Shape quickly the technical application in cast

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Shape quickly production technology is the central point that attention gets fully in craft shaping on international at present. Cast the craft that serves as a tradition, production cost flexibility of low, craft is big, can win complex form and large cast. Produce both characteristic and advantage adequately, objective economic benefits can be obtained in new product trial-produce. Shape quickly production technology is called again " fast prototype makes a technology (RapidPrototyping Manufacturing, abbreviation RPM) " , it includes SLS, SLA, SLM to wait shape method. Differ with traditional production method, shape to set out from the CAD geometry model of the spare parts quickly, through software statified disperse and numerical control shape system, with stimulate beam of light or form hypostatic part, be called again so " material adds production way (Material Additive Manufacturing or Material IncreaseManufacturing) " . The overlay that as a result of it a series of 2 dimension make a complex three-dimensional production translate into, can be in consequently need not the component that aleatoric and complex appearance can make almost below the condition of mould and tool, increased production greatly efficiency and make flexible. With CNC Machining, cast, the production method such as model of metallic cold spray, silica gel together, shape to already made the important instrument that contemporary model, mould and spare parts make quickly, the sheet that is the implementation metal spare parts that fits our country national condition at present or the effective method that small lot produces adroitly, got applied extensively in the domain such as autocycle of aerospace, car, home appliance. Shape quickly the wax-pattern that the technology can offer nicety quickly to cast place to need may disappear fusible pattern and the wooden model that are used at sand mold to cast or arenaceous model, long, investment mixes the preparation cycle such as the wax-pattern in solving a tradition to cast or wooden model to make the difficult problem of the complex component part such as curved surface hard greatly. And nicety casts a technology (include plaster stone model cast) the technology that casting a technology to be in our country with sand mold is special maturity, the low cost that the organic union of these two kinds of technologies realized to produce and cost-effective, achieved the goal that makes quickly. The characteristic of RPM technology shapes quickly the advantage with technology and traditional method more distinct than having photograph, its characteristic is as follows: 1.

Realized a design process and of production process compositive, whole production process is digitlized, have direct associated sex with CAD model, spare parts place sees namely earning, can revise at any time, make at any time, alleviated the bottleneck problem of the CAPP in process of CAD/CAM of complex structure part. 2.

The spare parts material that can process traditional method to be made hard is qualitative, qualitative part of if gradient material is qualitative spare parts, much material, be helpful for the application of new material. 3.

Make the cycle of mould of complex part semifinished product and cost be reduced greatly, with project material direct forming machine fetterses when the spare parts, need to design pattern of figuration of production semifinished product no longer. 4.

Those who realized semifinished product is close clean model figuration, machining surplus is reduced greatly, avoided the waste of material, reduced the sources of energy use up, be helpful for environmental protection and can develop continuously. 5.

The time that plans as a result of craft and charge decrease greatly, make odd the cycle that a trial-produce, small lot produces and cost are reduced greatly, special the development that applies to new product and odd the production of a small lot spare parts. 6.

Be united in wedlock with traditional method photograph, can come true to be cast quickly, fast mould is made, the function such as production of small lot spare parts, produce the energy with methodological new infuse for the tradition. RPM technology is casting medium application 1.

It is all that nicety casts nicety the most accurate kind in casting a method, precision is general excel 0.

5 % , and but repeatability is good, cast needs only a few machine treatment can be thrown use. Because mould is one-time,use, the spare parts that makes production interior structure complex became a possibility, can the part that production forgings or machine treatment cannot produce. Although nicety casts the advantage that having a lot of, dan Jisheng produces a course complex and expatiatory. Besides cost, nicety is cast still take a lot of work very much, the charge of 80 % of 50 % ~ out at artificial. In addition, the mould charge share in small lot production causes unit price costly. Shaping to be cast with nicety quickly is complementary, these two kinds of methods apply to the production of complex form spare parts. If did not shape automatically quickly, the production of mould is the bottleneck process that nicety casts; Cast without nicety however, the application that shapes automatically quickly also can be put in very big limitation. Shape quickly it is OK that the technology casts medium application in nicety cent is 3 kinds: It is to disappear shape (model) process, use at small lot production; 2 it is direct model case law, use at grain production; 3 it is fast wax-pattern mould is made, use at large quantities of quantities to produce. 2.

Cast quickly in manufacturing industry especially the key industry such as aerospace, car, the core component of its foundation all is metallic spare parts commonly, and of symmetry of dispute of spare parts of metal of quite a few, having irregular curved surface or the structure is complex and the part that interior contains elaborate structure again. The production of these spare partses often is used cast or the method that disintegrate machines, be being cast quickly is all use shape quickly do master mold or transfer the model will duplicate metal a kind when appeal has most in the method. Because foundry technology can produce the part of complex form,this is. Nextpage is casting production in, box of pattern plate, core, press candle model, the production of Die Casting model often is to use the method of machine treatment to finish, still need benchwork to undertake nap sometimes, long, cost is opposite cycle especially greatly the cast with a few complex form, wait like cylinder body of blade, impeller, engine and crock lid, the production of the mould is the process with a very great difficulty more, although use the costly device such as CNC Machining center, still put in very great difficulty in processing technique and craft feasibility respect. RPM technology and conventional technology photograph are united in wedlock, can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, get the result of get twice the result with half the effort. Use shape quickly the technology makes wax-pattern directly (flow sees a picture 1) , cast a process to need not drive a pattern quickly, saved production cycle and cost greatly consequently. Graph the wax-pattern of 4 crocks of 2 engine that cast methodological production quickly to use and cast, press method of traditional metal casting to make, the mould makes cycle need half an year about, charge hundred thousands of; With cast a method quickly, shape quickly cast fusible pattern 3 days, cast 10 days, make whole trial-produce task shifted to an earlier date than original plan 5 months. Graph mould of 1 fast wax-pattern makes flow chart the 2 wax-pattern that use 4 crocks of motor that cast technical production quickly 3.

Gesso cast nicety be used to normally from shape quickly a production iron and steel. But to metal of low melting point, be like aluminum-magnesium alloy, gesso cast efficiency taller, at the same time cast quality can get effective assurance, casting causes power taller. In gesso model in casting a process, shape quickly remain can disappear model, get plaster mold gets the metallic spare parts of a need then from this next. Graph 3 engine take gesso of gas manifold series cast the first step is to use shape quickly make can disappear model, will shape quickly again next disappear the model is buried in gesso oar body to get plaster mold, put plaster mold into again earth up burn earth up inside furnace burn. Will shape quickly so disappear the model passes pyrolysis, disappear finally clean completely, plaster mold is dry and sclerotic at the same time, this process wants the left and right sides two days commonly. It is finally inside special vacuum mould device the plaster mold of infuse of metallic aluminium alloy frit dissolve, after refrigeration, broken plaster mold obtains a metal. Metal of this kind of production methodological cost is very low, the 2% ~ that have production of Die Casting model only commonly 5% . Manufacturing cycle is very short, need 2 ~ only commonly 3 weeks. The function of gesso cast also can be compared with photograph of cast of essence of life, because be,finish in vacuum environment pouring, so function even more common nicety casts excel. The graph is shown 3 times to use plaster stone model cast gotten engine to take product of gas manifold series. CNC Milling CNC Machining