Feel the structural principle of screen technology and application

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Operation of computer of application of principle of technology of keyword feeling screen uses screen dot to touch way only handy and quick achieve operation goal, this is world electrify head can popularize one of general trend that use extensively.

Want to bit of menu operates a concept only, can learn to be used namely namely.

Reach its to apply to a few kinds of principles of this one technology now in order to sum up.

Feeling screen technology basically is the technology that well and truly processing feels bit of coordinate randomly, once solve this one chief problem instantly, the question that leave is as same as mouse action process.

At present mature feeling screen technology has 4 kinds, namely type of type of infrared type, 5 lines resistor, exterior sound wave type, capacitance, its principle cent is narrated as follows.

Screen of feeling of 1 infrared ray mood is before screen the left of frame (Y axis) with below (X axis) contain respectively infrared transmitting tube, respective subtense is in charge of of corresponding reception again (the 1) that be like a graph, tubal permutation density and its resolution are concerned.

The infrared matrix of freely across is formed before screen when the job, the in any case that the hand of the user points to to feeling name a person for a particular job obstructs a course this a little bit the infrared ray of two direction, through receiving a valve, the computer from this the place that feeling of parameter plan cipher out chooses, implement the operation aim to the computer again.

The matrix circuit of infra-red feeling screen and microprocessor control circuit fit the frame before screen inside, pass clavier interface direct with lead plane communication, do not need independent power supply.

Its price is low, installation is simple and easy, but because blast off, receive a canal to arrange finite, resolution is not high, and be afraid that the interference of infra-red light reachs the external world not waterproof and dustproof, frame is fragile wait for defect, basically apply at the place of the simple operation such as indoor platform.

5 lines resistor feels 2 screen it is the new patent technology that the creation on the base that touchs screen in 4 lines resistor comes out, overcame life of 4 lines type the defect with short, not high definition.

Technology of 4 lines resistor is an as clingy as indication screen glass is basic level, besmear of the surface outside its has one layer InO of transparent oxidation indium, regard resistor as the layer, its standard way is added 5V works to the dc of 0V voltage, form even and successive voltage to distributing.

Build again on layer of this electric conduction classics of an outside face is prevented blow sclerotic processing and inside the surface also besmears the covering layer that has layer of identical oxidation metal, its are perpendicular direction also is added 5V distributings continuously to the dc of 0V voltage.

Sites of a lot of transparent insulation segregation that about one thousandth inches use between two resistor layer are separated (the 2) that be like a graph.

Press when touching screen, two resistor layer has to put through in contact position, through imitate the tool set that measure report is counted (Afi D) changeover, controller can be calculated the X that gives contact, y coordinate is worth.

The coating of block of dispatches from foreign news agency that touchs screen as a result of 4 lines resistor is frequent press press, easy cause the defect that crack caustic and changes coating voltage to distributing to all do not cause contact position to computation forbids and discard as useless, created technique of 5 lines resistor again.

The new characteristic of screen of feeling of 5 lines resistor is outer resistor layer uses as only conductor layer, in serving as 5 lines among them a gleam of, although have,crack caustic, want continuous crack only, insusceptible to diagnosing computation, this enhanced service life greatly undoubtedly.

And distributing voltage of the freely in technology of 4 lines resistor in lining resistor coating the application with field technology clever creativity is in same coating, if pursue,its structure distributings 3.

In what form by metallic oxide close form on X axis differring to voltage, through median the dot forms retrorse voltage difference again, form be the same as 4 lines mode.

Coating of inside and outside still uses insulation transparent segregation dot is separated.

Should press the inside and outside when pressing there is one contact to put through between coating, cause what different side direction issues voltage to go up the branch that upright somewhere has different block to be worth presses generation,

On coating each contact has the value of X axis coordinate of different correspondence inside.

The coordinate of direction of contact Y axis is determine by controller from inside coating classics contact is flowed into outside coating (one of 5 lines) voltaic value exceeds certainly.

Service life of get rid of of feeling of 5 lines resistor exceeds 4 lines type greatly 35 times, outside be being amounted to 35 million times, its light transmittance and definition are very high also, because the job is in,close with the outside segregation state, do not be afraid of pollution, environmental suitability is good.

Another its outstanding characteristic is resolution very tall, can differentiate very taper hit a needle touch, but be afraid of acute implement good seal.

This technology is screen of feeling of technology of sound wave of 3 surface American technology, the dynamic transmission that uses face of wave of mechanical ultrasonic matrix is showing it to undertake contact locates on screen.

Mix in indication screen top left corner right next horn are secured respectively have perpendicular the ultrasonic that blasts off with horizontal towards the left downward is changed can emitter (the 4) that be like a graph.

Its reach subtense to engrave those who 45 ° are used at reflection wave to direct with screen edge of direction severally by scanty reflex stripe point-devicely to close interval (its parameter and wavelengh are concerned) .

Conduct the extreme of wave along subtense -- , the top right corner that displays screen namely parts again correspondence is installing axis of Y of ultrasonic X axis to receive transducer.

When the job, arise by the controller of screen of exterior sound wave 5.

The signal of high frequency report of 53MHz sends via changing can emitter gives out mutual and perpendicular ultrasonic respectively, form surface of wave of dynamic ultrasonic matrix, will draw the sound energy through this bits when there is contact on this one working face, controller of the announcement after transducer receives this one change decides the coordinate that gives this contact is worth.

Current, the outstanding characteristic with unique screen of feeling of exterior sound wave is, it can feel the 3rd axis (Z axis) coordinate.

Because its resolution, precision and stability are very tall, the signal attenuation resolution that can produce to the pressure size of finger contact is clear, reason can get data easily.

This one freedom spends a value to be able to be used at special control, if be opposite in scanner of medical and three-dimensional stereo fault of successive and deep-seated image browse and choose to wait.

Because screen of exterior sound wave does not have oxidation metal coating, its definition is first-rate its aggrandizement glass screen has; very tall prevent scratch ability, but be afraid that other frequency is very close the supersonic, strong voice with times frequency and vibration, also be afraid of the pollution of screen, reason suits the limits such as indoor office, lab.

Technology of 4 capacitance touchs screen its structure is most simple.

It is to be in clingy the besmear in the double sandwich glass before indication screen has layer of conductor of a transparent oxidation, metal, quadrilateral derivative 4 electrode are controlled at controller.

Pass down-lead, there is high frequency electric current to flow in interlining conductor (the 5) that be like a graph.

As a result of the existence of human body electric field, feeling nods the coating inside finger and screen to make a tiny coupling capacitor, and high frequency electric current is small to passing capacitance is very easy.

Such, the high frequency electric current on 4 electrode passes semmetry contact small electric capacity by billabong.

This is destroyed symmetrical metabolic quantity is diagnosed by controller.

Because flow into the electric current of 4 electrode and finger contact to arrive quadrilateral the distance becomes inverse ratio, reason is calculable a contact coordinate value.

Sensitivity of screen of capacitance technology feeling is extremely tall, can feel slight and fast lay a finger on (answer time to be 3ms) the most quickly, so it is not afraid of pollution and glove feeling to wait, but it is afraid that outside strong electric field is disturbed.

If express,bad of actor of function of screen of of all kinds feeling compares above 1.

Feeling screen technology appears to have 6 years only in China, but its popularize applied rate to exceed world developed country greatly however, suffer quite love, have extremely considerable development perspective, this and Chinese past economy are underdeveloped, english, computer popularizes slow national condition, fly with high speed of current China economy growth ground is pressing those who if be not divided,need.

Take a such big markets of above of world population 1 Fi 4, especially city, no matter guesthouse, bazaar, trade the congested of stream of people such as hall, airport, dock and subway is communal area, still be money of organization of education of science and technology, human affairs, industrial and commercial management, company business of meeting, party card management, administration have a large number of demand.

Personal computer feels what screen technology uses pair of ages to cover a range very wide, for example, finish the high quality starting point of generation for education, grow children education enterprise, arouse and revulsive cheeper and the interest; that adolescent learns scientific knowledge popularize university of initiate old age, and leader of old generation on guard uses modernization government measure to have certain sense.

Sex of region of on the spot covers a range for, country and remote and a mountainous area, backward area reachs border area island, every has the dot region that economy grows, go gradually the administrative pattern of technology of personal computer feeling will support communication and development.

The new multimedia that the newer inevitable innovation of the stimulation that touching screen is market growth, thinking goes is alternant equipment, accord with efficiency of stable, accurate, high-speed.

Its application simplified greatly the computer inputs mode, finger kiss can operate the computer namely, inquire a data, analytic data, optimize plan, the choice is decision-making, forecast future.

Feeling screen gifted the appearance with multimedia brand-new system, extremely rich appeal.

Multimedia technology emerges in endlessly, in pairs flies wing to wing, provide better convenient demand for modern.

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