Without bright broach of silver of a flight of stairs

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Day establishs tool company to roll out " NON-STEP BOHLER4D " 04WNSB-TH does not have broach of Yin Liang of a flight of stairs, in exterior supply the condition of a few cooling lubricating fluid falls, bore efficiency can be achieved 1 original.

5 times, service life is 3 times original. The characteristic of this broach is only by the cooling lubricating fluid of exterior supply thimbleful, can complete efficient bore treatment below cutting high temperature, can reduce the use amount of cutting fluid substantially thereby, reduce finished cost 25 % above. In addition, used the structure of W form first flank that can have oriented effect, can stabilize what the ground finishs via to get cut treatment. This broach can be used extensively at the efficient bore treatment of car spare parts and general and mechanical spare parts. CNC Milling CNC Machining