Of shallow analyse relief valve decorate reach its tubing design

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Relief valve is bear those who press equipment, container and cop to go up is optimal super- press protector, lift when medium pressure when allowing a value more than, relief valve is automatic open, then total volume is discharged, prevent pressure to continue to lift, the safe; that protects the member that equipment reachs his to run a person thereby is reduced when pressure when be worth to the regulation, relief valve is seasonable and automatic shut, prevent medium to continue eduction, reduce a loss. Because relief valve belongs automatic a powerful person, often regard press press as last protector of equipment so. Say from this meaning, its action cannot be replaced with other protector. One, of relief valve decorate relief valve to answer erect installation stands by the facility that is protected or conduit as far as possible. If cannot be stood by,decorate, enter the mouth from relief valve be goinged to by protective equipment or conduit the conduit total pressure between falls, should not exceed relief valve constant pressure of the value 3% or the biggest allow to open shut the 1/3(that presses difference with both medium lesser value is accurate) , this pressure has fallen congress brings about relief valve to take off often. The commonly used reduces conduit pressure to fall way in project practice has through enlarging relief valve appropriately the entrance provides way, adopt long radius bend, reduce bend amount to wait will reduce conduit total pressure to fall. The installation position of relief valve basically should consider maintenance to go to the lavatory. Reason relief valve is in appropriate to set overhaul platform, so OK and convenient undertake tubing also facilitates undertake checking to relief valve regularly, safeguard and the job such as desired result. Want to consider the possibility of the hoisting after relief valve disassembles when decorating heavy generous relief valve, should set boom and the ground that obligate check maintains and space when necessary. In project practice, common practice is a relief valve outfit in the canal corridor carries a layer on the head. Such, on one hand prep above puts empty manager, on the other hand relief valve is decorated centrally in layer of top tubal corridor convenient overhaul is safeguarded. Because special account is installed hard,go up in container noumenon when, can consider to exporting its outfit pipeline to go up, but the construction such as sectional and unexpected turn, local systole should avoid on the pipeline between place of relief valve furnish and container, should prevent to increase pipeline resistance, cause contamination accumulation happening jams wait for a circumstance. 2, the entrance tubing of relief valve designs design of conduit of relief valve entrance to answer short and straight, and appropriate adopts long radius bend. Conduit should have the gradient of 5% at least, slope needs business accounting to whether need to undertake compensating inside working temperature limits to the conduit of systematic; entrance that is protected. Entrance conduit should avoid bag form turn as far as possible, if indispensable, the join of the canal that discharge fluid that is in place of bag form curved low to have continuous flow to Yi Ning material comes same pressure system, if coagulate fluid is changeful stiff or into solid state, criterion this fluid canal should accompany hot; to coagulating medium, in bag form curved lowermost place has what be close to an operation easily to put only a powerful person. Area of the smallest cut should not be less than the passageway that imports conduit area of cut of relief valve entrance. To high pressure and the circumstance that discharge an amount greatly, inlet tube is in in the entrance due and enough; of big round horn radius perhaps has cone-shaped channel, double what the entrance cut area of cone-shaped passageway is export cut area approximately. Inlet tube path should have enough strength and increase bracket appropriately to prop up, the stress; that discharges the joint action generation such as counterforce in order to bear by medium pressure, temperature and relief valve avoids the vibration of equipment to deliver relief valve at the same time, those who affect relief valve is sealed. 3, the back pressure of Lv of design take an examination that the exit tubing of relief valve designs relief valve to export conduit does not exceed the fair value with constant pressure relief valve. To common model spring relief valve, its back pressure does not exceed relief valve constant pressure 10% of the value. To the relief valve of fluid photograph medium exit cop wants as far as possible prep above puts empty manager, basically be to avoid to coagulate to be used of relief valve of fluid circumfluence influence normally. Should emit into the medium that puts empty manager or manager of fire of reduce internal heat to contain coagulate fluid may when condensation gas, the exit of relief valve also answer prep above manager. Otherwise, should consider to have measure of automatic platoon fluid. The canal coagulates to receive repass of the canister that accumulate fluid through the platoon commonly in project practice pump or gas are blown sweep send to the canister that divide fluid to center processing. Ying Shunjie flows to the pipeline of relief valve export that emits into torch manager character 45 ° are inclined receive the coping that discharging manager, lest inside manager coagulate fluid flows into a canal, can reduce relief valve back pressure. As a result of stock release when, of stock discharge can certain to discharging conduit to arise active force to be delivered through eduction conduit to relief valve, the power that generates from this and moment will be right equipment nozzle and conduit of relief valve imports and exports produce undesirable effect, cause relief valve even sealed place divulges generation accident. Reason should turn over force to have consideration to relief valve exit, load of the self-prossessed, vibration that considers oneself integratedly, wind, heat bilges cold shrink wait for an element to install appropriate support to prop up. 4, the setting   that relief valve around cuts off a powerful person and bypass valve 1.

Relief valve around cuts off the setting of a powerful person to be in company production, when relief valve changes, equipment is not certain stop production, accordingly major company is produced to assure, add before relief valve outfit cut off a powerful person. Should choose a powerful person of odd flashboard brake commonly, and lead sealing leaves, lever of a powerful person should horizontal installation, a powerful person when lest lever of a powerful person is mixed,pin of connective of board of a powerful person is corroded or becoming loose board glide. Expire when relief valve calibrating, when the attaint after take off, can shut what relief valve enters the mouth to cut off a powerful person, tear open next relief valve have desired result or change. The basis produces experience actually, add the main condition that a powerful person cuts off before outfit to have: 1.

Leak of valve of the existence when 1 relief valve is being produced normally and exceed after pressing open cannot restoration. 1.

2 facilitating technologies supervise what when the branch is being produced, undertake to relief valve to monitor. 1.

3 immediate on important equipment, working procedure impacts leave to what produce a system stop, cause pecuniary loss to the enterprise. 1.

The gas of 4 production or contamination of keep in storage or dangerous sex and liquid equipment and device. To discharging the relief valve of torch or airtight system, although export conduit not to need to install bypass, also export conduit in relief valve normally jacket cuts off a powerful person and lead sealing leaves, in order to facilitate this relief valve cuts a torch or airtight system when breakdown maintenance, otherwise whole torch or airtight system want stop work. 2.

The installs relief valve bypass setting of relief valve bypass is not must. The goal that sets relief valve bypass is to make of relief valve protection equipment and system do not need shutdown to be able to maintain relief valve. Those are only important, need is online safeguard and cannot the relief valve of the equipment of shutdown just needs to install bypass. If the equipment of protection of relief valve place is mixed,the system can cut drill to make in the shutdown when relief valve breakdown and undertake the overhaul, do not need to install bypass. The another action of bypass is OK undertake to equipment and system when opening stop work vapour is blown bypass is opened to blow when sweeping sweep torch system. Relief valve bypass installs the outside cutting off a powerful person side at cop of relief valve imports and exports (cut off a powerful person to upright to be mixed at bypass between relief valve) , be the same as diameter; to had better be near relief valve with entrance canal commonly systematic cop makes up a pressure watch, so OK at any time supervisory system pressure. CNC Milling CNC Machining