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Apply to the CAD/CAM software that the mould machines

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Normal > in case, go understanding software of CAD/CAM of new generation mould to turn application in the intelligence in machine tool design and production. Normal >This Article Demonstrates The New Intelligent Applications For Mold CAD/CAM Software In Machine Tool Design And Production With Case Studies.

Software of CAD/CAM of new generation mould is built designing the many application technology that Baconian summary gives in practice from the mould. These technologies passed what systematization and science change to arrange, with specific form memory is in project knowledge base and can be being called by mould place conveniently. Below the support that converts software in intelligence, mould CAD/CAM software is pair of traditional designs and computational method no longer imitate, it is however below guidance of advanced design theory, use experience of the substantial knowledge of competence region expert and success adequately, its design a result to have rationality and advanced sex necessarily. Software of new generation mould designs mould structure with stereo thought, direct sense, makes three-dimensional structure news can be used at mould producibility evaluation and CNC Machining conveniently, this turns diagnostic model in three-dimensional parameter with respect to requirement mould software, shape process of process imitate, CNC Machining is emulated reach information communication, organization and management to the respect reachs perfect level and have taller compositive change a standard. Development of mould CAD/CAM technology is very rapid, applied limits expands increasingly. There is more successful CAD/CAM system in the respect such as die, forging die, extrusion die, injection mould and Die Casting model. Use at the mould the CimatronECimatron group of 5 axes milling devotes oneself to to be industry pattern manufacturer and component manufacturer to offer CAD/CAM compositive solution, provide fast and effective sale and technical support service for the client. Hereinafter, we understand CimatronE software to process medium application in machine tool mould together. Milling of 5 axes linkage. CimatronE is the software that capacity of staff of the process designing that it is NC makes personally, be ideal model core and model antrum milling machines strategy, can undertake much axis bore is mixed quickly groove. With 3 axes process designing, cimatronE software interface is simple, parameter setting is intuitionistic and convenient, operation of personnel of facilitating process designing is used. Strategy of CimatronE5 axis milling allows an user to hold card, process a product from different position, ensure thereby treatment accuracy, undertake machining with shorter cutting tool. From go up at all say, this is meant can raise product surface to machine quality, shorten the machine tool sets time, reduce electrode to use. This system but all-around undertake fixed position of any 3 axes milling are machined, facilitating user uses shorter cutting tool to obtain good treatment position. Decrease to take a knife for nothing, ensure semifinished product operates the rest of the excision that finish (the area that is less than without treatment) , found the cutter track that does not have collision, real time much azimuth identifies semifinished product. If need, still but all-around change and any duplicate having cutter track. In the meantime, classify and optimize treatment, shorten as far as possible the time that change a knife and handling time, simplify much model antrum model milling. Bore pattern plate has the opening of hundreds different way, support milling of chamfer of wide Kong Kai, whorl and gun to get. Shorten through establishing bore craft warehouse process designing time, make machine standardization. Can produce the biggest effect of 5 axes machine tool so, only one stage setting is achievable, shorten integral handling time ensures the accuracy of treatment, and process designing is very simple also. When 5 axes milling either when optimal machines means, can use the linkage milling that can use snickersnee. CimatronE offers the treatment strategy with linkage all and indispensible milling, include the strategy that develops for industry pattern maker only. When using this method, treatment deep antrum and model the cone-shaped snickersnee that the spare parts with bulgy core uses small diameter. Lever of lengthen of cutting tool, cutting tool and knife handle can be mixed according to the spare parts much to semifinished product automatic and directional. Still but direct milling is narrow groove and radius of lesser circle horn, reduce electrode treatment. Use 5 axes streamline to machine the cutting tool movement with politic successive process designing, use buckle treatment strategy, process the product of very complex form successfully, be like balata mould and bending channel runner. Function of milling of 5 axes linkage still includes: Tilt pattern plate of sculpture, vacuum falls treatment of 5 axes whole reason, automatically bevel angle and go by the side of wool. This method can produce the biggest effect of 5 axes machine tool, reduce electrode treatment, can give high quality curved surface with shorter handling time treatment, cutter shaft tilts treatment strategy process designing is very simple. Use VISI Machining to have an edition to cutting tool contrail. And the strategy of numerical control process designing with new CimatronE11 can process a more high grade product. Rate of automation of numerical control process designing is higher, include new strategy of finish machining and rough machining, and the material purify of new freeboard efficiency machines strategy; Improved automatic bore function, when can avoiding bore, be cut too and collision happens when the knife repeatedly, make more flexible bore technology thereby; Can handle the bore of a variety of types, use a complete control to accuse all guns to get a course; Can realize fast and efficient NC process designing; New NC function ensures the efficient sex of process designing, pattern plate is improved make automation rate higher, NC assembles the control that strengthened to enter a spare parts to guiding; New material purify is emulated can provide accurate result; Have outstanding fast electrode design and treatment property; Visible electrode controls a tree, can undertake centralized indication to each parts in electrode project / lock control; The color that has different area automatically according to the appearance of electrode and function is custom-built, build gather respectively; The automation of electrode is machined, ensure inside the shortest time the design founds electrode. VISI builds modular method to undertake component analysis and fuel of cutting tool design rise in price to had forced aircraft manufacturer first in the design consideration reduces weight. And, reduce the weight of plane seat, it is the efficient way that quantity of aviation specific fuel consumption and CO2 discharge capacity reduce inside a service life in the plane. British DeltaCAD and manufacturer of bag of cent of a mould provide the CAD model that is used at aviation industry aluminium to make a pattern jointly. The Dean Challis of DeltaCAD company is a design engineer that has CAD/CAM and experience of cutting tool design, he provides 2 safeguard blueprint, three-dimensional build model and CAM process designing inside design and make a service. To this project, the primitive CAD model that the client provides is regarded as Unigraphics NX file, the VISI that uses Vero software company to offer builds modular method to undertake component analysis and cutting tool are designed. Development of Vero software company is used at design and production CAD/CAM/CAE software, note model to build model and mould to shape especially. Challis explanation says, "VISI can accommodate capacity of data of blame this locality well. When designing a model at first, production asks to always not be person place to know. To can make a part, with data mix interactively relevant changing is crucial. To these special component, be based on the authority that designs a group at first, can undertake improvement to the mould, eliminate a root to cut thereby, make sharp edge has radius blend. The finished product mould of scale. He continues to say: "Mixing below the circumstance normally is a very complex task, demand model is in the surface ' explosion ' , and the hand is moved use CAD to undertake modification. VISI has very strong switch capacity between solid and exterior environment, this lets us can be made change complexly, and using other CAD system is impracticable. " limited company of Casting Support Systems, it is one is cast for fusible pattern nicety, plastic the company that builds model and manufacturer of turbine burning gas to offer large mould. It and Versa-tote of its sister company are designed together and produce the change trains box that can reclaim, the storehouse that offers whole Europe and deserve to send a center. Contrail of all cutting tool uses VISI to machine software to undertake process designing, use machining center of vertical of XYZ 1060 high speed to undertake milling to aluminous mould, this machining center uses software of Xi Menzi 840DShopMill Control, the hard metal that uses the weak qualitative data such as cutting aluminium establishs milling cutter. The geometrical appearance of cutting tool, make it can be led with tall feed (be traditional steeliness cutting tool normally double) to be equivalent to a diameter 1.

Of 5 times insert groove to undertake cutting. The mould life of cutting tool is made an appointment with 3, 000h. Can be in weak point be produced inside 9 days and assemble whole much range pattern, partial reason depends on using optimized cutting tool contrail, run multinomial operation inside same time. The explanation says the Samukaokesi of responsible cutting tool of company of Casting Support System: "Mixed pattern includes normally a certain number of inside insert, the actual run time that its set time and CAM unworthily. To overcome this obstacle, we set a certain number of independent operation around onefold data, can undertake machining below the case that nightly and unmanned value defends. Although the machine tool can move below first-rate production efficiency, but to protect cutting tool life we are returned is not dare all night moves. We use VISI to cast the cutting time of contrail of actual cutting tool well and truly, weave corresponding program. The program that all night runs is 14h normally. " although weight of carbon fiber material is light, but have higher tensile strength and inferior heat expansile, so the times reception that gets aerospace, civil engineering, military affairs and stylist of industry of sporting goods equipment. The carbon fiber data that place of company of Casting Support Systems uses is a kind of 22 twill weaving cotton cloth that uses epoxy resin macerate, making an appointment with when cutting tool thereby warm up inside 1h to 120-140 ℃ (depend on colophony) when, make colophony solidify. Next, cool as soon as possible mould, take away on its half part, show carbon fiber model. After assembling the whole pattern of many insert, give a mould manufacturer, use at production. Final carbon fiber package (measure dimension to be 700mm680 Mm460 Mm, weight has 5 only.

25 pounds) have " one-time fine is tasted rate " , and did not see almost " break up a line. And did not see almost " break up a line.. CNC Milling CNC Machining