Shanteweike: Whorl tornado mill helps industry of force medical treatment

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In the challenge that faces in all accurate treatment, medical treatment spare parts makes can weigh reach the limit. Shanteweikekeleman can offer outstanding cutting tool solution nowadays, this is crucial to the production of medical treatment spare parts. Whorl tornado mill is one of a lot of solution, it offerred the complete treatment program of bolt of set a bone. One of its advantages are, this is a sheet second the milling operation that takes a knife, because this can improve manufacturing efficiency significantly, promote overall quality at the same time. Cutting tool of whorl tornado mill is an internal diameter actually the cricoid milling cutter of bit. Bearing of accessory of one machine tool is worn it makes its high speed rotates, at the same time workpiece is done slow rotate. This milling cutter is in the position of center of appreciably deviate work, such workpiece rotate to only a razor blade participates in cutting every time. Of whorl tilt rise horn to be formed by the angle between cricoid milling cutter and workpiece, whorl tooth form is decided by bit design. Use all sorts of craft of whorl tornado mill is producible differring the bolt of set a bone of length and diameter. This brought huge advantage for manufacturer of bolt of set a bone, they must offer custom-built whorl to satisfy the requirement of person character commonly. Person character crust is hard, the marrow inside is soft like sponge. Bolt of set a bone must benefit of enough and hard He Feng, with penetrable crust, but whorl appearance criterion must can prevent to pull out the softer marrow inside bone. Whorl tornado mill is whorl of treatment high quality is efficient production technology. Familiar hardware data is 316 LVN stainless steel and titanium metal commonly. The angle of tooth form requirement as a result of bolt of set a bone keen, whorl is longer, and tooth top and difference of tooth root diameter are big, these stuff are not accordingly easy cutting. The whorl tornado mill that Shanteweikekeleman offers process capability because of bit brand improve and get perfecting. Material of content of opposite of profit from of achievement of this one newest research and development makes the thorough understanding that reachs its to machine a requirement, this is to pass what the expert undertakes cooperative related Bioline and industry of medical treatment hardware and obtain with Shanteweike. Accordingly, shanteweikekeleman made a when undertake developing in this domain specific plan, include the requirement that all small parts make among them. The 1105 brands of CoroCut XS suit to machine lesser diameter (1 to 10 millimeter) bolt of set a bone and medical treatment are embedded content. After some client uses name of this kind of razor blade, make produced efficiency to rise 59% . Case analysis is small improve can bring about-face. In the back car operation that having for dental bolt, brand of change razor blade was brought save significantly. Material: 316 LVM, CMC 05.

11 cooling fluid: Oleaginous razor blade: Brand of razor blade of MABR 3010 MABR 3010: Speed of 1025 1105 cutting: 71 meters / divide 113 meters / cent feed: 0.

03 millimeter / turn 0.

03 millimeter / turn cutting tool life: 150 1, 700 save: 8, 741 euro summary is in medical treatment industry, whorl tornado mill is to ensure the important milling form of bolt of set a broken bone of production high quality. The solution lets the whorl tornado mill that Shanteweikekeleman offers manufacturer of medical treatment hardware wants sheet only second the milling operation that takes a knife can produce a bolt of set a bone, improve quality of overall spare parts and manufacturing efficiency at the same time. CNC Milling CNC Machining