Technology of new cutting tool processes medium application in landing gear

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Compare traditional production industry, of aerospace industry be had by treatment material higher intensity, high temperature alloy, heat-resisting alloy, titanium alloy notting have is not difficult treatment material. In the meantime, the high price of spare parts itself and amount are little also decided: The first requirement that machines plan is to assure to stabilize, assure quality, do not allow occurrence treatment to discard as useless. The main material of landing gear is alloy of high strenth steel, aluminium alloy, titanium, make technical progress as the plane, lighter, intensity taller, volume is larger had formed a trend. Such, the difficulty that its machine also rises ceaselessly, literally says, it is worn in the challenge all the time machine tool, cutting tool and process designing technology. Arrive from traditional machine tool numerical control machine tool, much axis machining center and present Che Xi center, as the progress of machine tool technology and hardware data, treatment craft also produces change in progressively ground; Also rise ceaselessly to the requirement of cutting tool, example of model of wh some of which has: Graph 1 graph 2 traditions are gotten - enlarge - bore with a reamer, bore hole to the thick, essence nowadays; Traditional long broach both ends drills deep hole, to the deep aperture nowadays gun getting is finished; Become template getting traditionally to process form of ministry of deep hole bottom, take form of the aperture inside knife car for many times to boring cutter of deep nowadays aperture; Traditional corn milling cutter is given by Gao Jin stage by stage, small cut deep cutting tool to replace; Outline of traditional mill of essence of hard alloy milling cutter, arrive to be able to change treatment of milling cutter of type essence of life nowadays; ... the processing technique nowadays makes us dazzling, the difficulty that the rapid development of cutting tool also makes conventional technology medium is solved easily, below the application that the article will elaborate new-style cutting tool to machine in landing gear with a few case: Case one: Machine some spare parts (if graph 3) pursues 3 material: Ti5553; Machine working procedure: Mill side establishs a range, width 123mm; Requirement: Ra1.

6, visual the examination does not have wiring. After analysing data, know, ti5553 is material of alloy of titanium of photograph of a kind of approximate B, the hardness after its heat treatment exceeds HRC50, treatment sclerosis phenomenon is very serious, belong to difficult treatment material. Original groovy plan is after using rough machining of corn milling cutter, stay 0.

3mm surplus, reoccupy milling cutter of hard alloy of 8 blade D32, blade grows 220mm of 130mm overall length, material K10, helix angle 15 ° , final precision work, machine a result very not ideal, tooth collapse blade is very fierce, convert after 4 blade cutting tool, collapse blade situation takes a favourable turn somewhat, but after machining two faces, exterior surface roughness already short of asked, need changes a knife, the cutting tool life after be being ground again is poorer, basically can machine a face only, manufacturing cost is very high. Final course is compared with all possible means, pitch on the finish machining of new development grows Shanteweikekeleman blade milling cutter (graph 1) , undertook trying in great quantities cutting, gained a success finally. We know, general milling cutter because the fixed position error between bit, the appearance that creates treatment does not have method to achieve the surface roughness of integral cutting tool from beginning to end, and ground of expect of person of overbrim of coke of gram of hill spy dimension narrows the fixed position precision between bit 0.

005mm is the following, as a result of bit between extremely tall fixed position precision, make its machine the surface OK compare whole / solder the surface of cutting tool machines quality, in actual cutting, the exterior quality that we get is Ra1 about.

0 the left and right sides, a little the treatment effect under hard alloy, satisfy a requirement completely, such our cost were saved 68% , efficiency rose 20% the left and right sides, more important is to because cutting tool quality does not stabilize the risk that creates a spare parts to discard as useless,avoid. This kind of cutting tool solved the cutting of integral cutting tool that perplexes us all along not stable, cost is high, write question of the demote below function of the cutting after grinding, the ideal of cutting tool of alloy of a kind of whole replaces can yet be regarded as cutting tool, should big thrust is wide. Case 2: Machine some spare parts (if graph 4) pursues 4 material: 300M; Machine working procedure: The aperture inside treatment, orifice diameter D86.

61, hole depth 545, r19 of circular arc of hole bottom ministry.

05, 10 ° rake; Requirement: Ra1.

6, visual the examination is wireless, the examination that irrigate a model does not have apparent wiring. Through the analysis, because 300M intensity is high, cutting muscularity, phenomenon letting a knife is serious, and it is difficult that deep aperture machines a bits, bottom circular arc handles the demand that receive a knife tall. The craft plan that original abroad adopts at first is: CNC Milling -- D76 of aperture of treatment step fixed position.

5, D62; Deep aperture drilling machine -- deep Kong Zuan is machined and reamer reaming comes (graph 5) dimension; Graph lathe of 5 numerical control -- with D78 of the Kong Zhi inside treatment of deep aperture boring cutter.

4; Numerical control lathe -- machine bottom outlet into template getting (graph 6) ; Graph lathe of 6 numerical control -- car appearance is finished. This kind of technique puts in many problems: The spare parts is transferred in different machine tool, cause a lot of blame handling time and time of the preparation that hold clip. This is very big waste, get the price to hold high into template, and treatment precision bottom, besides makes the same score bottom getting to cut, axial power is very great, cause machine tool overload constantly " frowsty car " , additionally circular arc receives knife place to repair grind difficulty, quality is not stable, once appear wiring, wait for methodological processing through burnish hard, it is problem of a long-standing. After the course studies, make following improvement: The HTS that uses Kennajin to belong to a company to produce is gotten (graph 2) replaces deep Kong Zuan, cancel deep aperture drilling machine and the working procedure of milling machine treatment in front, use treatment of machine tool of a numerical control to finish only; Use the opening inside treatment of standard boring head, the surplus with redundant purify; Use head of boring of blame bid deep opening, immediate treatment gives bottom appearance. Such, although efficiency of cutting of head of blame mark boring is low, but saved a few working procedure, make whole handling time shortens greatly, the high accuracy of boring cutter also avoided to receive the generation of knife line, its let a knife be eliminated with program compensation, assured stable character. Connect general reason condition, aviation industry because the close sex of its itself hierarchy of control, the file examines and approve formalities loaded down with trivial details, cause a lot of new technologies, new idea to carry out slower, some machines craft ten years changeless all the time, but from above we see two case, efficient the raising that produces efficiency with the cutting tool opposite of high accuracy is to very great potential can be dug, especially integral cutting tool has very big can replace a space, gradually by but dislocation cutting tool is replaced. So, want the takes improvement course of our unremitting only, bold tentative plan, seek testimony carefully, progressively ground is carried out, can make after all a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. CNC Milling CNC Machining