Use glass of 3D Printing metal ecbolic and efficient electromotor

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The alloy of metal of Tie Jifei brilliant that comes from American north to block city of collect Lai accept to establish the researcher of the university to use 3D Printing, can use make more efficient electromotor and other equipment. The ferroalloy that the researcher produces is 15 times bigger than ply of its key cast. Amorphous metal, also be called at the same time metallic glass, it is the solid metal stuff that has structure of measure of the atom that do not have foreword. They leave dispute brilliant state in solid state, have good conductivity, let them can be used on the transformer of high-pressured report. A few researchers considered to use metal of the condition that be not brilliant to regard human body as the biology material of embedded content. The problem that creates metal of the condition that be not brilliant is need fast refrigeration forms crystal structure with preventing this restricted scientists to be able to be only in paper-thin layer normally metal of condition of production blame brilliant. However, technology of use 3D Printing, the researcher that north blocks Luo Laina city to establish an university may have found the method of a kind of more large-scale manufacturing metal glass, its surmounted the key of material to cast ply. "Use add material to make or the idea of the metallic glass that 3D Printing produces dimension to be more than crucial cast ply had existed more than 10 years, " doctoral ZaynabMahbooba explains " but this is the work that publishs for the first time, show we can be accomplished. We can cast ply with comparing its key greatly the dimensions of 15 times produces amorphous ferroalloy. "Craft of metallic glass 3D Printing is passed fused layer of powder of 20 micron metal, a ground works. Because the layer is thin, the metal cools very quickly and maintain its the amorphous property that be not brilliant. But the other technology that print produces unlike in that way clear layer shape structure, this process produces even metallic glass object. Size is comparative " this is the proof that we can accomplish this " north blocks Luo Laina city to establish university industry system and project is crackajack professor Fei Ci of · of Edward · P says. "This kind of technology cannot be used at producing any alloy that be not brilliant without reason. " Harrysson complement says: "Glass of a few metals has shown the tremendous potential that uses in electromotor, reduced more than heat, and more electric power from electric power of electromagnetism field translate into. " although researcher will must proceed tries check research repeatedly, so that be specific applying to find good alloy part, but the work that they believe them may create tremendous opportunity to create wear-resisting material, these material include high strenth material and construction of lightweight 3D Printing. "Because we are being talked about,add material to make, we can produce these metallic glass that have all sorts of intricate geometry figure, this also conduces to them in all sorts of application practical, " Harrysson says. CNC Milling CNC Machining