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Summary: The introduction is opposite quickly in the implementation on lathe of economy numerical control the working principle of the knife, right knife method and the problem that noting to answering in knife process. Use this to plant pair of advanced knife technologies, rapid to the knife simple, precision is tall, have higher economic value. As the wide application of lathe of economy numerical control, a lot of enterprises use system of numerical control of machine tool personal computer to transform common lathe, rose greatly to machine efficiency thereby, assured to machine quality, reduced labor intensity of the worker. But lathe of a lot of economy numerical control machines a spare parts to need to deserve to be finished with dynamoelectric dislocation tool carrier, the opposite place that this knows to on tool carrier several cutting tool reach its and lathe origin relative to the position with respect to need. Accordingly, pair of knife problems of on dislocation tool carrier many cutting tool, became a difficult problem. Often a more experienced numerical control lathe operator needs 1 ~ 2h to 4 cutting tool, more even time, and low to knife precision, factitious error is big, the ability after wanting a car to abandon a few parts sometimes is right good knife. Although use pair of knives to show badge lens, to knife or inconvenience, precision also rises hard, add costly to knife microscope price, accordingly, get applied extensively on lathe of economy numerical control hard to knife microscope. To solve this one problem, one kind introduces to come true to be opposite quickly on lathe of economy numerical control below pair of knives of the knife implement, use this to plant pair of advanced knives implement, can be opposite on lathe of economy numerical control the positional measure that gives 4 cutting tool, rapid to the knife concise, need a few minutes only to 4 knives commonly, and accurate to the knife, use very convenient, it is one kind reduces numerical control lathe to assist working hours, the person that eliminate pair of knives is vexed to the knife, raise lathe of economy numerical control to machine the efficient way of efficiency, have higher economic value. Principle of 1 pair of knives 1.

Head of gules beat a drum 2.

Black outlet 3.

Coordinate origin 4.

Core axis 5.

Chuck 6.

Insulating envelope 7.

To cutter ring graph the structure of club of 1 pair of knives pursues graph of principle of 2 pairs of knives pursues 3 cutting tool are right cutter track diameter pursues the 1 structural plan that is pair of knife clubs, it is to serve as pair of knives to knife club dimension datum and when receiving pair of knife signal for the computer, use, it is by core axis 4, insulating envelope 6 and to cutter ring 7 composition, pass plug 1, 2 reach join lead and join to knife outlet, insert pair of knife interface in the system to knife outlet. On face of circumgyrate of A, B. Can be opposite tool cutting edge angle 90 ° of 27 ° ~ inside limits of all kinds outside round cutting tool; On face of circumgyrate of C, D, can be opposite tool cutting edge angle 90 ° of 27 ° ~ the of all kinds Kong Dao inside limits. It is means of collection of successive and automatic feed to the working principle of the knife. Move direction to bolt the dot moves point of a knife with the hand to Dao Shixian, to good to the knife appearance around (did not contact) , next, some direction is pressed to bolt below editor condition, point of a knife can be stood by to knife datum plane from tendercy. Every make a move, the computer inquires P1.

7, till point of a knife comes up against pair of knife datum plane when, collection circuit receives signal of a low n to give the computer (graph 2) , the computer controls cutting tool to back down instantly locate to one solid in, this position is the origin of the first cutting tool namely, change a knife again, because of point of a knife in be different from the first cutting tool commonly, to knife hind, point of a knife returns jumping-off place, this chronometer considers machine automatic computation gives this cutting tool and the first position difference between cutting tool, namely photograph of this cutting tool is worth to filling at the knife of the first knife, in differring this the value to send toward bootstrap %0, so that be used when treatment. The computation of knife filling value is return to knife hind with the first knife in as main set point, other cutting tool all is with the point of a knife of the first cutting tool fiducial, to each cutting tool and the first opposite error between the knife getting after the knife. When machine program of executive spare parts, if encounter the command that change a knife, after changing a knife, the system can take out the deviation of corresponding cutting tool automatically to undertake compensating. When such work out machine program, undertake process designing with a jumping-off place, and do not need to consider a few knives to have different initiative place, simplified thereby process designing works, make up greatly short to knife time. Because used electric signal in detect law, make to knife error control is in one pace, raised pair of knife precision thereby. Join of operation method line will be opposite 2 pairs of knives knife implement pair of knife socket that are inserted on the face plate after the system to arbor head, insert the two build of plug other one aspect of the matter pair of knife clubs next, if the graph is shown 1 times, head of gules beat a drum inserts pair of knives implement inside outer lane aperture, black outlet inserts core axis aperture inside, do not insert a fault. The outfit clip that holds in both hands to the knife is held in both hands to the knife can use 3 ungual chuck to hold clip, if the graph is shown 1 times, when holding clip, should make sure chuck blocks claw and marvellous to the knife cleanness, axis of core of clamp blocking claw cannot too close, also cannot too loose. Measure cutter ring to beat with dial gauge, all most reduce its jumpy quantity, the end panel before assuring to block claw and shoulder of core axis axis are contacted completely. To the knife operation measure uses place cutting tool clamp to be on dynamoelectric circumgyrate tool carrier, turn a knife to the job in. Whether has been the examination received to knife line. In the editor state other people enters bootstrap % . With work machine program. Do not need to input a knife to fill in bootstrap, but should input a knife to slant, be opposite automatically after the knife, each groups of knives fill ordinal platoon is in bootstrap. Condition shift point of a knife is moved to come in the hand marvellous to the knife datum plane (outer lane knife is with A fiducial inside Kong Dao is with C fiducial) around, change editor position. Press " restoration " , " * " and " to the knife " , key. To be being pressed again when foreign knife " ↑ " key; Internally when Kong Dao, press " ↓ ' key. At this moment point of a knife can lean automatically to datum plane. Athletic path is shown 3 times like the graph, after the computer is judging direction of X, Z to complete pair of knife actions, control point of a knife to return instantly with G00 speed appoint initial drop. Editor condition is pressed " change a knife " key, 2 knives turn to working place, position is used in the hand, mobile point of a knife comes pair of knife datum plane around, change editor position, press " to the knife " key, press again " ↓ " or " ↑ " be good at, 2 knives end automatically to the knife. Be opposite with same method 4 3 knives, knives. To be over after 4 knives, press " restoration " , a knife can turn automatically to working place, end to the knife. When should noticing the problem installs cutting tool when 3 pairs of knives, be like available knife, criterion this knife before or later that needs the knife to be opposite twice continuously, because be to knife software,go to what weave greatly as a child according to knife date. But knife of high above in the sky the platoon does not need to be opposite again when finally. To reduce time of pair of knife idle stroke, the system is set in be apart from coordinate origin to be measured for X=100(diameter) , the point of a knife of Z=200 is bit more initiative, treatment is like improper word, can thinking this a little bit is to transfer initial drop. Of knife filling value be being lost and procrastinate board mobile direction is consistent, for example: 2Filling value is the knife of date knife U2=12.

34, w2=-2.

61. After it represents 2 knives displacement, edge X square to shift 12.

34mm(diameter measures) , along Z negative direction moves 2.

61mm. In machining a process, if cutting tool has wear away, can revise knife filling value to amend. Distinguish by color to head of the lever on knife club, must not insert a fault, to Dao Xin the axis installs clip and clip of cutting tool outfit to should maintain good contact with the machine tool, make sure electric conduction is good, do not answer to cutter ring with the machine tool body contacts any place electric conduction, touch to the point of a knife when the knife and it only. If treatment process is medium, some knife damages, after changing, need to be opposite again knife. Should be opposite first fiducial knife, after acquiring initial drop position, be opposite by order again knife until change cutting tool newly to end to the knife; If fiducial knife damages, because of fiducial and missing, should be opposite afresh all cutting tool. End to the knife, best check looks up guided program %0, fill to master somewhat to each groups of knives, in order to because be not the error that normal element causes,be put an end to. CNC Milling CNC Machining