The milling of keyway of semmetry of large runner shaft

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The article introduced the milling method of keyway of semmetry of large runner shaft. Make in machinery in, deliver relatively the large runner shaft of high-power, its axis is extended (the axis is carried) the keyway structure that often uses semmetry of two 180 ° to distributing partly, it is quite tall that photograph of these two keyway asks to the symmetry of axes line. For example, the runner shaft of the engine of steam of some kind of series that the graph shows 1 times and dynamo aircrew (weight comes by a few tons a few tons of) , some axis extends a part to have the keyway that semmetry of two 180 ° distributings, keyway extends the symmetry allow difference of axes line to have 0 only respectively to conic axis.

04mm, the surface roughness of the two flank of keyway and underside is Rz=3 respectively.

2µm. Graph the conic axis of 1 large runner shaft is extended 1.

Flexibility expands collet 2.

Taut screw 3.

Corrective tool of ° of nut graph 2 180 pursues the adjustment of height of main shaft of 3 horizontal boring machine conic axis extends the large runner shaft that 1 preparation work shows 1 times in the light of the graph structural feature of the part, if pursue,made, shows 180 ° corrective tool. After the milling of the first keyway of large runner shaft ends, can use this tool to turn over to large runner shaft (circle axes to turn 180 ° ) undertake coach and be correctioned, the milling of the 2nd keyway that has place of 180 ° semmetry next works. This are corrective the tool is expand by flexibility collet 1, the taut screw of conic head 2 with nut 3 wait for spare parts composition. When the job, the H Kong Zhongxuan that inserts the Ø1 end of corrective tool runner shaft moves nut to make taut screw rightward mobile, bring about conic part to force flexibility to expand thereby the external diameter Ø1 of collet is puffy, make corrective tool is stuck closely inside the central aperture H of runner shaft, form an organic whole with runner shaft. A of this horizontal school front of corrective tool, B the parallelism of two plane is taller better. To assure A, B two faces can achieve first-rate parallelism, the requirement finishs A, B in holding clip the treatment of two faces. The first keyway is in 2 milling milling is large before the first keyway of runner shaft, adjust the main shaft of horizontal boring machine to the centre height position that conic axis extends first, the position of the first keyway that such ability assure milling is good achieves the precision of the design to ask. Specific operation method is the main shaft horizontal boring machine moves to pursue 3 shown positions, make tiny clearance E maintains between the machines D of fiducial external diameter surface of the surface of the D of main shaft external diameter of horizontal boring machine and runner shaft, and use space plan (feet of feeler, a place of strategic importance) the real numerical value that measures E (notice: ? Die of Xi of discipline of commonplace せ  and conic axis are extended must be homocentric) . Outside catching what move the main shaft of horizontal boring machine to be extended to the conic axis of large runner shaft right (right) side, move downward again next (the distance of D+d)/2+e. Right now mount milling cutter can undertake the milling of the first keyway was machined. 3 milling after milling of the first keyway ends the 2nd keyway of 180 ° symmetrical position, should turn over runner shaft (circle axes to turn 180 ° ) , next again milling the 2nd keyway of 180 ° symmetrical position. Need range to make sure runner shaft turns the angle error after 180 ° is less than allow, we used the 180 ° corrective tool that the graph shows 2 times. Load 180 ° corrective tool above all the central aperture of runner shaft (the hope is corrective the) on the face of A face level of the tool, preliminary screw nut makes taut screw rightward mobile, the central opening that forces flexibility to expand to the external diameter Ø1 of collet swells and stick runner shaft thereby (graph 1 medium H) . Expand plus flexibility conic axis extends Ø2 of big diameter of collet right end and runner shaft to stop mediumly buccal aperture (graph 1 medium H) closes suitably, 180 ° corrective tool preliminary finish its solid to decide the job within aperture of runner shaft center. Use gradienter of type of a casing to find a place for smoothly then in 180 ° on the A face of corrective tool, the numeric minim ground that shows according to the place in gradienter next is adjusted (rotational) 180 ° corrective tool, make the & face of corrective tool is in horizontal position, final locking the nut of 180 ° corrective tool, make corrective tool closely (firm) the ground and runner shaft union make an organic whole. It is to take sill type gradienter next, turn over runner shaft adagio 180 ° , find a place for casing type gradienter smoothly in 180 ° again on the B face of corrective tool. The adagio minim ground that shows according to the place in gradienter again then is adjusted (rotational) runner shaft, make flexibility expands the condition that the B face of collet is in horizontal position, take sill type gradienter, can be opposite right now of the 180 ° symmetrical keyway of runner shaft undertake milling. CNC Milling CNC Machining