Office machine tool appears on Ha Si

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Here introduces the office milling machine that by the United States company of Ha Si automation produces and office lathe to you. This is two extremely compact machine tools, they move easily, convenient, have function of full numerical control. Office milling machine and office lathe are current till the most compact machine tool that Hasisheng produces. However, it has all making that Ha Sicheng is the United States best-selling the efficient function of the machine tool. Removability and convenient sex are these crucial characteristics that exceed small machine tool: They are small the door that passes standard 36"(914mm) to enough; Their installation has trundle, can very easy move from the office workshop or the place of any your need. They use single-phase power source, it is atelier of lab of headgear job shops, dentistry, office, school, amateur the superexcellent choice that wait. The office milling machine of Ha Si initiate has 8"x8"x8" (203x203x203mm)(xyz) of enough size range of pipe bent, the workbench of 10"x20"(254x508mm) and main shaft of a high speed. On all axes without brush servo electric machinery to be able to offer 500-ipm(12.

The sudden shift of the cutting feed of 7m/min) and 787-ipm(20m/min) , this can shorten greatly run time. It is very easy that the control system of Ha Siyou good interface makes operate and be debugged. With form a complete set of office milling machine is likewise compact office lathe. The main shaft that it has a 5 horse power and a 5C carry the main shaft head of whorl, rotate speed can amount to 6000-rpm. The journey of high speed horizontal tool carrier is 8"x 8"(203x203mm)(xz) , can install a variety of combination cutting tool. The unique design of horizontal tool carrier is in assure to change a knife quickly, shorten run time while, also assured enough space and the need that install quickly. To improve the process capability of office lathe further, can install pneumatic head device. This option includes the gas source solenoid that activations by M code, the pipeline of all form a complete set and the knife handle that can accept standard pneumatic tool. Company, medicine company, transform device company is developed in drawing office, product, it is even use in the garage like such numerical control machine tool, potential value beyond measure! CNC Milling CNC Machining