Plane digitlization is flexible ship-fitter installs a technology

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The plane is flexible the main component that assembles tool technology to assemble a technology as advanced digitlization, got pay close attention to extensively and applied in industry of domestic and international aviation. Up to now, the plane assembled a technology to already was experienced assemble from handiwork, semi-automatic masked match, automation is assembled flexible the development course that assemble [1-2] . In recent years, to shorten plane production prepares cycle, the tooling that begins product of Xiang Fei machine put forward " flexible " requirement; The different component that is the same as model plane additionally, component or the tool that are the same as the corresponding component of type plane, component are very much have basic and identical or similar feature, also be implementation product tool " flexible " offerred a possibility, the plane is so flexible in assembling tool to begin to use practice increasingly. Flexible tool technology is to be based on product figure to measure dimension to coordinate the ship-fitter of modular, automation that can recombine to install a technology, its purpose is to absolve what design and make all sorts of component assemble is special and fixed model frame, clamping apparatus, can reduce tool to make cost, shorten tool preparation cycle, reduce production to use the land, rise substantially at the same time assemble productivity. Flexible tool is had commonly flexible change, digitlization, modular the characteristic with automation. Flexible change expression to be had in tool reframe quickly adjusted ability, thereby the assembly that a tool can use at many products, this is flexible the basiccest characteristic of tool; Digitlization characteristic is reflected in its from the design, make, installation all uses digital amount extensively to transfer pattern to application, the tool that is a kind of digitlization [3] ; Modular system is flexible now tool is main on hardware by have modular the unit composition of structural characteristic, modular the structure reframes unitly those who realized tool is flexible; Each are modular unit but self-correcting reframes, reflected flexible the characteristic of tool automation. The article is summing up domestic and international model flexible on tool and the base that its use a case, flexible to plane digitlization what ship-fitter outfit involves is flexible tool is fast design technology, flexible tool emulation technology, flexible tool is compositive control technology, flexible technology of tool digitlization installation and flexible the crucial technology such as tool assessment technique undertook analytic discussing. Abroad is flexible production company of tool and aviation of its application abroad grows energetically flexible assemble a technology, use generally flexible tool, obtained very remarkable result. Foreign plane is flexible ship-fitter outfit basically includes adsorption of vacuum of much lattice figuration flexible column of high speed of tool, determinant blast flexible platform of butt joint of ship-fitter outfit, automation [4-7] . Acetabulum of vacuum of 1 much lattice is flexible pattern of sucker of vacuum of tool much lattice is flexible of tool modular unit is the pillar type unit that heads vacuum acetabulum, its have the athletic freedom of 3 direction to spend in the space, generate the adsorptive lattice that agree with appearance of wainscot component curved surface and distributings equably through controlling pillar type unit, use the absorption affinity of vacuum acetabulum, so that finish bore, riveting and mill to cut,can hold wainscot accurately with firm clip wait for ship-fitter to make. When wainscot appearance produces change, tool appearance and layout self-correcting, through changing fixed position and clamp position, can get used to different component structure and requirement of outfit of fixed position clip, reduced integrated cost thereby, also shortened the research and development of tool preparation cycle and product is periodic. Pattern of sucker of much lattice vacuum is flexible tool can be divided for vertical, horizontal and annulus type 3 kinds of configuration, in airframe wainscot kind in the assembly of package, basically use the tool of vertical and annulus type construction; Horizontal structure tool is mixed in the stabilizer of composition of a few answer material there is application in the assembly of perpendicular empennage. From 20 centuries begin at the beginning of 90 time, this kind is based on pattern of sucker of vacuum of many lattice figuration flexible ship-fitter outfit technology applies Yudaimule extensively already - run quickly path of space navigation, Boeing, wheat, Gelumen, Yingyu. 2 determinant structure is flexible structure of ship-fitter outfit determinant is flexible tool is the tool that a kind of pillar unit that forms by many determinant makes, each pillar unit is modular structure, arrange dispersedly independently, every pillar runs unit of clip on unit, clip holds unit to have the campaign that 3 freedom spend to adjust ability commonly, can hold unit to arrange through adjusting on each pillar unit many clip thereby distributing, will realize the assembly of pair of different aircraft spare partses. Determinant is flexible tool structure is shown 1 times like the graph. It is good that determinant tool structure opens open sex, much with get riveter automatically to cooperate to use. The wing wainscot that basically is used at large airlines and alar bridge are assembled. Determinant is flexible what large the army and the people of the wing wainscot that tool uses extensively already at aircraft of empty guest series and Boeing company uses plane ala roof beam is flexible in assembling production. In wainscot of wing of aircraft of empty guest series flexible ship-fitter mount is achievable of the wainscot of series aircraft wing such as A330/340, A319/320/321, A300 assemble. Platform of butt joint of automation of platform of 3 automation butt joint is one compositive the tool, comprehensive system that surveys system, control system and computer software. Tool drive uses optimized drive data, below the control that controls a system, tool is the adjustment of position of the position that finish, fixed. According to plane part (before airframe, in airframe, hind airframe, wing) structural characteristic, many bits more flexible the array that prop up has at 3 o'clock type, at 4 o'clock type, at 6 o'clock the layout such as type, specific layout means depends on feature of plane part structure. When part of the plane that be propped up is changed, flexible the device that prop up serves as main unit, do not need to redesign. Just adopt a change each are flexible the relative position of the device that prop up, increase and decrease is flexible measure of the plant that prop up, reframe quickly composition is new many bits more flexible the means of the array that prop up, implementation much type is common and same the tool that prop up, satisfy new assembly to support a demand thereby. Compare with photograph of traditional butt joint platform, platform of automation butt joint can raise airframe to assemble quality and efficiency, shorten periodic, versatility is strong, get used to the airframe wing structure of different measurement. The structural characteristic according to tool can be cent of current platform of large part butt joint 3 kinds of forms: Platform of platform of pillar structure tool, tool of tower type construction and tower column mix the tool platform of couplet type construction. Construction of pillar structure platform simple, sex opening open is good, but its bear the weight of weight is relatively lesser, multi-purpose wait at branch line plane or military plan medium or small in the assembly of the plane. In the component butt joint of F35, use the EMAS system of AIT company, it is the pillar structure platform of a model. Body of platform of tower type construction is larger, have the motion like telescopic jib to adjust a part, can be propped up from flank and drive component, bear the weight of weight is great, but the structure is complex, multi-purpose the butt joint that is like empty guest A380 at air bus. Home is flexible tool and its application develop demand in the light of plane model, domestic aviation cartel is relevant college, institute, increased advanced digitlization to assemble a technology to study the work, developed those who face package, component and large part butt joint is flexible tool system, got applied actually. Nextpage among them Zhejiang university and in boat industry flies to a company to develop on the west some model butt joint of plane large part is flexible tool system, in be being assembled in the light of plane digitlization, large part moves appearance and butt joint issue, designed column of POGO of a kind of 3 coordinate, the attitude that put forward a kind to be based on column of 3 coordinate POGO to was propped up at 3 o'clock on this foundation adjusts a method [8] . Northwest industry university and in boat industry flies to a company to be based on wainscot component to be assembled beforehand on the west, the compositive idea that wainscot component gets riveting and wainscot joining together automatically, developed assemble beforehand with component of wainscot of Yu Mou plane flexible tool [9-10] , if pursue,2 are shown. Wainscot component is assembled beforehand flexible fixture can realize the long joist of tool the motion of 3 direction and the roll that circle X axis, the roll that circles X axis among them is the oriented chamfer implementation that passes guide plate of fixture length joist to go up (like the graph 3 are shown) , make grow joist and joint of different curvature envelope thereby, finish some model plane envelope, long joist, assemble what cut section beforehand, rose to assemble quality, decreased to cover an area of an area. Plane digitlization is flexible the development that analysis of tool key technology assembles a technology as advanced digitlization, and the pressing demand that model develops, right flexible tool technology raised taller requirement. Contemporary flexible tool has resembled traditional rigid tool no longer is a pure machine, and development evolves to be compositive tool construction part, measure part, control part and other part (ladder of lubricant, job) comprehensive system. Current, flexible the crucial technology that tool involves has the following kinds. 1 flexible production company of aircraft of abroad of fast design technology is in tool all the time exploratory study plane is flexible ship-fitter outfit designs a technology, be like will modular design technology applies at the plane flexible in the design that assembles tool, if be in the tool development of A380, used module of fixed position of module of fixed position of hydraulic pressure of standard pillar, standard, clamp module, digitlization to wait, make the structure of plane tool produced fundamental change, raised a plane to assemble model worn design manufactures efficiency, be opposite at the same time those who assemble quality rise had huge effect [11-12] ; AIT company built tool module of the standard, apply extensively in the tool design of many model, part of the plane that prop up finishs part of much type plane to automatic fixed position is propped up and be installed to receiving, obtained favorable beneficial result; Fourth company of horse of Losk Heed · is in JSF prototype was used in the development of machine X-35 advanced modular flexible assemble craft and system, shorten the plane assembles production cycle 2/3, by stand-alone 15 months are shortened to 5 months, tooling reduces 19 by 350, production cost reduces an in part [13] . Although home is flexible,tool is used increasingly extensive, but right flexible the research that tool designs a technology quickly is less, have bigger difference with abroad. Main body devises a method now, make can the respect such as the tool. Because plane digitlization is flexible those who assemble labour apparel to have a typical case is modular feature, what be based on product platform accordingly is alterable model fast design can shorten tool design is periodic, it is implementation flexible the efficient way that tool devises quickly. 2 flexible tool emulation technology is flexible after ship-fitter installs a design to finish, undertake mechanical emulation analysis to structural part normally, with school nucleus its intensity, stiffness. But as a result of flexible the spare parts of the orgnaization such as clamp of tool fixed position is numerous, and its position lets a product and change, because this emulates the structure when,simplify, choice of and other places of to load means is implementation flexible the difficult part that tool emulates accurately. Additional, man-machine effect also is the important facet of emulation analysis. Analyse through man-machine effect in order to check component of tool, product between assemble a relation, include circumstance of accessibility, ordinal sex, directional, interference to wait, the help designs personnel as soon as possible to discover the flaw in products plan. As a result of plane product structure complex, requirement is tall, crucial place is much, assemble a relation complex, its digitlization tool and operation platform construction are more complex, include the athletic orgnaization such as digitlization positioner, much data and structural concern, orgnaization bring about computer traversal speed to mix of emulation efficiency serious and low, cannot undertake even. Wait for structural characteristic to undertake an analysis through assembling platform of tool, operation and tool to digitlization, those who achieve tool structure is light quantify, establish relevant athletic orgnaization and mechanism, the validity that assures emulation result is the main task of emulation analysis. 3 flexible compositive control technology digitlizes tool flexible the spirit in tool is certain, normally the exercise that achieves fixed position point through drive servo electric machinery by control system is finished, because system of this servo control is implementation the plane is flexible the one link with assemble a technology important. As plane product the addition of complex degree, the essence of life that all sorts of motion parts want in making sure the plane rigs a process is affirmatory, implementation tool system is right of plane part reliable and fixed, rise assemble efficiency, these are right flexible the control system of tool raised taller requirement. At present servo control system is in to network, systematization, automation, flexible change and the way of baculine sex and high accuracy develops Gao Lu. Assemble character through the plane, and the diagnostic analysis that digitlizes control system, research is flexible tool is compositive control technology is implementation flexible the efficient way that tool high accuracy locates. 4 flexible tool digitlization installs a technology whether the quality that makes sure the plane is assembled depends on greatly the accuracy that plane ship-fitter installs, and the installation accuracy that basically is tool. Assemble the installation quality of tool to assure a plane, the use of tool installation method from the tradition is general measure a tool to install (if use pull method of line, plumb-line to install tool) , tool of installation of use master body, use tool assembles machine installation tool to wait, development uses digitlization method to install plane ship-fitter to install to now [14] . When abroad's advanced aircraft manufacturer is assembling tool to install use digitlization generally to install a method, like Boeing 737, 777, the assembles tool installation of the plane ala bridge such as C-17 used laser to dog appearance is measured in real time will assemble tool. Although domestic airlines makes an enterprise wait in M600, ARJ21,same use laser dogs the accuracy that appearance will come to to make sure ship-fitter is installed, relative to character, home although use laser generally already,dog when plane ship-fitter installs installation appearance, but relevant foundation theory still is lacked, build like what coordinate fastens (ERS compose is built reach OTP to nod a setting to be given priority to with experience) , error analysis and compensation, at the same time the other digitlization technology such as indoor GPS still is in development. 5 flexible tool assessment technique is current, to flexible the judge standard that tool and its technology still did not unite. Carry assessment technique research, build digitlization flexible the evaluation model of tool and its technology, can analyse oneself for the enterprise the position in the industry and level, make reasonable equipment develop program, farther raise direction of demonstrate of equipment technology level to be carry out flexible tool provides decision-making reference. Integral sex, all sorts of technologies organic be united in wedlock and produce effect, technical evaluation has integral sex; Administrative levels sex, the manufacturing activity of a country is mixed by various places, each industry the manufacturing activity of departmental door is formed, and the manufacturing activity of industry, branch can continue again fractionize, namely technical evaluation has administrative levels sex; Trends sex, the technology always is in ceaseless development in, won't stay for a long time in a level, the development latent capacity that evaluates technology of Lv of take an examination to the technology and future develop a tendency, have dynamic opinion to the technology namely; Relativity, technical evaluation needs to have " consult content " , evaluating a result is opposite, not be absolutely; Environmental suitability, technical system is an open system, the generation of any technologies and development cannot leave particular environment, accordingly, make need to consider environmental factor when technical evaluation. " flexible to the plane the evaluation of tool and its technology, should consider the factor such as integral sex, administrative levels sex, dynamic sex, relativity and environment above all, put forward compose to establish the principle that evaluates target market; Dependability of level of integrated consideration technology, equipment, assemble the respect element such as flexible, economic benefits, build evaluation index part; According to the evaluation technological process of protocol, compose is built reasonable flexible the evaluation model of tool, accurate evaluate flexible its technology carries out tool efficiency. Last word in recent years of our country flexible although development is rapid,ship-fitter installs a technology, but as advanced as abroad aircraft assembles technical photograph to compare, still put in difference, some respects still are in blank even, restricted a plane to develop those who produce a standard to rise. The analysis is flexible the problem that tool technology exists and development direction, thorough research and application are flexible tool designs a technology, breakthrough our country is flexible the weak point in tool technology, drive flexible the comprehensive, harmonious, significant progress that tool technology makes in the plane and application, make to promoting digitlization of our country plane assembles a technology to reach foreign advanced level as soon as possible, realize an industry span type development has important sense. CNC Milling CNC Machining