Brief introduction of technology of numerical control machine tool

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General abbreviation amount to charges machine tool of digital programme controll machine tool. It is by numerical control device or computer have pilot machine tool of automation of a kind of tall efficiency, it applied automata technology, computer technology, nicety integratedly to measure the technology, technology such as hydraulic pressure pneumatic. Used latest technology in the respect such as machine tool structure. As the development of science and technology, the appearance of mechanical product and structure are improved ceaselessly, taller and taller also to the treatment quality requirement of mechanical spare parts; Odd, the mechanical product place of pre production holds proportion bigger and bigger, be in especially go shipbuilding, aviation, spaceflight, greatly and each branches of national defence industry, machine batch the spare parts that little, precision asks tall, form is complex is very much. Resemble such product, if use common automatic machine tool or modular machine tool and transfer matic to machine, appear very wasteful, unreasonable, common machine tool cannot be machined again. Numerical control machine tool produces what rise with development below such condition namely, it gets used to a product effectively the automation production of constant change, much breed, small lot. Numerical control machine tool is all sorts of operations that need treatment, for example workpiece of gearshift, loose clip, feed, retreat a knife, drive with jockey, the automatic supply of cooling fluid is waited a moment, and cutting tool is opposite the displacement between workpiece. The form that uses numeric data carries the operation of the computer, turn into the instruction of the input all sorts of operations of the machine tool, realize the automatic treatment of the spare parts. CNC Milling CNC Machining