Use the titanium metal data with wide perspective

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Titanium is British scientist Geneigeer discovered from inside ilmenite stone above all 1791, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of general of German chemist carat is special 1795 also discovered this one element from inside rutile, name for " titanium " . Because the chemistry of titanium is active tall, after 120 years when be discovered in it just abstracted a metallic titanium first 1910, got titanium sponge with magnesian reductive legal system 1940, laid the foundation of the industrial production methods of titanium from now on. Titanium is in the reserve in the lithosphere is very substantial, it is next to iron, aluminous, magnesium, reside the 4th, the sum that compares copper of commonly used metal, nickel, lead, zinc is times more. The ore that titanium produces with a future life on industry has rutile, ilmenite and titanium magnetite. Metallic titanium has a lot of good performance: The proportion of titanium is 4.

5g / Cm3, it is the 56 % of common structure steel only, and intensity and common structure steel comparative or taller, in metallic construction material, of titanium comparing intensity is highest. The melting point of titanium is 1668 ℃ , more tallish than iron, nickel, taller than aluminous, magnesian melting point 1000 ℃ above. Accordingly, regard light metal structure as material, titanium alloy is being had is so better than aluminous, magnesium alloy that titanium alloy is had heat up strong sex more, highest use temperature can amount to 600 ℃ . Titanium forms a solid oxide film extremely easily in oxidisability atmosphere in the surface and oxygen, it is its in medium of oxidisability acid, alkaline, salt, it is especially in wet chlorine and seawater, have exceedingly good corrosion resistance can. Titanium has the crystallization construction of compose of the different that be the same as element, 885 ℃ above is the β photograph that discharges 6 crystal lattice closely, it is body heart below the α photograph of cubic lattice. Accordingly, after adding different alloying element, titanium alloy can be divided into α - , β - with α + β 3 kinds. When the sex of compose of the different that be the same as element of titanium makes its are adding different alloying element, can get the alloy with disparate function is mixed have big heat treatment effect. The coefficient of expansion of titanium is 8.

2 × 10 - 6 / ℃ , metal of more general composition is small, when urgent cold urgent heat stress is little, comfortable use in the environment that changes in temperature. The tenacity that titanium has had and fatigue resistance can, weldability can be very good also. The microtherm performance of titanium is good, be in - below 196 ℃ , also do not present cold brittleness, these function suit a structure to apply very much. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of titanium is small, without magnetism, certain titanium alloy still has the function such as superconductive function, memory function and function of lay aside hydrogen. A series of good performance that have as a result of titanium place, resource very rich, after the industrial production of titanium comes out, be taken seriously generally highly instantly by the world. The United States took the lead in realizing titanium sponge to produce industrialization 1947, produce 2 tons of titanium sponge in those days, went to many tons 15000 with respect to development 1957. Japan is in 1952, before the production that Russia all began titanium sponge in succession 1954. China also began the trial production of titanium sponge 1958, already formed whole titanium industry system now. Current, the state that there is titanium industry on the world basically is the United States, alone couplet body, Japan, England, China and Germany. The application of titanium begins from war industry and aviation industry above all. Be in early the United States used titanium material on the plane 1951, to 1961 the United States is used at the titanium material that the plane makes to amount to 3940 tons, occupy the 77 % of titanium material total dosage, if add missile and dimensional technique to use titanium, occupy the 95 % of titanium material dosage. Before the titanium material of Russia, England basically also is used in military affairs and aviation industry. After entering 70 age, the good performance of titanium gets be knowinged generally in civil industry stage by stage, the applied year after year on the civil industry such as metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power increases titanium, dosage also grows steadily. Now, the United States is not space navigation to already exceeded 30 % with titanium, alone couplet body is 50 % , japan because historical reason, titanium material is used at civil industry entirely almost. China is the country with very substantial natural resources of a titanium, through development of a few years, already formed the integral industry system that from smelt of titanium mine, titanium sponge, titanium and titanium material equipment of production, titanium makes at present. Titanium industry of China is arisen for aviation likewise, our country is in on 80 time decided the century to extend the guiding principle with titanium civil material energetically, the country adopted the policy that give aid to timelily again, titanium industry just was on the road of steady progress. But, at present the crop of the dimensions of Chinese titanium industry and titanium material and world developed country still have very big difference, the dosage in the titanium on civil industry is lesser still also, the advantage that its reason is titanium metal stuff has not been known extensively, plus titanium material high price makes a lot of companies cannot stand, the promotion that affected titanium data directly is used. Want to make titanium industry of China gets high speed develops, must be publicized energetically and popularize stuff of use titanium metal, the economy that makes the advantage of titanium metal stuff and use titanium material can be brought and social benefit well known. CNC Milling CNC Machining