Sex of PRECITRAME Gao Rou modular machine tool

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Swiss essence machine will join the pattern of circumgyrate of MTR400H series numerical control that extends EMO2013 modular machine tool is patulous on MTR400 series platform come, besides the ability that retains MTR400, h series is gotten in all levels, 5 treatment came true on mill and turning function, be opposite in order to get used to the market taller flexible the demand with versatility. MTR400H series modular machine tool has the Gao Rou sex that traditional modular machine tool does not have, have distinctive car, mill, auger, bore with a reamer and attack the compound treatment function such as whorl, all levels are gotten, 5 treatment came true on mill and turning function, a series of complex high accuracy such as the turning that can hold calorie of work that finish through and milling machine the task. In the meantime, use module type structure can expand the design concept of the machine tool, more but the demand with diverse basis, equipment industry digit but from 4 labour patulous to 15 labour. And the machine tool deserves to have workbench of numerical control circumgyrate, the system of innovation type tray that Swiss essence machine uses can control fixed position precision in 0.

Inside 004mm limits, graduation time is less than 1.

5s. Every are versed in of a mechanical outfit card but repeatability and tigidity also exceed far other the workbench that is the same as a type. The design with unique equipment returned profit from to be used entirely electric the dominant position that reachs numerical control technology. What MTR400H series modular machine tool was united in wedlock to be produced in the light of small lot is agile change model and produce in the light of what large quantities of quantities produce can advantage, swiss essence machine is flexible modular machine tool offerred unprecedented suiting ability and high accuracy solution. Type of circumgyrate of Swiss essence machine modular machine tool consumes kind of product to large quantities of quantities, if mobile phone, watch is mixed,the car is developing now quickly and the treatment of the high-tech content spare parts with the industrialization high demand of new product offerred optimal solution. CNC Milling CNC Machining