MAPAL: HFS interface and HX razor blade aid an user to reduce cost

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In high demand or intricate work treatment, the applied concept of cutting tool of new-style low cost becomes particularly important. Choose appropriate cutting tool, if be in crock of lid valve housing washer and its tracheal treatment, can reduce cost to make the crock covers treatment get twice the result with half the effort considerably. Chamfer of razor blade of high accuracy of chamfer of high accuracy razor blade and stable HFS join are MAPAL the cutting tool cost that there is 50% about in treatment is being covered in the crock to spiracle housing washer and its tracheal peculiar design is expenditure its are reached in the spiracle housing washer of pulverous metallurgy material. Rise as what workpiece asks, bring about the addition of application of material of metallurgy of tall hardness powder necessarily. Below most circumstance, hard alloy regards cutting as material general no longer so suit, those who replace is the PCBN with higher price. High accuracy requirement put forward to cutting tool further requirement: Must want to so that make engine is achieved,have the alleged and sealed area with an angle extremely high precision on housing washer very tall pressure light than; Of housing washer and conduit homocentric degree as much very important. Achieve these to ask the design that has a lot of kinds of cutting tool can choose. In the past, crock lid is in automation line aspirant travel is machined normally. Conduit is to use the reamer of unit of feed of a join to pass a guide-post bushing to regard as guide recommend a treatment; And housing washer is type cutting tool spreads out to machine with in same process. But the wide application that smaller and smaller housing washer, conduit still has machining center, make this kind of performance steady in the past but take up dimensional huge cutting tool designs suitable scope smaller and smaller. At present typical machining center includes two swords with cutting tool design: 1.

Treatment conduit guides leave hole and prior operation housing washer. 2.

Finish machining housing washer reachs conduit. What use at first is cutting tool of type of an organic whole, be used at machining housing washer solder so that repair,PCBN razor blade takes axial adjustment after grinding, continue to use. HX razor blade is passed decorate appropriately, HX razor blade can use the HFS interface that will machine high accuracy of different MAPAL of   pouring wine cup and tall stability 18 times above all, the tracheal reamer that applies MAPAL HFS interface at joining large housing washer machines cutting tool and slightness. This alters make the reamer application about form of diameter, reamer more agile, among them reamer form has adjustable Chan Ren reamer and much blade reamer can offer an alternative two kinds. And the difficulty that HFS interface still reduced cutting tool to repair greatly. Like be the same as HSK interface, HFS interface gets extremely tall stiffness and crossing-over precision through cone and end panel. Below proper condition, it makes one pace treatment finishs a cutting tool first become a possibility. More cutting blade, longer cutting tool life optimizes the bit proceed with that is about to machine housing washer to machine cutting tool from these then again, housing washer needs to machine inside and outside to pour horn and sealed belt. The axial that before we use the razor blade of hexagonal HX PCBN that shares 6 cutting blade to replace, mentions adjusts bit. Razor blade of housing washer rough machining is fixed, and razor blade of treatment of its sealing ring is mostly adjustable. Essence of life grinds all of these HX razor blade to pass and reach clip of special pressing plate to hold by the bit chamfer of high accuracy, very reliable. Adopt right choice cutting stuff and point form, in some application they can improve cutting tool life from 2000 to 10000 Kong Meiren. When the blade that if bit decorates treatment to differ,different position uses when horn, a razor blade can be used 18 times at most. Remarkable managing the finished cost that reduces finished cost significantly is because be in,cutting tool boosts the result of development continuously of machine treatment and respect of cutting tool technology progress continuously, the sheet that builds the crock nearly 10 years treatment cost halve has become a possibility. And spiracle housing washer and its tracheal treatment are its critical factor more. an use MAPAL new technology machines the example of plan of whole of this kind of spare parts recently, its cutting tool and finished cost were reduced 70% . CNC Milling CNC Machining