Titanium alloy treatment is chosen with the science of cooling fluid

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Use independent laboratory to have a test to different cooling fluid, can process the just data that provides a need with cooling fluid to choose titanium alloy correctly. Below current and difficult economy environment, raise life of cutting cutting tool to be able to offer a kind of significant competition advantage. In machining a process, choose appropriate cooling fluid to be able to improve cutting tool life 15% - 30% . But, how can final user just know which kind of cooling fluid are right choice? In manufacturing industry of aerospace spare parts, choose cooling fluid correctly especially important, because this industry competition is very intense. Not affirmatory economy environment increased hardware manufacturer to control the pressure of cost. They should optimize machine program, the cutting tool technology with new test, upgrade to machining a machine tool replacement. As a result of titanium alloy intensity tall, weight is mixed gently anti-corrosive, accordingly a lot of aircraft spare partses use titanium alloy to make. However, the hot conductibility of titanium alloy can be poor, the temperature that arises in cutting process can be as high as 1100 ℃ , can bring about cutting tool rapid passivation, and the cutting blade that uses passivation undertakes machining may producing more quantity of heat, shorten further thereby cutting tool life. Lubricate adequately crucial to the effective treatment of titanium alloy, because lubricant inadequacy is the common cause of invalidation of cutting cutting tool. Is effectiveness evaluated how can you just evaluate cooling fluid to prolonging cutting tool life and the effectiveness that optimize treatment loop? Company of Ma Sida chemistry (Master Chemical Corp.

, the Si Bao in American Ohio admire) strategical Milton Hoff of technical development vice president says, a kind of method is to measure bear of main shaft electric machinery, "In cutting process, change through measuring electric current. Can monitor bear of main shaft electric machinery effectively. Controller of most machine tool can monitor the bear of the biggest electric current in loop of cutting of a standard. If the machine tool does not have this to monitor a function, still can install an independent ammeter, will measure the voltaic change in situation of labor of a treatment. " no matter use which kind of methods, need to measure starting electric current and the biggest electric current. When machining titanium alloy, need careful consideration, use liquid of cutting of which kinds of metal certainly. Foam of synthetic cutting vacuole is little, have good filterability, cleanness is spent and come loose hot sex, and solubility cutting oil has better lubricity. While fluid is offerring half synthetic cutting to lubricate effectively to be spent with cleanness, still conduce to the life that prolongs sump, make the best of both worlds of it may be said. Finally, still a variety of elements must consider, of fluid of the management that includes juice of machine tool and the demand that handle a worker, water quality, cutting, cutting carry and pressure. To undertake the most effective analysis, need is used undertake with material of the workpiece that be mixed by the cutting tool with evaluation treatment same process cutting experiments. Hoff says, "When processing a work, make divide all other parameter beyond cooling fluid to keep constant, can measure a load of susceptive of place of machine tool main shaft through voltaic change, the lubricant performance that determines which kinds of cooling fluid is better. " these tests are done in enterprise interior its result is suspectable, the condition such as the maintenance of the applicability because of the machine tool, different handlers and cooling fluid can produce change, thereby may ill-natured test result. Use outside lab to undertake assessment to cutting fluid, can offer effective and decision-making place to need, just scientific data. For example, company of Ma Sida chemistry has cooperated with the machining lab of the college of Ou Wensi community that also is located in Peilisibao, have a test to cutting fluid and treatment process. Manufacturer of spare parts of aviation of an one class is in problem solution its subordinate machined many Ti6Al4V spare parts in each factory, the application that notices alloy of this kind of titanium is in rapid growth. Because every factory is in,treatment uses different metallic cutting liquid when titanium alloy, accordingly this manufacturer to choosing fluid of a kind of cutting in order to prolong cutting tool life, reduce cutting tool cost to be very interested then. To reduce finished cost further, manufacturer hopes to choose the most efficient titanium alloy to machine craft. When machining titanium alloy, cutting tool cost is extremely high, accordingly, below the premise that assures workpiece quality, make cutting tool life the greatest change crucial. Because this manufacturer did not master relevant data (the optimal choice that these data can show to using liquid of which kinds of cutting is standardization treatment) , and the choice with undertake a kind plant site test also is not good, because this this aviation manufacturer decides as chemical as Masida company cooperates, the cooling fluid that the test facilities that uses college of Ou Wensi community uses to its factory undertakes assessment. The cutting lab that uses this institute can provide just test result for this manufacturer, and do not need to take up oneself resource. The lab measures cutting parameter through be in the experiment, will decide which kinds of cooling fluid can be offerred lubricate adequately. The machine tool of cutting titanium alloy is to the requirement of cooling fluid: Pulverization rate is low, reduce a worker to ambulate on workbench of bed of large scale computer sweep the possibility that when cutting bits, slips, and avoid remain stick wet cooling fluid to bring about titanium alloy to cut bits conglutinate to be on the machine tool. After cutting experiment is finished, the lab still can have a few tests, in order to compare a few main blame cutting functions of cutting fluid, include life of biology stability, gasoline tank, and a few function that involve health and security. The M42 cobaltic high-speed steel that experiment object is company of Weldon cutting tool certainly establishs milling cutter (4 chamfer, diameter 19.

05mm, not coating, corner radius 3.

175mm) . This cutting tool cuts rough machining to establish milling cutter for the top, the cutting parameter on complete diameter is: Axial is cut deep 8.

90mm, cutting speed 60sfm, every tine cuts bits negative charge 0.

1143mm, feed leads 100mm/min. Use suitable mill means. Experiment regulation, the Ti6Al4V blank that offers to manufacturer of aviation spare parts with fluid of every kinds of cutting (1500mm of × of 200mm of dimension 180mm × ) undertake cutting twice, undertake cutting to Ti6Al4V plank, namely fluid of every kinds of cutting undertakes cutting experiments 3 rounds in all. The experiment is on the machining center of Haas VF4 vertical of lab of cutting of Ou Wensi institute undertake, this machine tool contains CAT40 awl power, control cooling fluid flow by the computer. The experiment evaluated fluid of 5 kinds of cutting in all, the TRIM MicroSol 585 that includes company of Ma Sida chemistry and other the cutting fluid of 4 kinds of competitors. Fluid of every kinds of cutting uses ionic water to undertake dilute, add becomes the chroma of 6% . Cutting tool life is the critical factor of the experiment. After the experiment is over, all cutting bits and material by remand manufacturer of this aviation spare parts. Measure undertake according to afore-mentioned parameter with the result cutting experiments, life of cutting tool hope is 3 hours. With OGP optics comparator undertakes to cutting tool microcosmic detect, measure the tumour that accumulate bits and film metallograph. To avoid to machine sclerotic influence, on test specimen when cutting tool every are finished after taking a knife (cutting time is 30 minutes about) , undertake metrical. At the same time load of electric current of main shaft of record machine tool measures the reading of the watch to be worth. According to original plan, face of the knife after needing those who measure cutting tool wears away. However, because cutting tool appearance is gyroidal with sector, straight without blade can let a lab use as measure actual hind reference point of knife face tatty, accordingly, tumour of choice accumulating bits serves as replace quota. The material of manufacturer of this aviation spare parts and craft engineer surveyed trial test in cutting lab hind, think test program is satisfactory. Use the value of load of the biggest electric current of record of machine tool controller, undertake comparative to fluid of 5 kinds of cutting. To every kinds of cooling fluid, in machining a process, the voltaic load of electric machinery is to increase gradually. Voltaic change slope is smaller, state cutting tool life is longer (cutting fluid A and B slope are the smallest) . The record is in all electric machinery in taking a knife each are the biggest voltaic average, in recording effective treatment process at the same time of the biggest electric current go up, next limiting value. The average of the biggest electric current and go up, the distributinging interval of next limiting value is smaller, make clear (or adumbrative) cutting tool life is longer (cutting fluid A and B performance are better) . After taking knife time through be in those who completed set, the biggest to what discover on the any cutting blade in 4 cutting blade tumour that accumulate bits undertakes metrical, also can cast cutting tool life. Because have the cutting tool passivation of the bigger tumour that accumulate bits,this is more serious, its life is accordingly briefer also. Cutting fluid A and the cutting tool with corresponding B are overall and average lowest of height of the tumour that accumulate bits, and accumulate bits tumour height go up, the distributinging interval of next limiting value is the smallest, show life of its cutting tool is the longest. In the experiment, undertake metrical to accumulating bits tumour after be machined every time, with OGP optics comparator filmed in all 139 pieces of photographs. To fluid of cutting of avery kind of, the cutting blade that has the biggest tumor that accumulate bits in 4 cutting blade appears also is the last cutting the 26th after taking a knife. A few main blame cutting functions to fluid of 5 kinds of cutting (include stability of rudimental sex, biology and corrosion resistance) had a test. In every index, expression gives 5 minutes best, the 2nd give 4 minutes well, with this analogize. Grading system does not increase advantageous position (think all test project has same value namely) . In rudimental sex test, cutting fluid A and E gained tall cent, and cutting fluid B and D are mixed on equipment of machine tool, test circumjacent area has a large number of remain. OK still and affirmatory, fluid of these two kinds of cutting remains on machine tool workbench possibility of wet slippery liquid is larger. Cutting fluid remain still can bring about cutting fluid dosage grow in quantity. In bubble abreaction time tests in, cutting fluid B and C show exceedingly good bubble character. Right in the cutting fluid of add tap water of black metal in corroding an experiment, cutting fluid A, D and E gain tall cent, and cutting fluid C arose to be corroded badly to black metal. In biology stability test, cutting fluid C and D get be evaluatinged very high, and because cutting fluid B may appear to acid beats an issue and notch very low. In fungus stability test, optimal to the evaluation of cutting fluid C and E, and cutting fluid B shows fungus stability poorer. Check a result according to the lab, rank of total cent of cutting fluid A and C is highest. Press all blame cutting and cutting function overall assessment, cutting fluid A (MicroSol 585) it is optimal choice. After the experiment is finished, provide test data manufacturer of this aviation spare parts to examine. Hoff says, "Through evaluating test data, can help a choice can make cutting tool life the greatest in machining a process the cooling fluid that change. Of course, this is a kind of controlled trial, it is without the consideration in effective treatment likelihood or a few variable that will arise. But the lubricating fluid that it can choose to machine a process to be able to be accepted for you points out right way. " Chuck Gee of manager of department of treatment of aviation of company of Ma Sida chemistry passes this check study, illuminate the advantage of exterior experiment. He says, "I showed this case to a production engineer, he is evaluating our product for the company of the place. The decision-making concept that is based on scientific data completely has great appeal, at present he is evaluating calendar for him company arrangement. " although undertake to metallic cutting fluid exterior experiment is inside the industry,still do not gain ground, but demand is increasing ceaselessly. Chemical company offers Ma Sida every months to serve about. Gee expresses, "You can come according to data decision-making. Put data, graph and form to an engineer when you before, know when him this is an independence, in can dominate the research that has below ambient conditions, he can trust its result. " Hoff points out, "To the user, advantage depends on them can be based on scientific sex to undertake decision-making. Know which kinds of cooling fluid can make cutting tool life is lengthened 20% , mean OK and spare many handling time and cost. Understand which kinds of cooling fluid to avoid bubble problem effectively, lengthen gasoline tank life and provide biology stability, will improve the integral quality of workpiece. Will improve the integral quality of workpiece.. CNC Milling CNC Machining