Germany is rich strap chemistry to roll out fluid of cutting of water-solubility of TFULLER 6180 series

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The metal is a kind of data with the very average application in modern life and industrial production, black metal is one of material with 21 most important centuries. The article introduces Germany for everybody rich the T that straps chemistry to be central research and development to go out with black metal.

Fluid of cutting of water-solubility of series of FULLER SCC 6180 machines medium advantage place to reach its to apply extensively in actual production. The high speed that makes industry as our country develops, the treatment material of diversity reachs its complex and changeful treatment means to machine the functional versatility of oily fluid to having the requirement that raises with each passing day to the metal character. Modern industry asks the metal machines fluid to have favorable treatment effect, include: Higher treatment quality, faster treatment efficiency, better cutting tool protection and solve the world to fix eyes upon environmental sanitation problem. Germany is rich the trend that straps development of chemical grip times, lead a metal to machine the ongoing pace of fluid, the fluid of cutting of series of TFULLER SCC 6180 of place research and development can solve black metal effectively (RuT of iron of Mo Zhu of QT of KT of casting pig HT, malleable iron, nodular cast iron, squirm and its are of all kinds steel) , the difficult treatment material such as stainless steel and titanium alloy pledges and copper what in machining a process, come up against. Good versatility makes its can answer much material easily to machine a problem character, the applied limits of the product also more extensive, more the world before according with eye is advanced and efficient flexible made mainstream plan. TFULLER SCC 6180V by the plant ester of oil radical synthesis serves as base oil, do not contain mineral oil, make its have more excellent lubricant performance and can biology degradation, gentle to reaction of human body skin, solved traditional cutting fluid easy pose skin allergy problem, belong to sex of macrobian life environmental protection to synthesize cutting fluid partly. Germany is rich the TFULLER SCC 6180V that straps chemical research and development by the plant ester of oil radical synthesis is matched with extremely special approach agent and oily agent, make its can produce admirable lubricant effect when craft of of all kinds treatment, protected cutting tool effectively. Exceedingly good extremely press lubricant function to be able to face machining center of of all kinds CNC easily, from motor-car bed, numerical control machine tool and muti_function on the equipment such as modular machine tool machine from car, mill, boring, dig, deep aperture attack inside the requirement of of all kinds craft such as silk. Rich strap chemical product to pass pair of human body more friendly and harmless, to the compatible protection of of all kinds machine, make person, machine tool and treatment fluid 3 person the relationship is more harmonious. The high lubricant performance of vegetable oil is by vegetable oil the chemical structure place of main ingredient of the element and its itself is decided. It is fundamental cooling fluid with vegetable oil, its lubricity can arise at plant oily part inherent " oily " , this kind of character is direct by vegetable oil " argute element " the result that creates. This kind of member is very senior, very heavy, have polar sex, namely: Two end of the element contain contrary charge. Two of the element " extreme " have very strong chemical affinity to metallic surface, they resemble small magnet in that way, closely adsorption is in of the metal apparently. Perpendicular, close together, even ground arranges plant oily element in the metal apparently, in its as a result the surface forms thick, strong, fast lubricant film. Germany is rich strap fluid of cutting of water-solubility of series of chemical TFULLER 6180 to apply already extensively at home now in treatment of each industry metal. Steeliness of exact in the mould trade that at present high speed expands pattern is built, production of pump of a powerful person is made, in the industry such as hammer of bone of alloy of titanium of production of of all kinds appliance, medical treatment, product of TFULLET 6180 series manufactures efficiency to rise, assure to produced quality to produce tremendous effect. Look up scan widely future, the Germany that advocates fluid of environmental protection cutting is rich the lubricant plan that the metal in strapping chemistry to will devote oneself to to make a trade machines improved, development, innovate and do one's best. CNC Milling CNC Machining