Head of A/B circumgyrate job

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Most equip first the HyperMach in new development of Cincinnati Lamb company (exceed high speed) type of series slippery course board (makings) the attention that the head of A/B circumgyrate job on milling machine did not cause spaceflight industry user at the beginning. But can make in order to have as a result of head of A/B circumgyrate job the axis of A of main shaft edge of milling head and B axis two direction swing, can efficient realize 5 axes treatment to be main characteristic. The such as structure that at the same time head of A/B circumgyrate job still has user place to expect is compact, transfer power big, tigidity is good wait for an advantage, make the best choice that heavy cut has below tall feed speed so. Especially the most outstanding is in sheet the efficiency of extremely high production that the play in milling of high speed of spare parts of aluminium alloy aviation gives, it is to get more of the user reputably. The two axes of A/B of milling head all by drive of ball guide screw, function is reliable, treatment precision is tall. Machine a machine tool to HyperMach series vertical, the size range of pipe bent that causing an user to notice above all is a machine tool speed of tall, feed mixes speed of big, cutting greatly machine tool power is great etc. For example, in a batch of when left factory December 2004 the Hebron production of Kentucky, slippery course type board milling machine, the working journey of X axis is 21, 336mm, journey of Y axis job 3, 250mm, the feed speed of two axes is 60.


The machine tool deployed the main shaft power that produces by Fischer company to be for 100kW, top rotate speed 18, the head of A/B circumgyrate job of 000rpm, and form a complete set has HSK100 - A knife clip. The machine tool chose Siemens 840D to digitlize controller and wait for one's chance to take a system, and the linear electric machinery that supplies by Siemens company. The head of A/B circumgyrate job in Cincinnati Lamb machine tool is with module accessory the form is offerred to the user. According to the product place of development director Randy Von Moll says, the two axes of A/B of circumgyrate job head all by drive of ball guide screw, structure simple, function is reliable, use convenient. With assemble the A/C universal on Z axis slippery course working head (this job head is more on the milling machine of high speed profiling that aviation and spaceflight industry use and planer is OK see) photograph comparing, have a structure the characteristic such as compact, lighter weight and very good tigidity, he says, head of A/B circumgyrate job still matchs stock HSK100 - collet of A cutting tool, with HSK63 - photograph of collet of A general cutting tool is compared, have can bear bigger radial load and tiny collision are damaged wait for an advantage. Although head of A/B circumgyrate job can be in treatment of 5 axes linkage,execute tilt and circumgyrate, but its answer have a change of luck to move a ± of bureau be confined to the limits of 40 ° . But can what advantage of two direction revolving helped a machine tool realize dimension and weight is the smallest change, so it can be used at processing form of the geometry in aviation and spaceflight industry complex model antrum clapboard and make head of A/B circumgyrate job tilts to won't exceed ± commonly with circumgyrate similarly the spare parts of 30 ° . The milling head accessory that can adjust limits cheaply of course to be 90 ° can install what undertake exceeding the range of 40 ° of ± in clip to get in cut or milling treatment, but it can circumgyrate of a direction. Introduce according to Mr Vonmoll, the design target of the HyperMach series product of the company is the high-powered machine tool that production gives to still have the following characteristic: (1) .

Lowermost capital is devoted. (2) .

Year fee of lowest is used up. (3) .

To reduce life cycle cost, ask installation goes to the lavatory simply with maintenance. The company already can satisfy these objectives, he says, because be in development of HyperMach series product, good to the design product had elaborate computer imitating test, the computer model of the concerned function feature that includes to take be merciful imitating test development to give a can real report to give a machine tool to control next working undertaking in CNC system among them. By imitating test proof, the machine tool is in tall cutting speed and process of treatment of tall feed rate, all technology index of the concerned function feature such as real static, dynamic character satisfies blueprint completely paper and use requirement. Of HyperMach series product modular the design also can help a manufactory reduce operating costs. Pass compound with the Hypermach series product that matchs modulus to change structure of component, diversification component module, assemble water product line to use a machine tool. For example: Process the composite material with aluminium alloy and complex form to undertake milling or be gotten in 5 flank of the spare parts, can choose head of A/C universal job to replace head of A/B circumgyrate job (show a kind of possibility only) . Also can choose modulus to spend a part compound and match workbench of type of door of structure of movable type of slippery course pillar, dragon machine tool, still duplex operation of dragon door type makes bedplate milling machine and a surname of double main shaft Men Shixi bed. CNC Milling CNC Machining