Decrease bide one's time time improves beneficial result of facilities the sources of energy

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Graph 1 to machine tool equipment, the value that watchs to energy cost is shown increasingly come out. Bide his time through decreasing time and carry those who wait for component to optimize a design to cooling lubricant, OK and economic below very big one share capital because energy cost is increased increasingly, because the sources of energy of this machine tool is used up,cause the attention of people more and more. But can realize the engineering technology that how has through using without the person, will dig the potential that gives economic energy resources. Actually, should use on equipment only measure a technology, can realize this kind to change. Such as is set through adding and shut defend the door, benefit of the sources of energy can get marked improvement. Up to now, the periphery equipment of equipment and support features are the main target that industrial domain is raising the optimization that place of field of benefit of the sources of energy adopts to transform measure all the time. The air of the such as workshop that belongs to this respect adjusts establishment of equipment, illume and system of electric machinery drive (wait like pneumatics machine, compressor, pump and ventilated equipment) . Although people is very clear and efficient energy-saving measure is OK and great the moving cost that reduces facility, but, of efficient energy-saving measure popularize the job or walking to stagger. Current, manufacturing facilities especially cutting machine tool, its the sources of energy is used up still cannot get enough attention on the dug to energy-saving latent capacity (graph 1) . The near future, the power consumption that the user of cutting machine tool discovers to its machine equipment is increasing continuously, the kind that begins to determine through efficiency will undertake assess to power consumption. Machine tool production manufacturer is in in last few years in the pressing sex that also realized this problem, often meet from the opinion that this aspect understands over there the client. The sources of energy is used up as close together as treatment rhythm relevant for the integral specific power consumption of the device of all machine tool that uses to the installation inside German limits, because still lack complete data data at present, because this still cannot reach,discuss reliably. But can see from which, no matter be the specific power consumption of the only station equipment of an enterprise, entire still facility is in the specific power consumption on different treatment means, appear very important. Periodic to service life analysis makes clear as a result, the use condition with the machining center different basis of the norms such as one Taichun, expenditure of its electric energy can achieve 8800 euro every year, 20% what take whole moving charge. On the machining center in modernization and the foundation from year of power consumption of motor-car bed and follow-up project, the specific power consumption of different treatment circumstance can be as high as 45000kW · H. According to different treatment kind, wastage of the sources of energy can be allocated each handling time paragraph with equipment bide one's time in time. Below the mode of 3 exercise, batch machines the power consumption of exercise to occupy 97% above apparently; And in sheet in processing work, bide one's time 43% what the power consumption of time can take year of specific power consumption at most. From shows result, can push derive adopt the strategy that optimizes measure effectively (graph 2) . Graph the small duration that 2 equipment run is less, reduce bide one's time bad news can it is important that measure is shown more. The exemple is here medium, power consumption can be reduced from this 43% process work in the light of batch, improve the energy efficiency of single work, this kind of practice is rich effect; And odd the energy-saving latent capacity of a treatment, OK through cutting off equipment continuously optionally the practice of relevant assembly power source comes true. Work to two, can adopt such as to shut the measure of working door when empty class, can save the energy cost that is as high as 14% from this. When inspecting facility for example, some components are like hydraulic pressure, illume or the drafting apparatus of hydraulic pressure and main shaft can shut period of time automatically, this also is afore-mentioned a kind of circumstance. Shut working door to be able to save the specific power consumption of 14% what component can bring about which part specific power consumption, this should depend on again the element such as task of treatment type, plant layout, treatment and the component that make a choice. The energy-saving latent capacity of each component each are not identical. The graph undertakes optimizing to the component on the 3 equipment that work in 3, can dig a the greatest managing potential. Example is here medium, hydraulic pressure motor, actuating device and low-pressure refrigerant pump is the part with large power consumption in the case that the sources of energy that does on modern automatic lathe surveys (graph 3) , what show 3 batch when be being machined for lesser cutting force to machine the circumstance of exercise. The proportion that right now motor of hydraulic pressure of 15000kW · H holds is the largest. Its are main the hydraulic pump that the reason depends on making is direct by drive of electrified wire netting, because this can obtain stable 4kW power comsumption. The real power that technological process place needs is undertaken controlling by a mechanical throttle, taste with unemployed oil too much meeting the means with the loop, return gasoline tank in. System of hypothesis hydraulic pressure takes up only the handling time of 30% , so through using the hydraulic pressure unit with adjustable rotate speed, can achieve 10000kW · H / at most year energy-saving target. The exemple is here medium, be on the 2nd ability is by two main shaft electric machinery and numerous feed are reached rotate electric machinery comprises (include working electron unit inside) integral drive system, its power comsumption achieves 13000kW · H near. The efficiency of these component is very tall, because this energy-saving key is,depend on a dimension definition that matchs with flow photograph going up. In surveys case, the bear of actuating device is in an unfavorable bad news can load limits. Adopt first-rate dimension set, can go up in the inferior foundation that purchases cost, also make electric machinery and electronic device achieve better efficiency. Of course, if the range of the component is very wide, the treatment flexibility nature of equipment can be restricted. Another factor that has important weight in integral specific power consumption is KSS (cooling lubricant) pump and main shaft and electronic-controlled the fan of ark. Here also can carry the cell that uses real need, will realize unemployed managing potential. Afore-mentioned conclusion make clear, pass the test of each pair of component specific power consumption, can reach the convincing proof of the efficiency of pair of whole equipment and spare latent capacity. Use existing efficient technology continuously, also can come true to reduce a machine tool to run the purpose of charge significantly. To this, in new facility in purchasing decision-making process, need solves energy-saving consciousness to be mixed not by force the problem that understands inadequacy to charge of equipment life loop. CNC Milling CNC Machining