GENESIS® series added Gelisen again 260H and 400H two kinds of new-style gear-hobbing machine

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Gelisen's famous Genesis®Series machine tool added two kinds of new-style 260H and 400H vertical gear-hobbing machine again recently, use at producing straight tine and helical gear, the biggest diameter that can machine is 260 Mm and 400 Mm respectively, journey of the biggest axial can amount to 700 Mm, the rod that is used at machining train in excess specified length kind gear. Gear-hobbing machine of this kind of new-style Genesis is special apply to current day hasten works popularly cut, its characteristic is very neat cutting space, still have the lathe bed of casting mould of mineral polymer whole, have very exceedingly good damp and thermal stability. They also have the most cabinet volume in the machine tool of identical norms, it is OK also to can be installed independently already close suitably with the device of automatic feed a machine of all types, composition processes unit. In addition, still facilitate the hand moves handlers apace assemble and unassemble workpiece or change clamping apparatus. In addition, the user still can be in head of two kinds of component of workbench of two kinds of direct drive, high-powered rolling cut is worn, change clamping apparatus multipurpose tool interface, quickly, inside buy rotates type pours horn to undertake choosing, abounded the applied limits that gear hobbing machines greatly, no matter be the big batch production of small lot or automatic feed a machine. As all Genesis series machine tools same, new-style 260H and design of 400H gear-hobbing machine are concise, operate and safeguard go easily simply. They provided system of numerical control of Xi Menzi 840D, installation has Gelisen of newest development be based on Windows®application software, have admirable user friendly interface. All and main maintenance is unit center in maneuverable place, facilitate safeguard quickly. Two kinds of new-style machine tools are being designed utmost ground satisfies an user to energy-saving the requirement with environmental protection, used a large number of new technologies, reduce the sources of energy to use up greatly. Gelisen the tenet of the company is the gear that makes global user overall solution expert. The research and development that the company produces machine tool and relevant equipment in gear, make and sell certain room whole world lead position, produces equipment applies extensively already at machinery of car, lorry, plane, agriculture, mine, wind-force to generate electricity, each domains such as building, dynamoelectric tool and shipbuilding. The company is in Gelisen the Luo Che of new York city this special, Yilinuosi the Luo Kefu heart of the city, generation of Ohio pauses, the Munich of general benefit Mao Si of England, Germany and Ludeweixibao, and be in North America and South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific area set agency of sale kimono Wu. CNC Milling CNC Machining