C525 establishs the rehabilitate of car beam

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Summary: Repair the analysis of plan through opposing car beam cracks caustic, the choice mends a way, but managing upkeep costs, for concerning personnel reference. Keyword: Establish car beam; Build case of medicine made of two or more ingredients; The graph in repair craft classifies date: TG515 document label piles up: A model of B my firm is the large vertical lathe of C525, because be operated by accident, cause crossbeam to be bumped to crack, crossbeam bottom slideway is short of caustic to be as long as 1 760mm. For managing upkeep costs, shorten maintenance time, decided revamp plan. One, repair craft makes the same score the mill of the place that be short of caustic of crossbeam first, repair according to be short of caustic circumstance to design crossbeam slideway next piece, repair those who had made piece had gone all out with crossbeam noumenon, the fixed position that uses two ф 12mm first sells fixed position, 8 M24 use after inside 6 horn bolt originallies closely, undertake whole is machined finally, make achieve slideway precision requirement. 2, repair labor situation 1. Tear open sill, make the same score mill of the place that be short of caustic, requirement and crossbeam slideway face are parallel, if pursue,1 is shown. 2. the 5M30 aperture that former fault is in, in its openly reaming comes division ф 44mm, deep 31mm, so that will former bolt of the 6 horn inside head of cylinder of instead of bolt of 6 horn head. 3. Treatment beam slideway is repaired piece (see a picture 2) . (1) casting semifinished product, material should agree with former bridge; (2) is divided withhold with crossbeam noumenon interface and the surface that regard slideway as the face 0.

Outside 05mm mental allowance, the others place all is machined to dimension; (3) will repair an as smooth as the mill on crossbeam noumenon place to had gone all out, deserve to get bore with a reamer ± of 2 ф 12 0.

Aperture of 015 Mm fixed position, deserve to drill aperture of 8 ф 25mm and M24 hole. 4. Mount cylinder sells fixed position, use 8 M24 next inside 6 horn bolt mixes crossbeam noumenon repair an outfit to become an organic whole. 5. To the slideway below crossbeam each surface has thick precision work, achieve former precision requirement. 6. Hold the beam that has repaired machine test-drive. Use this law to repair crossbeam, the requirement can be satisfied on intensity, and reduced production cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining