Edition of experience of Tecent QQ 7.8.16334 is released

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The deliver Tecent that thanks N soft net experiences central QQ7.

7 experiences edition is released update! Detailed version date is V7.


16334; New edition has a functional pretty this practical: It is much information window when incorporating, automatic buy carries new information window on the head. Group application is added newly " item " , wall of data card photograph, group group communicate window of management, message is amalgamative and mobile phone album derives wait for a function to go up to be improved somewhat. Tecent QQ the rate of version date refresh of each edition is very rapid nowadays, tell the truth nevertheless, occasionally the change of version is not very big, some new version do not have the newer window of substantial meaning, although have new function of the part but not be everybody needs, the specific condition that treats oneself, if be newer,accuse what to still wait for then! QQ7.

8 what to update? - group application is added newly " item " , found item to remind member attention, real time is examined already read did not read; - data card adds photograph wall newly, upload the United States to illuminate show colorful life; - when much information window is amalgamative, automatic buy carries new information window on the head; - derive experience of mobile phone album upgrades, do not fall in same WIFI also but batch derives photograph. Experience address: Http://exp.



Html? Pid=1229 Tecent QQ 7.


16334 governments download an address: Http://dldir1.





Exe Tecent QQ7.


16334Net of Baidu of N soft net dish: Http://pan.


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