Of deep aperture of heat exchanger tube plate auger cut treatment

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The tube plate hole that the craft place of aperture of the bore with a reamer after using drill 3 times drills, bore diameter dimension and aperture bridge width accord with blueprint completely to ask. Heat exchanger is one of products of my factory. In recent years, install as oil refining, chemical industry place is large change, the development that burden changes. Requirement heat exchanger works below operating mode of high temperature, high pressure. Such, make the crux component on heat exchanger -- the ply of tube plate also builds Yue Hougao to amount to 3O0mm to control more. In production process of heat exchanger tube plate, bore is a workload big and the process that has certain difficulty. On 1000 aperture should be machined on tube plate together. And the dimension precision of aperture, position is spent, verticality and surface roughness of bore diameter surface have particular demand. Be less than the aperture of 4 to growing diameter to compare, get with common twist drill on radial drilling machine cut finish, can achieve precision requirement. As the accretion of dimension of tube plate ply, difficulty increases subsequently. Now deep aperture of heat exchanger tube plate auger cut treatment introduction to be as follows: Graph of 11 workpiece get the 298mm(of tube plate ply that cuts a requirement to need to machine to see graph 1) . Material is 16Mn+ v stainless steel. Transfer the layer uses 3O9L solder material, v ply 3mm; Facing uses 347L solder material. V ply 3mm. After tube plate bore, ≥ the aperture bridge width of 96% must ≥ 3.

4mm, allow ≤ 4%(and do not exceed 5 aperture) most ≥ of alveolus bridge width 2.

75mm. 2 auger cut treatment 2.

1 workpiece installs clip to put 4 to wait to fill up iron high on workbench of Z30100 radial drilling machine, make face of workpiece lower end leaves workbench to have certain space. Workpiece installs clip to stand by machine tool pillar as far as possible, make up in drilling machine main shaft next dial gauge, edge rocker direction and perpendicular the actual height that checks working plane at the direction of rocker is poor. The poor cost that handles the predestined relationship outside workpiece with the method that adds small cushion is adjusted 0.

03mm less than, the reexamination after impaction. 2.

2 auger cut treatment to be the precision that assures Kong Qiao position, use jig fixed position, after the fixed position reticle that will get pattern plate to go up first aims work center line impaction of workpiece of jig board along with. Bore uses section getting 3 times to cut next the method that bore with a reamer cuts, assure the verticality of bore diameter and dimension precision. Short bit is used first when bore drill all hole fixed position hole, take jig board next, get with shorter broach for the first time make an appointment with 100 ~ 120mm greatly, change long knife broach to get next make an appointment with 190 ~ 210mm greatly, use the broach drill through of parabola chamfer form finally. Auger cut dosage: N=315r/min, f=0.

32 ~ 0.

4mmm/r; bore with a reamer cuts dosage: N=450r/min, f=0.

5mm/r. 2.

3 broach blade is ground getting bit of the platoon when cutting deep hole is crucial, the tenacity of container steel and stainless steel is bigger. Cut bits changeful form. If be blocked up inside the chamfer that hold bit, easy cut hole wall, affect exterior surface roughness. To make twist drill head also can discharge bits smoothly, must undertake repairing grinding to getting needle figure. Sharp angle is bigger than standard twist drill, it is about between 140 ° of 130 ° ~ . Sharp angle increases, the cutting torque of blade ministry is reduced, the thickening that cut bits, width is decreased narrow. Cutting is out of shape reduce and make cut bits flat. Horizontal blade repairs horizontal blade short, can make of this share point before horn also compares former accretion, the cutting circumstance of the ameliorable part that get a heart, decrease get the extruding phenomenon when cutting, reduce bore axial force, can increase feed appropriately and raise broach durability. Repairing the blade that grind a horizontal stroke is reasonable broach of use fried dough twist, rise get a when cut function important step. The cutting blade of horny broach circles main shaft to rotate after, cutting blade those who go up to be nodded every hind horn is unequal, while broach is rotating, still have axial feed, the horn after the synthesis of this activity makes the horn after the real work of broach is ground than blade wants small, after that of horn decrease to fall in the premise with changeless feed, be reduced along with what get the radius that cut blade and increase, feed is bigger. Reduce a cost bigger. Accordingly, the horn after increasing those who get core share is very necessary, get after chamfer of bits having branch is being ground on blade, of the part that get core hind horn was ground with respect to OK and alone blade. Parabola of B) of broach of A) common fried dough twist groovy form broach pursues chamfer of 2 minutes of bits uses Shuang Ren to divide bits chamfer, in feed changeless circumstance falls, can reduce the width that cut bits and increase the ply that cut bits. Know according to cutting principle: The impact of the width that cut bits to cutting force is bigger than cutting bits ply. Accordingly. When same cutting area, the narrow and large save effort cutting bits that cuts bits to compare Bao Erkuan. Bits is cut to become after dividing bits straight, the rate when discharging bits is rapid, OK still a part is finely banding the belt that cut bits goes out, make cut bits between, cut phenomenon of the mutual attrition between bits and hole wall, extruding to decrease. Straight a dimensional area that the place that cut bits occupies is small. Be helpful for cooling fluid entering. Use broach of parabola chamfer form to connect Kong Zuan finally (2) seeing a picture, it and twist drill look are very more than having advantage. It is to get core to add above all thick, raised the tigidity of broach; Next helix angle increases, allow bits chamfer broaden. Make the space holding bit of the area that cut bits increases, cooling condition gets ameliorative. When blade is ground, get a needle to use crossed blade to grind a way. Shorten horizontal blade, reduce axial force; The part that get a tip is used group get a form, increase sharp angle. Shuang Ren divides bits, make broach of narrower the edge that cut bits allows ministry of bits chamfer root linear eduction. The refrigeration of cooling problem radial drilling machine is to use pump to take out cooling fluid direct and pouring to orifice, flow into what undertake cooling inside aperture naturally. Bore in the begining, OK and sufficient refrigeration. After getting certain deepness. Because cut bits eduction direction and refrigeration,fluid is flowed to contrary, the quantity that cooling fluid sheds cutting division drop off, kong Yue is deep this kind of phenomenon is more apparent. To assure broach durability. Getting in cutting a course, choose cutting dosage character according to different workpiece capable person, fumble go out to get deep measure every time, carry next auger, can solve a bits and cooling problem. The tube plate hole that the craft place of aperture of the bore with a reamer after 3 conclusion use drill 3 times drills, bore diameter dimension and aperture bridge width accord with blueprint completely to ask. CNC Milling CNC Machining