solution. Walter company changes through Cone-Fit cutting tool the system will answer this kind of incline to, this kind of cutting tool changes system by integral hard alloy a variety of milling knife heads are comprised, this kind of milling cutter can be twisted go up in the steeliness knife handle with appropriate cost or on knife handle of integral hard alloy. Although this kind of cutting tool changes,the system is not is the treatment that is used at die of temper by dipping in water to provide steel, the component part treatment that provides to be not die of temper by dipping in water however offerred numerous use possibility. The clip with corresponding knife handle holds length to be able to use different cutting tool to hang extend length, for example, so that machine deeper model antrum. Cutting tool of graph 2 Protomax-Ultra: Can see brand of current Walter Prototyp is used at the milling cutter of integral hard alloy of good treatment here. The smallest diameter of milling cutter is 0.

1mm. Since its since using, walter company makes this kind of cutting tool changes systematic application gets distensible ceaselessly. Current, the milling cutter that the milling cutter that integral hard alloy establishs a lot of rough machining in milling cutter catalogue item, finish machining, processing and three-dimensional outline treatment also can regard Cone-Fit as the structure will use. Be not on this concept is new, of head of milling cutter of hard alloy of this kind of whole change the model that the system already had a course to use test: The outfit that this is Walter company but the Screw-Fit interface of milling cutter of dislocation razor blade. Be here namely, the action that the precision that keeps necessary and stability reach since the taper of grinding of a classics and bearing of an end panel. The application of Screw Fit interface is in 90 time are to install but a milepost in domain of milling cutter of dislocation razor blade. A group of cutting tool of structure of graph 3 Cone-Fit: The milling cutter that the milling cutter that integral hard alloy establishs a lot of rough machining in milling cutter catalogue item, finish machining, form cutting and three-dimensional outline treatment also can regard Cone-Fit as the structure will use. Of but the cutting tool of dislocation razor blade experienced the development level like breed of cutting tool of integral hard alloy. In last few years, walter company respectfullied present to be full of the stuff of new cutting tool that starts a gender: It is Quar-tec above all, it is Tiger-tec next, it is Tiger-tec-Silver after that. In addition, the hard alloy expert of Walter still developed Xtra-tec cutting tool, achieve highest efficiency from inside cutting tool material through first-rate cutter hub. So, produce Xtra-tec of the name of an article to contain all sorts of typical performance: If soft cutting, less power is used up, taller durability, highest cutting parameter, all-purpose workability, inferior cutting tool charge, as far as possible much edge number and durable sex. 6 blade but dislocation razor blade is used at deep chamfer to machine but the development of dislocation razor blade, innovation went to have the hard alloy variety that exceeds fine grained. In addition, walter company accelerates the development of coating engineering technology with bigger step. Current, the experts of base of T Inger are capable to control the concern of sex of hardness He Ren accurately. Let coating can be different application to undertake measuring a body on certain level custom-built. Apply those who make at the mould, milling of antrum of such as chamfer or the milling that with tilting angle cuts work. And implement these technology the most successful of but one of milling cutter of dislocation razor blade are F2330 milling cutter. Its specialty is to undertake big feed milling is machined. Almost the milling cutter that companies of all cutting tool Walter developed this kind of type, have the property of Xtra-tec, for example, equip of 6 cutting edge but dislocation razor blade. Pass a structure to update, cutting tool wins the title of F4030. But dislocation razor blade has 6 cutting where a thing can be put to best use, the bit that has two kinds of norms can be offerred use. Now, its cutting deepness allows the razor blade of big norms amount to 2mm, accordingly, to big feed milling cutter, can use the groovy pitch with particularly deep cutting. CNC Milling CNC Machining