Robot of 3 water chestnut is in of machine treatment industry apply

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1, the development of the robot last centuries 60 time around, as the rapid development of microelectronics and computer technology, automation technology also obtained the change of saltant sex, began to appear the robot on common sense. 1959, yinggebaige and Dewoer make the United States a robot of the first industry, name " Younimeixun " , meaning for " all-purpose and automatic " . Younimeixun's appearance resembles barbette of a tank, a big mechanical arm is extended on barbette, a small mechanical arm is caught again on big mechanical arm, small mechanical arm is installing a position operator again. This 3 parts are OK and opposite roll, adjustable, very resemble the arm that is a person. Through the nearly hundred years development that come, the robot had gained huge applied success in a lot of domains, its are phyletic also too numerous to mention one by one, almost the technical territory that each high-grade carry is more little not their form. During this, the growing experience of the robot 3 phase. In the first phase, robot can good according to be being made up beforehand program will work, at this moment the hand that it is like to work only, do not understand how to handle the information of the outside. Make an example, if let such robot go capture workpiece, meeting attaint oneself or workpiece, did not judge ability. In the 2nd phase, the robot seemed to have sensory nerve, had touch, vision, hearing, force to become aware wait for a function, this makes a robot OK make corresponding feedback according to the different message of the outside. If let it catch certain thing again, it may not work. The 3rd phase, the grown adult with true robot. At this moment it is incompact have a variety of technical ability, can feel the information of the outside, and 4 when itself returns can ceaseless ego to learn him habitually use come decision-making should do is done with how. What at present robot of 3 water chestnut uses on industry is the robot of the first phase, be called " show religion emersion. 2, at present robot of 3 water chestnut is in brief introduction of robot of 3 water chestnut the robot that what use on industry is the first phase, be called " show religion emersion " . Robot of 3 water chestnut basically comprises by the following component: Robot of 3 water chestnut is in China the market, in the light of electronic industry, machine treatment industry and other able-bodied person concentrated industry developed the small load between 2kg-20kg robot. Its are main the characteristic is precision of freeboard speed, freeboard and freeboard stability. Top speed achieved 13m/s, highest repeated fixed position precision to achieve ± 0.

01mm is industry highest. 3, parameter of technology of RV-4FL of RV-4FL brief introduction is as follows: NextpageRV-4FL is electric machinery of 3 water chestnut one of members of robot of series of the 6 axes industry of newest development F. Its are the biggest load for 4kg, working radius is 649mm, 9048m/s of the biggest resultant velocity, repeat fixed position precision to be ± 0.

02mm. 4, the RV-4FL application in machine treatment industry case in recent years, china already became industrial robot to grow one of the swiftest states. Since 2004, domestic robot market year all increase rate achieves 40% above. 2011, increase rate of market of robot of our country industry is to be as high as 51% more, rank the whole world the first. 23000 absolutely increment also is next to day of Han, the platoon is in the whole world the 3rd. Qu Daokui of vice director of research center of project of country of technology of researcher of institute of automation of Shenyang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, robot is forecasted even, chinese industry robot inside a few years or will welcome blowout type development, the linear with simple and rather than grows. Type of this kind of blowout grows, mix with our country population closely related economic current situation. We ever relied on cheap and abundant manpower resource in the past, china development is the world the biggest manufacturing industry is big country. But the growth as the cost that use worker worker, "Talent bonus " replace " population bonus " , become China to make to China wisdom the key that makes change. Robot of 3 water chestnut is in with its the brand force of the industry, implicit gender value compares an advantage to be versed in in era the industry got be applyinged extensively, its dependability, stability is approbated with what superhigh efficiency gained the market and trust. Be in for RV-4FL of robot of 3 water chestnut below the actual application case of manufacturer of some vacuum cup. 4.

1 equipment makes manipulator of 3 water chestnut: 3 water chestnut feel RV-4FL-1D-S11 1 stage screen: GT1050-QBBD-C 1 stage PLC of 3 water chestnut: Q00UCPU, q33B, q61P, QX42, QY41P 1 covers robot of 3 water chestnut special grasper: ESG1-SS-2815-11XW107 1 covers equipment relevant machine machines package 4.

Whole equipment passes 2 equipment framework the mutual and quick cooperative control of manipulator itself I/O and Q-PLC, the very good control that completed whole installation, carry out, surveillance and feedback are whole framework. 4.

3 equipment spot is debugged 1.

Dynamoelectric grasper is debugged dynamoelectric grasper ESG1-SS-2815-11XW107 is my department in this case in home apply first, it is model of appropriative of 3 water chestnut, the wire cable interface that can pass manipulator interior obligate completes installation to receiving directly. After having initialization and parameter set to grasper through RT TOOLBOX of software of process designing of manipulator of 3 water chestnut, can undertake through program of manipulator of 3 water chestnut process designing is controlled directly. Grasper closing force is spent, close speed is reached close displacement can pass a program to be controlled alone, that is to say of every time stretch it is OK to close the closing force with different set is spent, close speed is reached close displacement. The incisively and vividly that the advantage of this grasper reflects in this case. 2.

The computer of tone try out of manipulator undertakes through RT TOOLBOX of software of manipulator process designing parameter set corresponds with manipulator join, write a program. Use manipulator of 3 water chestnut to show religion implement the place that R33TB has manipulator show those who teach the manipulator that finish is basic debug. The hand is moved try run a program, the drop with slight redo revise what completed manipulator part basically to debug. Because be done this only, is automation line in among them a labour, so communication respect used the simplest I/O news report only. 4.

The current situation of makings fluctuates artificially before this system replaced 4 systems advantage basically, 4 individual worker worker can be replaced completely if whole running water is finished entirely, equipment radical is natural 24 hours uninterrupted move. No matter be in,labour cost, production had comprehensive promotion above dangerous sex and manufacturing efficiency. In nowadays acting factory hires the current situation of general difficulty to fall, guide the robot solemns make a kind of trend. 5, summary is in domestic capital market, in recent years whole held industrial robot and company of relevant automatic and masked equipment of outstanding achievement grow steadily. Domestic labor cost maintains rapidder growth, and industrial robot price appears downtrend, the economy of robot application is shown stage by stage. CNC Milling CNC Machining