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Woodiness glasses casing is sending out individual character, but want to open the market so not simple also, main demand: The design is top-ranking, character has assure; Top class product must exceed the optician that other produces in the Asia mostly; Product weight is light, without screw, the surface is perfected with the function distinctly. 2008, the brand of woodiness glasses casing that Roland Wolf and his companionate Marija Iljazovic and its brother Martin Iljazovic found themselves -- " Rolf Spectacles " . 2009, they are full of tremendous enthusiasm to head for Paris. Exhibit their new product in international glasses exhibit to the public in SILMO. In innovation design competition, they are without doubtful point ground to obtain SILMOd ' Or large award, this award the Oscar award that is equivalent to glasses industry. 2010, they obtained red dot to design award again, the excellent design large award that this is a respect making a person. Their product becomes famous overnight, emerge like them like income resembling tidewater. Graph the high accuracy of system of 1 Hai Dehan numerical control suits quality to ask expensive wooden product just began very much, use distinctive timber picture frame of treatment of special machine tool is pretty good, but the grow in quantity as treatment amount, the hand moves an operation to spend too much time. Then they select the numerical control system with a powerful function very quickly, use at high accuracy ground to machine distinctive timber. The employee of Rolf Spectacle understands without the person 5 axes are machined, should not say numerical control process designing more. Martin Iljazovic undertook deep study. The pattern of process designing of simple and easy language that Hai Dehan faces a workshop is not difficult. It is very easy to browse whole process, he still evaluated structured function highly, make he can locate quickly in large order. Of course, with the machine tool that be here or a little different place, the timber that is machined after all is very flimsy. Martin Iljazovic believes firmly their decision is completely right: "We must very accurate, especially high quality hinge position. The machine tool is measured in treatment and treatment career respect has rise, the complex operation that many clamping apparatus need previously needs to hold card only now. " graph 2iTNC 530: Manufacturing efficiency and precision are very each tall wooden casing is exclusive, even if the manufacturing step that machines take time automatically also cannot alter this fact. But can raise yield, satisfy high quality requirement at the same time. Of Rolf Spectacles efficient begin from the machine program process designing of a variety of model picture frame. Once decided the design of a pair of glasses, undertake machining preparative with CAD/CAM system. One of purposes that Nextpage machines automatically are to avoid mistake completely. Before beginning to machine, ITNC 530 measures head and place of work of corresponding loop examination to be mixed whether correctly with Haidehan semifinished product way is right, semifinished product is to be put in clamping apparatus suction type artificially normally. The creativity of the youth that this idea mirrors: Soft timber is secured with low-pressure air in clamping apparatus. The position that such timber are secured is exact, this is the premise of accurate treatment. The picture frame model that measures a function to check a treatment with automatic cutting tool also is a very good idea: Need a program to be able to machine the glasses of about 30 kinds of different type only. Hai Dehan measures a head to need to measure the interval of specific aperture in using clamping apparatus only, numerical control system can choose proper machine program automatically. A lot of treatment measure set bit of table beforehand with what manage origin, q parameter process designing and inside the arithmetical computation function of buy is solved easily. Picture frame begins to machine from semifinished product with means of 5 axes milling. Because use the knife with very short length to machine detail place, the machine tool may produce dangerous collision inside treatment area. Accordingly, rolf Spectacles must detect with the dynamic collision with comprehensive ITNC (DCM choosing is installed) undertake locating partly athletic. Graph 3 simple and easy programming language are convenient another challenge that user control CNC Machining machines flimsy timber with the machine tool is: What use cutting tool radius must very small, the cutting data of cutting tool of this kind of special rule is found not easily. Mix for this produce process dependability to rise, must monitor situation of cutting tool damaged continuously. Another difficulty is fine wood chip, serious effect machine tool works. Rolf Spectacles transformed all their machine tools, the DMU 40 of Deckel Maho matched to remove dust cover, solved this problem ably. The decision that chooses 5 axes machine tool is a of these poineering entrepreneur major decision, in those days, buying a costly machine tool is brushstroke very large investment. But they think this is right decision each. The technology that buys especially: The operation mode of form of ITNC 530 dialogue goes to the lavatory to adjust and improve the treatment stuff that has experience data hardly. The high accuracy of system of Hai Dehan numerical control fits the wooden product with quality high demand very much. Graph this company grows the capable tool that the Haidehan of systems of 4 Hai Dehan numerical control measures a head is automation production now very good, yield rises considerably and reject drops considerably. New efficient facility also needs additional new knowledge. But inadequate still: Must innovate ceaselessly, they already began to use a new machine tool for prospective development, potential of new machine tool is greater, numerical control system still is ITNC 530. Anyway, wolf and Iljazovic believe to buy the DMU 40 that distributes system of ITNC 530 numerical control to already achieved a goal, include character and manufacturing efficiency field, rolf Spectacles did not sacrifice any quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining