The application of industrial aether net and analysis

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Upgrade newlier ceaselessly as industrial network as aether net, each companies also are expediting industrial automation system and company application between deepen conformity. Assemble breakdown data through analysing what collect in course of IT network news report, a what kind of efficiency can you present to promote? It is OK to perhaps be in related the valuation of kinds or types of goods with data vendor in the useless data of the material of couplet the commercial information that discovers what is precious? The business new pattern of network flexibility open, let already the administrative layer of the enterprise more and more ignore hard. Net of couplet of other people of industry of network of aether of IIoT need industry (IIoT) is collected in sensor technology, wireless join, energy, the innovation of big data and cloud computation respect, it is the one share that has notting have seaming information commutative between equipment, system and person, it raises outstanding achievement, flexibility and noise to answer on whole value catenary to create a company ability levelled road. The development of IIoT needs industrial aether network, pass the data that aether net provides, big data analysis can provide more valuable information for the enterprise. Considering more the high-speed craft requirement to aether net, and more data are collected, the factory needs a redundant network, can controlling a layer easily to solve network problem so. The visibility of entire network also can provide the network that can depend on to brim equipment. One has three-layer way by implement the requirement that can satisfy core network with the lead plane of 2 management switching equipment. Requirement of 2 blame management switching equipment is patulous include the port condition diaphaneity in IP address layer, and the service quality that improves port, make get used to the industry that needs many automation network to run an environment. Nevertheless defect is such switching equipment price costly and the starting time that one needs to grow relatively when carrying out. The John Morse of IHS of research organization of market of low cost management switching equipment is forecasted, "Of low cost, the adoption of 2 switching equipment of inferior function sex, meeting more the requirement that economic ground satisfies an user, be expanded like more networks, in order to satisfy IIoT times the demand to join degree. " in IHS2014 year a about industrial aether net point out in the report of infrastructure component market, "From long-term in light of, as the enterprise to cost think, the demand that is not management switching equipment will put delay stage by stage, resemble network collect string implement same. " the visibility that gets more port status to let automation and IT software, as 2 blame of brim switching equipment management switching equipment must support Modbus/TCP and simple network to run an agreement (SNMP) communication. This meeting allows to monitor control and data to collect (interface of SCADA) , man-machine (HMI) software, and IT network runs a system (NMS) software the condition of equipment of switching equipment of monitoring of real time ground. The dependability of aether net as more but controller of process designing logic (PLC) , input / output (computer of I/O) equipment, terminal and HMI be linked together with aether net receive, to the rash club of aether net the gender asks the meeting is taller and taller. Undertake upgrading to those doing not have, for the automation group of diaphaneity of unavailable network brim, the sources of energy that may bring exponential level is used up. As brim equipment add those who try to reach data to collect a function to rise, the opportunity that needs to check switching equipment artificially can decrease, adopt the link system of automation, data of meeting general losing and equipment circumstance upload in time. Bigger network diaphaneity accelerated the breakdown of automation and IT group to diagnose. The technology of brim switching equipment that supports Modbus/TCP and SNMP agreement also makes breakdown is diagnosed easier. In this shirt-sleeve network mode, the group is OK the solution that apace wins network issue. For example, come from the data at sensor of the temperature in factory workshop to may undertake to the engineer craft is analysed, and IT branch stores into rack and for commercial process analysis once very important; discovers data is missing become apparent, two groups can in time be sent or receive call the police. Support of diagnostic model of a network is examined on SCADA/HMI and the NMS that central IT uses real time port condition. Enable diagnostic function more powerful is to increase to diagnose a function, two groups that come from systematic control and IT branch can undertake diagnostic. For example, the join between the 5th port that they diagnose the I/O of brim switching equipment that gives aether reticle and mandatory temperature sensor to input is interrupted, inform relevant section has necessary repair. Have to board this can be competent completely for the brim switching equipment that carries acting Modbus/TCP and SNMP agreement. More brim switching equipment of intelligence provides detailed statistical information on every port even, include information of broadcast of tally of speed, join, multichannel to wrap computation, only way computation of broadcast information package and error computation. Use the brim switching equipment that supports SNMP at the same time, the network that can invite IT group runs a system or software carries out the condition monitoring with continuous around. To catch up with the growth of facility amount is mixed the diversity of data demand, will produce more similar such aether net application, can examine aether net easily to control layer and Central Office from equipment layer. CNC Milling CNC Machining