Muti_function cutting tool

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CoroMill390 of champion milling cutting tool and CoroTurn107 of gold turning cutting tool undertake be in harmony collects the CoroPlexMT that derives is muti_function cutting tool, can undertake turning, boring, milling already, also can undertake getting cutting or other cutting treatment. Of course, also can use at machining center. No matter why be planted,the method is used, coro-PlexMT is solution of cutting tool of appropriative of much task machine tool, it can raise much task machine tool brand-new level. In addition, it still can save space and time significantly. Deserve to have system of interface of coke full Capto with the new-style CoroPlexMT that machines at much task, this is system of interface of a kind of high accuracy, apply to any machine tools and main shaft. CNC Milling CNC Machining