The car makes medium long-range laser beam welding receive

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Laser is awaiting component treatment each minutes, solder systematic hour is in clip to hold the position, consequently abate increase crop and the latent capacity of business income. Raise laser beam welding to receive systematic economic benefits to the greastest extent to answer to be mixed to this kind of circumstance, the effective working hours of beam of light should be stood by as far as possible 100% . Can a kind of measure that the oldest rate adds working hours of beam of light is the technology that uses a kind to solder remotely. Although traditional laser beam welding accepts use manipulator or Cartesian system,operate beam of light or workpiece, but, solder remotely use relatively longer focusing fiber-optic (call here " long-range " ) with scanning lens, in order to control the focusing beam of light on workpiece. However, increase beam of light truly the measure of effective working hours is to be reduced considerably shut time. Because use lighter weight and the scanning Zhen Jing with dynamic height, because this can realize sudden shift solder, just mean laser to cost more time to solder component and fewer time are in await the position to solder in order to carry out next time. Result quantum of output is higher, workstation is fewer, and cost is reduced. Long-range scanning solders use at a lot of car application, include: Seat (tilt implement, frame, slideway, face plate) , white automobile body (boot, hind face plate, door / pensile component, sidewall, pillar) and in-house (dashboard bridge, hind bracket / hat rack) ; Refer to a graph 1. Graph 1 solder remotely car assembly and traditional laser beam welding receive photograph comparing, long-range scanning solders have following advantage: ● reduces periodic time (come true through reducing fixed position time) ; ● is aimed at solder appearance process designing (can measure a body custom-built solder appearance in order to optimize component intensity) ; ● machines large support (safety glass service life is longer) ; ● reduces clamping apparatus amount (come true through reducing workstation amount) . Long-range laser beam welding is received or " the flight solders " can combine a manipulator and scanner fiber-optic the fixed position of laser light beam focusing arrives on mobile workpiece. It needs time a few seconds to solder only component (for example door) , the result that laser beam welding receives is outstanding. Manipulator arm along workpiece above about half meters flowing method is guiding scanner fiber-optic. Delicate scanning Zhen Jing nods focusing inside extremely short time direct from welding line welding line. Through fiber-optic transmission solid state laser (for example the TruDisk disc laser of TRUMPF company) the treatment that is located in far stands, it is to offer solder the source motivation of energy. Scanning optics parts of an apparatus may group of lens of process designing focusing (PFO) parts of an apparatus is located in laser fiber-optic cable carries a department, laser central point exact location reachs in the center of on the component that will solder. The two scanning Zhen Jing of PFO interior guides beam of light to pass " compressed area " optical device, this area goes to focusing of beam of light common focusing is planar. PFO still deserves to have a dynamoelectric scene, can move up and down along Z axis direction focusing is planar. Locate focusing laser light beam another end needs 30 millisecond only afresh from the one aspect of the matter of whole job limits. Long-range flight solders the flight solders need has requirement of 3 basic premise: Above all, need laser of a solid to provide light source. Solid laser can pass the fiber-optic cabled yarn with agile height to carry laser bundle. Using much axis manipulator to solder especially when be located in the component inside three dimensional space, the requirement deserves to have this kind of cable. Next, the requirement has the laser of quality of outstanding beam of light and appropriate power. Quality of beam of light is a kind of expression of laser focusing ability, solder remotely the requirement is longer focusing length, can produce quality of high grade beam of light (namely 4 to 8 Mm-mrad) , order measure with appropriate focusing is being achieved on workpiece (namely about 0.

6 millimeter) . Car automobile body produces the medium laser power that solders remotely to use 4-6 kilowatt commonly. The 3rd fundamental premise condition is the position of exact location welding line. This asks to axial synchronism comes true between manipulator and scanning control equipment. This also allows basis of scanner control equipment to solder appearance undertakes process designing, for example " C " form, manipulator is soldering with metabolic speed part upper part is mobile, form true " C " form. A few control equipment are used " time " synchronous means. The problem is, if the speed of manipulator changes somewhat as a result of any reasons, solder appearance also will change -- because the axis does not have synchronism. When optimizing craft to carry out a flight to solder when use PFO, can realize those who hold the post of He Ke to choose appearance and dimension to solder mode. Essence of life solders definitely the floating rate that appearance does not rely on manipulator, it is applied to solder yuan of component -- this is those clumsiness and the job that imprecise manipulator cannot finish. The flange width that although linear solders,asks is lower than resistor spot welding much, but sometimes other appearance (for example C form or hammer form solder) can increasing intensity and reduce the balance that ideal provides between weight (graph 2) . No matter be form of short line, circle, C or S form,solder, the dimension of laser welding line, decorate and direction considers optimize solder the weight of package and intensity. Graph of 2 pairs of door plank solder remotely showed have line solder mark and of all sorts of dimension " C " form or hammer form solder. Besides can decorate through having the strategy to welding line appearance in order to optimize intensity and weight beyond, with bilateral photograph of operation resistor spot welding is compared, laser beam welding of odd side operation is received have another kind of advantage. Mix with open mode cross section shape plate photograph is compared, close style cross section (the pipeline that is used at frame for example and profile) stiffness is bigger, because this increased the strength of the car, reduce weight and cost at the same time. Crop is the biggest change compare with photograph of resistor spot welding, laser flight scanning solders can use effectively at increasingly the car of grow in quantity yuan the component solders. Use long-range scanning to solder, avoid to will nod welding torch to solder from positional shift solders to another the position, saved time of relatively longer new fixed position. The fast fixed position of the successive shift of scanning head and focus of scanning lens laser is having main effect to raising yield considerably. Not only such, generation has the laser of as same as resistor spot welding intensity to solder to need very few time only. Managing working hours, can increase solder the crop of package and the welding line amount that produce on its. Inside white workshop, to plate thickness 0.


The automobile body of 8 millimeter, normally every solder contact asks the time of about 2 seconds, but the laser welding line of similar result is OK in order to be less than 0.

Time of 4 seconds is generated. Accordingly, only weld time is reduced fivefold. The model that series produces wears Mu to force a company (Daimler AG) it is the manufacturer of the first car that uses long-range flight to solder in set production. For this, daimule was developed " RobScan " craft, be in its Germany factory all the time since 2007 (Bremen and Sindelfingen) and south Africa (East London) use at soldering the automobile body component of C class car. Current, already had almost investment of 70 RobScan system is used. RobScan system deserves to have laser of device of PFO 33 scanning and type of dish of riverside of more than 30 diode pump, output power limits comes for 3 kilowatt 4 kilowatt. Since January 2009, daimule uses the 2nd acting RobScan to work all the time. Because shorten,periodic time is used with what enhance device laser power, optimized manufacturing quality and cost efficiency further. Innovate through 4 kinds, achieved these advantages: The focal length position of 1) laser light beam can change along Z axis; 2) is reduced solder penetrable degree; 3) further progress is online solder quality control; And the imitate leaving a line of 4) system process designing. Because Nextpage has additional Z axis in PFO 3D, perhaps can tilt up and down from the different distance of scanning optics device accordingly undertake soldering, but need not change a robot to be in the method of Z axis direction (graph 3) . Show solder rate from drop a share entirely, reduced thereby solder the amount of splash down, accelerated solder speed and do not affect solder intensity. Three-dimensional graph of graph 3 PFO showed three-dimensional work range. Can use new CAD simulation tool to undertake leaving line process designing to the athletic path of manipulator. System testing is all the access of welding line, carry out the collision test that produces with clamp equipment, optimize robot and the harmonious sex with mobile scanner. Can reduce installation and switch time so, increase periodic time, and conduce to the equipment program in carrying out sophisticated device. Imitate leaving a line still can ensure had optimized robot method and traversal speed. The system of new generation RobScan that 20 had added to deserve to have PFO three-dimensional scanner in the production of E form product of Sindelfingen factory. In C class and treatment of E class automobile body, the flight of new-style RobScan craft soldered to had replaced the resistance welding dot of 15% . Be in Sindelfingen factory, the disk type laser that uses 7 6 kilowatt produces E class automobile body. Because use new scanning unit and advanced manipulator method and simulation tool, accordingly, the company can reduce E level set to produce the amount of the long-range system of need further. Improve efficiency flight of a laser solders the station can be replaced most the workstation of resistor spot welding of 5 traditions. In the meantime, need only or two clamp workstation is enough solder structural component part. Because the station can be received to machine different element in a laser beam welding, perhaps develop different technology (receive the laser groove besides besides laser beam welding for example) , so user can aborning uses free space. Compare with photograph of resistor spot welding, manufacturing time has been reduced 80% . If just compare processing rate, laser power is 4 kilowatt hour solder speed wants about fast sixfold; Want about in 6 kilowatt hour fast decuple. When taller laden cycle and power of highest laser output, can achieve fivefold taller productivity. These advantages are quantitative respect not just, and the advantage that still has component quality side, because long-range laser solders,reduced manufacturing noncombatant duty. On one hand, component susceptive hot input and mechanical stress compare common welder art fewer. The component is out of shape not quite, structural geometry appearance is insusceptible. On the other hand, the amount of fixed position and clamp program decreases, because this solders the dimension stability of component and whole automobile body is bigger. Long-range laser solders to be compared with photograph of resistor spot welding, although manufacturing tool and laser cost are relative taller, but integral cost still has an advantage relatively. Can solder on wiring of same and long-range solder different automobile body pattern, the cost with managing place and craft flexibility are relevant couplet. Long-term since, machine remotely apply not bureau make at metallic door, sidewall component of hind perhaps center. More and more car assembly vendors use this technology to machine other component, for example slideway of humper, rocker, wheelhouse or dashboard bracket. The design laser beam welding that laser beam welding receives receives the land that its use force develops in will continueing to be made in automobile body. Speed extent basically depends on the understanding that design personnel increases of the advantage to technology of this kind of laser ceaselessly. When intended design or the advantage that redesign component to receive technology in order to use laser beam welding, compare with photograph of resistor spot welding, can reach the biggest good point of cost and productivity respect. It is element of a few considerations below: ● eliminates flange width even through reducing and reduce component weight and cost (use odd side narrow Liang Cao makes implementation) , see a picture 4. Graph 4 compare with photograph of resistor spot welding, laser solders to be able to be reduced or eliminate flange. ● reduces the weight that machines a component and cost through reducing weld zone thickness. Be in normally the tall stress area of the component, use optimize solder appearance or successive welding line will come true. The welder of the reinforcement of structure of electrode stop need in ● resistor spot welding art aperture, and in receiving, solder does not need laser, reduced component weight and cost from this, increase strength, see a picture 5. Graph 5 compare with photograph of resistor spot welding, the odd side operation that laser beam welding receives can be reduced weight and increase strength. ● receives craft to have the characteristic of low hot input as a result of laser beam welding, can reduce solder be out of shape, and the amount that reduces treatment measure and relevant clamping apparatus, decrease or eliminate the do poorly done work over again after treatment or nap. Height of ● welding line is beautiful, need not fabricating (for example abrade act the role of with exterior essence) . ● is used laser beam welding is received and / or the unique design of component of implementation of solder of laser drill rod, for example car groove juncture uses solder of laser drill rod, can absolve sealed working procedure is provided with use plastic pattern " fill " groove. CNC Milling CNC Machining