High speed treatment and efficient treatment drive the ceaseless progress that produces a technology

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The high speed with 80 time arisen end machines 20 centuries (HSC) , because raised cutting speed and feed rate significantly, shortened greatly thereby handling time, raised workpiece surface quality and treatment precision. Come true because of this reduce treatment working procedure and simplify manufacturing technological process, and the change that makes a few industries produce kind, effectively promoted the development of whole production technology. High speed treatment makes " productivity " and " flexible " the diagnostic parameter confluence of two mutual contradiction arrives one case, what comprise with high speed machining center thereby is flexible the rigid transfer matic that produces a system to replace a tradition, the change of mode is produced in driving the medium, big batch such as the car to produce an industry. High speed treatment brings about craft to replace, simplify thereby manufacturing technological process. In the mould in making, with high speed hard mill replaces electric spark to machine is a very typical case, the workpiece after temper by dipping in water is hard can install clip to fall to process finished product through thick mill and mill of high speed essence in. The application of high speed hard mill, what make implementation CAD-CAM-HSC for the mould is compositive created a condition, craft of high speed hard mill made a technology bring heavy revolution to the mould undoubtedly. From high speed treatment comes more than 10 arisen years, high speed processing technique won extensive promotion and application. Aborning, pass high speed to machine, shortened significantly basic time, corresponding also land improved auxiliary time appearance the scale to basic time (7% from in the past: 93% to 35% current: 65% , to the treatment of simple work of aluminium alloy material, this kind of scale more achieved 50% : 50%) . Look from current technical condition, the latent capacity that reduces basic time further through high speed treatment already was not very great. In recent years, manufacture efficiency to rise further, more and more is to use efficient treatment (HPC) -- raise unit time stuff to excision is measured and reduce auxiliary time significantly -- the basic time in reduce cutting process further and auxiliary time. Efficient treatment (HPC) and high speed are machined (what HSC) differs is, it is not be confined to raises cutting speed and feed rate only, however optimize material excision rate to be put in the first place, aim to pass the material that increases unit time to excision is measured and reduce handling time (basic time and auxiliary time) will reduce treatment cost further. Material excision is led (Q) is measured on side penetration of a cutting tool definitely (penetration of a cutting tool of Ae) , back is measured (Ap) and feed speed (Vf) . To milling treatment, feed speed (Vf) depends on again every tine feed (Fz) , tooth is counted (the rotate speed of Z) and milling cutter (N) . The material excision of unit time measures N /1000 (cm3/min) of · of Z of · of Fz of · of Ap of · of Vf /1000=ae of · of Ap of usable Q=ae · to express. We can see from this expression, material excises rate and 5 cutting parameter to concern, so, efficient treatment is OK but not be to must include high speed to machine, this means efficient treatment and high speed treatment between nonexistent apparent end. Aviation industry is the department that uses new technology of high speed treatment and efficient treatment the earliest. The bridge of the plane, frame and large wainscot bear what force member uses is integral structural member, the material of 75%~95% of its semifinished product when treatment will be dropped by cutting, particularly tall to this kind cutting is measured, using efficient treatment undoubtedly is the most appropriate do not pass. In Germany Aogesibao (the defence of EADS(Europe aviation of Augsburg) and spaceflight company) in 20 centuries 90 time use HSC craft to machine component part of whole of aluminium alloy of military airplane some, main purpose is to simplify manufacturing technological process, acquire high exterior quality with less working procedure, is not to raise material excision rate, added man-hour to use 54 cutting tool, spent 25 hours to complete treatment in all. To dig the latent capacity of productivity further, later very naturally changes direction use efficient treatment, used 40 cutting tool, handling time is 12 hours only, reduced an in part much. Machine to milling especially, the material excision rate that milling cutter can achieve already was become measure milling cutter to machine socioeconomic a main index. In recent years, a lot of cutting tool manufactories open the milling cutter that issued rate of numerous tall feed in succession. These milling cutter although configuration is endless and identical, but a common characteristic is to have agree with the edge geometry appearance that achieves high speed feed. The characteristic of appearance of this kind of geometry is cutting edge have a very big circular arc radius, this is nominal the back penetration of a cutting tool that restricted milling cutter is measured (Ap) , and because lesser tool cutting edge angle makes,the radial cutting muscularity on milling cutter reduces effect greatly, be helpful for using very tall every tine feed to undertake machining thereby. For example, when the vitreous bottle that pledges in material of rough machining 40CrMnMoS86 boasts a standard, works of German Franken tool contains to using the milling cutter of 3 round razor blade and the Gao Jin of 3 Time-S-Cut razor blade undertake to speed milling cutter milling effect is compared. Former adoption cutting dosage is Vc=250m/min, fz=0.

3mm, ap=0.

75mm and Ae=18 Mm, use when treatment cold compress air to undertake cooling, what treatment needs time to be 9 minutes. Latter is in cutting dosage respect, reduce Ap for 0.

5 Mm, and Fz rises 1.

0 Mm, result handling time used 4 minutes only. Save in time on achieved 55% , namely the machine tool is used hourly saved 55% . Can see from here, through using taller cutting parameter, efficient treatment can achieve very high material excision rate, shorten significantly handling time. But efficient treatment, just do not use very tall cutting parameter, the other that still can assist time through can decreasing significantly machines the strategy to carry out efficient treatment. Use compound cutting tool for example (if compound a flight of stairs is gotten, the compound cutting tool that the thread tool that get mill and other use at comprehensive treatment) , of circumferential feed milling muti_function establish all sorts of advanced cutting tool such as milling cutter to be able to decrease significantly the frequency that change a knife and reduce auxiliary time, improve manufacturing efficiency significantly from this. Compound cutting tool is many more compositive on a cutting tool machine working procedure, often realize the comprehensive treatment of many treatment place in machining the journey, used this kind of cutting tool to be discharged not only change a knife and be helpful for raising treatment precision, and but the precision between leave out working procedure is measured, can improve manufacturing efficiency significantly thereby. Use muti_function when establishing milling cutter to undertake hole milling on machining center, can reduce the number that changes a knife likewise. When hole milling, gyral milling cutter circles Z axis to make helix interpolation motion, in working journey can machine an opening that needs size. Machine a diameter to be the aperture of 285 Mm for example, use the milling cutter of diametical 160 Mm, treatment job can be finished in job journey, this compares groovy technology but 5 reaming working procedure and save the handling time of 73% . In recent years, of head of efficient deep Kong Zuan come out, improved the efficiency that deep Kong Zuan cuts significantly, the twist drill of hard alloy of double blade whole that by Hring of German G ü the company develops one kind, compare in bore diameter (when L/D) is the deep aperture of 20, use minim to lubricate (6~8ml/h) , use larger than the tradition flow not only wet bore tall 10~12 the feed speed of times, and be in bore process do not need to undertake bits circulates discharging, rose to machine efficiency greatly from this. And, the radial deflection in the broach when bore is particularly small, can acquire better exterior quality. Aborning, high speed treatment and efficient treatment craft already won extensive promotion and application, the common characteristic of these two kinds of craft is can remarkable reduce handling time and shorten manufacturing technological process, and different characteristic is high speed treatment is to use high cutting rate, the purpose depends on gaining fast face quality and simplify technological process, because this high speed is machined more it is to apply to finish machining; And efficient treatment basically is to use tall cutting parameter, excise a quantity in order to obtain the data of high unit time, shorten significantly thereby handling time. Use to excising the efficient treatment of rate in order to obtain tall data to be applied to undertake rough machining. In actual production, craft of these two kinds of treatment can apply at the same time will process a work, for example, efficient treatment can be used to have thick mill when machining a mould (lead) in order to achieve tall material excision, and use high speed to machine when mill of essence of life (better with obtaining surface quality and tall treatment precision) . Current, no matter be popular high speed,treatment still is firm arisen efficient treatment, should put in a Yu Dao 's charge to provide what the technology develops ceaselessly to drive, mix in appearance of geometry of cutting tool material, edge especially the ceaseless development of coating respect and optimize combination, implementation developed the efficient cutting tool of a variety of different structures to provide a basis ceaselessly. Manufacturing practice makes clear, to shorten significantly handling time, increase production efficiency makes cost with what reduce a hardware, the key depends on using new technology of high speed treatment and efficient treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining