Arc Ban gold the improvement of craft and mould is designed

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Gold of half arc meal it is the spare parts on my company some product, use Gao Hu to spend 616 steeliness to become, because the structure needs, the requirement makes 1 / 4 in the turn on the 616 board with large 3 Mm circular arc appearance, whole spare parts shows the half U of arc bottom structure. The characteristic of appearance bends to workpiece and mould design caused certain difficulty. 1 workpiece machines a circumstance so normally asymmetry bend, the meeting when wanting to consider workpiece bends above all produces the side force of asymmetry, need the deflection that in trying to overcome workpiece to bend, appears in mould design accordingly, it is through be on the mould the setting controls makings apparatus commonly, the appears possibly stuff when use fixed position or preventing deflection structure to overcome workpiece to bend goes. Consider this kinds of data succumb intensity and tensile strength with be out of shape the numerical value that fights force to concern is greater, spring back is bigger also, for this structure according to workpiece, if the graph shows the mould structure that takes corrective function 2 times,designed. Mould of a complete set of is machined on park compressor. Above all, the top expects the 3 action in press flexibility bumper leave staff, will press makings board 4 rise to with curve sunken model 1 right end panel is flat neat, when the job, get on face of preform park sunken model, move below press slide block, curve punch 2 with press makings board 4 collective preform impaction, as press slide block slowly next moving, curve punch curve sunken model 1 and press makings board 4 press board makings the turn to shape gradually. The problem of board makings slippage that creates to because unilateral curves formation side force,overcome workpiece, make curve sunken model designedly when mould structure is designed the Zun Duan of 1 compares right end tower above Smm, preform is located in surely curve sunken model 1 left end panel, before because be in,preform turn is made, press makings board 4 be expected by the top lever rises 3 times to with curve sunken model 1 right Duan Pingqi, make board makings is locating thereby, bend, in the whole process such as school form, all can be curved punch 2 reach press makings board the thrust of 4 and curve sunken model the block up effect with 1 left beneficial end panel, prevented workpiece effectively bend. Although was carried out,approach a limit, workpiece got controlling in the deflection below side force action, but bend as a result of the circular arc that is 1 / 4, curve central part not quite, be out of shape area is small also, make circular arc position is controlled hard, the influence of spring back of together with angle, make workpiece cannot satisfy appearance requirement, still need to use whole body model support is artificial and corrective will assure circular arc precision. To assure 1 / 4 the special requirement of circular arc appearance, circular arc obligate can be used to process a volume only in craft, corrective hind again the method of machine treatment purify. Because workpiece intensity is high, corrective and difficult, cause a worker to operate intensity big, because increased machining,wait for working procedure again, make manufacture loss of efficiency, product cost is elevatory. 2 craft improve analytic workpiece to get the account of good figure directly hard, basically be in curving a process, because material is outspread,the neutral line of not affirmatory metabolize of rate is controlled hard, cause the computation that spreads out length not accurate; R / T = 30 / 3 = 10 of opposite radius of bend is bigger, the deformation of board makings is small, in board makings neutral line the pure flexibility of two side is out of shape area and plasticity are out of shape the flexibility in area total deformation is out of shape proportion is small, form the dimension of material and angle spring back. The improvement of 3 moulds is on the foundation that analyses the work structure that new form builds adequately, manufacture efficiency to rise, make sure workpiece appearance asks, reduce manufacturing cost and the labor intensity that handle a person at the same time, designed a kind to bend cut off compound model. Mould structure is shown 4 times like the graph, mould of a complete set of still is machined on park compressor, modular handle 7 installation in aperture of compressor model handle, top makings lever 10 in press flexibility bumper action falls will discharge piece comes 5 times with curve sunken model 3 smooth neat, when the job, preform park mould is proper the position, punching machine slide block begins next moving, curve punch 4 contact with board makings above all, in curve punch east curve sunken model 3 reach discharge piece begins to curve preform below the joint action of 5, as punching machine slide block next moving, cut off punch 6 also begin to be contacted with the semi-manufactured goods that is about to bend good look, curve punch then 4 be opposite at the same time workpiece bending is corrective, at the same time with cut off punch 6 joint action, cut board material two, the treatment of the workpiece that finish. 3- curves fixed head of 2- of the pattern plate below 1- sunken model 4- curves punch 5- 6- of discharge piece   cuts off 8- of handle of punch 7- model to hit 10- of lever of discharge of makings lever 9- to carry makings lever on the head as slide block on move, assemble dozen of makings staff in aperture of press model handle 8 hit makings rail barge against mediumly with compressor, stripping force classics hits makings pole 8 pass at discharge lever 9, by discharge lever 9 will roll out to cut waste curve punch of 4 model antrum, meanwhile, the work that has processed passes discharge piece 5 action also are gone out to curve sunken model by the top of 3 model antrum, complete the treatment of whole workpiece, the mould turns into next job loop. The follow-up phase that works as a result of the mould is reached to bend cut off compound, to assure bent precision, should the opportunity that reasonable arrangement cuts off, make cut off punch 6 the ability when bending is about to finish to begin to contact preform in workpiece. Because this answers,control cuts off punch 6 height, make its compare the discharge after closing only piece 5 bottoms carry tower above 4mm, assured to developed cut workpiece precision to avoid to affect bending precision again already thereby. Curve punch the punch of 4 since bending is the sunken model that workpiece cuts off, reason its appearance and curve sunken model of 3 model antrum should assure bosseyed curve clearance 3.

0 - 3.

1 Mm, its lumen and cut off punch 6 choose little space, assure bosseyed strong cut clearance 0.

15 -- 0.

18mm, and the clearance of 9 assures its lumen and discharge staff for 0.

1 -- 0.

2 Mm, cut in order to make sure bending is reached expect accurate, discharge is reliable. After 4 epilogue improve a design bend cut off compound model, via making, try a model, manufacturing workpiece is one-time accord with blueprint requirement. Already produced work several, product quality is stable, mould job is reliable. CNC Milling CNC Machining