Equipment of place of metal of Chinese Academy of Sciences makes visible hot-working technology through checking and accept

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The reporter learns from institute of metal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, assume by this " crucial technology uses the visible information of product of hot-working of equipment manufacturing industry " the project was passed a few days ago check and accept. Researcher of place of metal of the research person of this one task, Chinese Academy of Sciences introduces in Lidian, at present our country already became cast to produce big country, produce per year a quantity to occupy world first place, only crop amounted to many tons 2000 2005, production value many yuan 2000. But lag behind as a result of hot-working domain engineering technology, some engineering technology already a few years of backwater not before, bringing about our country still is not the world power of hot-working industry, one of prime cause machine a process to cannot be inspected namely, by experience and subjective idea design, make product percent of pass low, technology makes rate (the weight of cast and pouring the ratio of molten steel weight) poor, manufacturing raw material is used up tall, specific power consumption is serious, resources environment pressure is great. A few crucial products in major equipment manufacturing industry, be like large and marine project of runner of hydraulic turbine of crankshaft, roller, 3 gorge, 3 gorge uses excel in a lot of large casting such as large board still must count an import forging, person of be enslaved to be enslaved to. Li Yi of researcher of place of metal of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences depends on the introduction, the key of this one project depends on developing a system compositive software, use the technology of hot-working critical process that software and built database development company are badly in need of, will visible IT applies at producing practice, high additional cost is crucial in solving line of business of our country major equipment of the component " have without " problem. This counts an import to breaking, implementation is homebred change, the percent of pass that solves batch to produce casting forging and manufacture rate issue, reduce specific power consumption, raise automation level of production, reduce cost to wait to having important sense. Relevant controller introduces place of metal of Chinese Academy of Sciences, pass the construction of this one project, place of metal of Chinese Academy of Sciences already developed the hot-rolling strip steel that has own intellectual property to organize function simulation software and database system, cast simulation software and database system, and whole of roller of bearing of large cast steel casts 50 tons of class technology, 60 machine is large and marine crankshaft music abduct forgings technology, complex structural member is out of shape control technology and field trash of crucial casting forging control a technology to wait to have technology and general character technology only. CNC Milling CNC Machining