The application of stuff of metal of project of surface of field of cutting tool of cutting of shallow analyse machine tool

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As the development of science and technology, taller and taller to the requirement of the exterior function of material. International model assist secretary-general Luo Baihui thinks, manufacturer of metals company informatization wants to come true can develop continuously, must undertake a product innovation, management innovates and serve innovation. Come nearly a few years of technologies of all sorts of gas phase deposit arisen, make the research of exterior project technology and application obtained the development of advance rapidly. These technologies not only the requirement that achieved mechanical performance, if wear-resisting, anti-friction is mixed,fight corrode, and learn in electromagnetism, optical, photoelectron, the distinguish oneself of heat, superconduction and biology functional material domain that concerns with surface layer. Exterior engineering makes low metallic stuff gives bigger advantage in function and benefit respect play not only, and already made the important instrument that develops all sorts of new-style film and filmy material, have tremendous applied latent capacity. As machining industry standard rise, raised new requirement to cutting tool. Still ask to reduce the pollution when cutting besides improving service life, use dry cutting as far as possible. When cannot cancel cutting fluid completely, accomplish as far as possible contain antirust only among them and do not have organic matter, can make the cost that reclaims circularly is reduced greatly so. The diversity of cutting tool of machine tool cutting and the working status characteristic when using decided those who choose cutting tool film is different. Turning and bore are different, milling cutter should consider his again intermittent percussive characteristic. The coating of inchoate development is main starting point with wear-resisting, it is main index in order to raise hardness. This kind of coating that changes titanium to be a delegate with nitrogen has taller coefficient of friction (0.

4 ~ 0.

6) , add ceaseless attrition will produce a large number of heat energy between man-hour and workpiece. To avoid cutting tool overheat happening is out of shape influence treatment precision is mixed prolong its service life, use cutting liquid normally. Want to solve the problem that decrease or avoids cutting fluid to bring, cutting tool film should make cutting tool has macrobian lot not only, and due self-lubricating function. Kind diamond coating (of LC) right piece now certain material (Al, Ti and its composite material) machining respect shows an advantage, but tall, thermal stability differs the internal stress that makes clear kind of diamond coating through old research and make with the catalyst effect between black metal SP3 structure transforms to SP2 wait for 3 kinds of defect, decided it can apply at machining nonferrous metal only at present, restricted its farther application in machine treatment respect consequently. But in recent years consider to make clear, kind of diamond coating that gives priority to with SP2 structure (also call kind of black lead coating) hardness also can achieve 20 ~ 40GPa, nonexistent however the problem that has catalyst effect with black metal, its coefficient of friction is very low have again fight wet sex very well, refrigerant can be used when cutting also can use at doing cutting, its life rises than be not what film knife has twice, process steely data nonexistent issue, aroused interest of huge of manufacturer of coating company, tool consequently. False with time, this kind coating meets kind of new-style diamond receive wide application in cutting domain. CNC Milling CNC Machining