Tension of Ai Mo unripe TD3300 controls special transducer to be in answer of open a book to read is accrete produce on-line application

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The open a book of metallic thin plate that research and development produces my company recently repairs Bian Jiaoping horizontal stroke to cut compound product line, applied current the most advanced electric control technology. Used TD3300 tension to control special transducer, solved the problem that uncoiler and product line synchronism run successfully. Summarize the design process of this product line as follows now, offer reference only. One, open a book to read is compound product line sketch map: Graph sketch map of 1 product line 2, the technological process of product line: Makings stage car coils the metal on material serves to uncoiler. Plank by uncoiler derivative, the course unfolds equal opportunity preliminary whole smooth, send the machine that decorate a border to even if cut,carry out plank, by craft the requirement completes the treatment of plank width. School equal opportunity makes the same score roller by 15 school (be agitated) comprise with roller of a pair of drawing, it also is this product line advocate drawing machine. After passing school equal opportunity, the hole of plank classics amortize of level off, next, send into the plank length ration with be pressed certain to send by scale cut trigger to carry out plank to cut. Leather belt machine will machine in good condition eligible plank to carry caboodle makings car to go up. Installation of machine of two broken edges is after the machine that decorate a border, part two leftover pieces of will vertical scissor are broken, so that carry memory. Manufacture efficiency to rise, accelerate cut rate, the horizontal scissors on this product line introduces drive of hydraulic pressure motor. Can see by the technological process of this product line: Open a book to read, exhibit smooth, long edge, broken edge and school to make the same score should be in pace of similarly hereinafter of a linear velocity V1 moves. Scale sends into and horizontal scissors is set between leather belt, accordingly, scale sends into, leather belt and horizontal scissors are intermittent move, in the meantime, its traversal speed V2 should be more than V1. Send into the amortize hole between machine in school equal opportunity and scale, its action is: The speed between balance V1 and V2 concerns, the stability that assures product line moves. 3, electric control program: The traversal speed that exhibits smooth, long edge, broken edge and school to make the same score realizes synchronism easily, the mechanical parameter convert that wants to spend the rotate speed coming back of electric machinery roller of the reducer according to oneself, drive to wait only becomes linear velocity, unite with the linear velocity V1 of product line can. In job of open a book to read, because coil,diameter is changing ceaselessly, the rotate speed coming back of electric machinery of open a book to read spends the linear velocity V1 with product line to be found very hard match a relation. In other words, how to solve the problem of uncoiler and the synchronism of traversal speed V1 that make a product line, it is one of main jobs of electric design. Scale sends into, horizontal scissors and leather belt are intermittent move. The length that plank sends the drawing roller of machine to ask according to treatment by scale sends cut trigger to undertake transverse cut. Accordingly, scale sends into machine the equipment with the top demand of positional control precision that is product line. Current, the control of uncoiler has the following kinds of plan: Timing of slippery difference of ① , electromagnetism: The hand is moved adjust the rotate speed of uncoiler, agree what make with the linear velocity of product line. ② , tension controls: Use the principle with plank surface constant tension, those who make is automatic follow the linear velocity of product line. Tensional pilot carries out divide again for: Controller of pitching moment electric machinery, dc electric machinery, tension. The advantage of plan ① : Electric control is simple, cost is low. Defect: Control means stale, amount of labor is big, efficiency is low, cost can be high, what cannot realize product line is automatic move. The advantage of plan ② : The operation is simple, automation rate is high. Defect: Control is complex, cost is high. We pass survey, the decision uses Ai Mo to give birth to TD3300 tension to control communication transducer, make uncoiler is below tensional control, follow automatically the linear velocity of product line. Below the premise that does not reduce in automation degree, reduced the production cost of product line of open a book to read greatly, raised performance/price ratio. The geometrical precision that asks as a result of product line is taller, so, we used communication servo electric machinery to send into as scale of machine procrastinate move. Ask in geometrical precision horizontal stroke of not tall open a book to read cuts a line to go up, also can use (coder + alternating current machine) scale of control means drive sends into machine, such electrical system simpler, economy. 4, be pacified of school of open a book to read combines the electric control system that cuts product line: Electrical system graph sees a picture 2 graphs graph of 2 electrical system procrastinates move systematic configuration to see a table 1: Of the EC20 series that whole product line produces by an Ai Mo but program controller consolidates control. Adopt RS485 interface and convenient in-house statement, but the news news report when as solid as transducer reality. This action was saved not only " model / several " changeover module, and, also eliminated the communication between different set product to existing the hidden trouble that the agreement piles up by accident. Control flow chart is as follows: Graph the unity of traversal speed of 3 control flow chart: Product line is successive traversal speed V1 is adjusted by the speed of school equal opportunity potentiometer R5 is given. It is long edge, broken edge, OK to exhibit flat electric machinery rate give as synchronous as V1 rotate speed through the formulary computation below: In type of φ of π of / of R=V1 × Jb: R, V1 of electric machinery rotate speed, the linear velocity Jb that moves continuously, φ of mechanical speed ratio, π of transmission roller diameter, the switch of electric machinery of invariable open a book to read- - use TD3300 tension to control character, follow automatically V1 of successive traversal speed. Through PLC in-house transducer dictates, numerate V1 on-line is instant running frequency, classics conversion, reach scale sends into with leather belt intermittent traversal speed V2, concern according to certain proportion, respectively set rate is given. Make scale sends into move with the speed synchronism of V2 with leather belt, assure plank not by cut, carry plate former some is bright and clean degree. 5, the set that TD3300 tension controls special transducer: (refer to, the user manual of transducer) tension of     TD3300 controls special transducer is pitching moment electric machinery, dc electric machinery etc curly kind of control is good replace a product. Its advantage is: Control is concise, safeguard easily, cost is low, have higher performance/price ratio. Particular parameter set expresses as follows (offer reference only) : 6, conclusion: How does uncoiler move with the other equipment synchronism on product line, it is electric control focus is in product line of open a book to read. This product line used TD3300 tension to control special transducer, solved the problem that uncoiler and product line synchronism run successfully. On product line V1 of successive traversal speed and intermittent between traversal speed V2 match a relation, when needing to be debugged in the spot of product line, decide according to the on-the-spot circumstance such as amortize hole. Because can make up the main part such as Cheng controller and transducer to use Ai Mo,give birth to a brand, make the communication between them came true to not have thereby seam a butt joint, the safety that assured electrical system moves, raised performance/price ratio greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining