More intelligent land development

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The science and technology that uses foremost edge can is opposite outmoded expert system undertakes improvement, in order to achieve following goals: Technical personnel is OK machine those who design part of translate into of train of thought quickly the process as far as possible. Intelligence changes, the software of clingy production technological process can help technical personnel use existing knowledge. The expert fastens the main train of thought of all, namely intelligence changes, of clingy production technological process, the CAE system of engineer of support of in order to still had quite big appeal, so that ceaseless somebody devotes oneself to the research of expert system. The SimuForm limited company that is located in Duotemengde resolutely accepted this challenge. This company is in two years early to begin to begin to develop an application to machine the intelligence that fictitious product develops flow catenary field to change CAE system in plank before partly. System of system of the statistical technology at modernization, artificial intelligence technology, data processing, geometrical data processing and plank machine this company have the aid of the CAE application system that the professional technology of the respect developed an innovation -- not be " new wine in old bottles " , what had a variety of application capacity however is brand-new system. This system offerred height flexible, the user can experience huge is convenience in the product development process in digitlization. Use software to undertake data processing now, to flow the preparative work of relevant knowledge had implemented automation almost. In addition, OK still the information with automation ground additional preparation and compositive in the structure that is similar to a database. Because need not undertake study to catalog tree and catalog structure, because this data searchs the job,also become easy as my eyes. In other words, relevant research work will be carried out by software. Artificial intelligence changes: The basic principle that the data of automation prepares this to cover a system is very simple, process height likeness learns mediumly in routine with the mankind. The mankind is normally through using new technological process or the mission will get professional ability knowledge. The mankind can recall the experience that in having similar in the past project, gets. The mankind is OK nowadays date from these experience give reuse. Actual application basically has a few more the following process: Knowledge stores in system of a data management, can call at any time; What can realize long-term study and knowledge through artificial intelligence technology is patulous; The much denaturation of flow will have a description through statistical technology; Through simple mouse the operation can call relevant knowledge quickly. Pass the professional knowledge that in developing the product, gets and know-how union to rise, this system can be used at the flow catenary development that plank machines. For example, the data that professional branch has flow imitate earning arrives can be covered by this the system is gotten and try to learn. The data that still can use CAD data and flow management field at the same time has complement, again automatically compositive arrive among data management system. Dactylogram of so called digitlization will be generated automatically by the system and the characteristic detail according to this flow and relevant geometrical data have specific number. The digitlization loops and whorls on a finger that becomes in the light of the new student and the similar rate that have digitlization loops and whorls on a finger will make relevant reference, in order to calls existing knowledge and apply at new pull current Cheng. Have the aid of can prepare level to build the model of diagnostic property in data at artificial intelligence technology. This kind of method is checked at fast feasibility aptly and the data of automation prepares, can use have a test with actual and relevant component. In project of a trial production, the technical personnel of this company and wear Mu to strap a group to undertake investigating with period will existing data application arrives on brand-new similar geometry structure. E.g. , this kind of method can develop more wing. For this, undertake need is mixed according to the fundamental condition of drawing machine tool forecasting a model before to Meisaidesi - run quickly the result that wing of S class car has flow imitate place is gotten undertakes modification, apply at other geometrical data. Before because this is OK,be being used, be opposite relevant data (DC06 and AC170) the feasibility examination that have has a description. The result that forecasts a model will undertake comparing is opposite with actual failure mode imitate. The height that forecasts a result is emulated and the impression that its convenient and quick character gave an user to leave profundity. Current, experimental test is undertaking according to actual condition. Speed faster, precision is taller: The Meisaidesi that is 1 millimeter in ply - use on the wing of Benz forecast a model, zun Tu is DC06 material, right graph is AC170 material. This graph got round accredit is permitted wearing Muleji. Have the aid of can try the data that the enterprise has in professional perhaps branch to use afresh at CAE technology, use circumstance automation for what will come the ground prepares. Still will ensure at the same time the following: The systematization of flow data and automation prepare and store; Logarithm protects the knowledge of flow respect according to undertaking appraisal comes adding be mixinged closely; Access data not to accept the restriction of enterprise dimensions and district; Make need not undertake FEM is calculated when model preparation; Forecast an analysis in the light of what large component can undertake feasibility inside 60 seconds; Case study has inside short time; Undertake expand continuously and be updatinged to the knowledge base; Communicate extensively between through departmental door in order to remove potential blemish cause. Below the special situation that machines a domain in plank, the product develops an engineer to be able to use this to cover a system to have the job. On one hand, they can get experience program convenient and quickly; On the other hand, they still can are opposite new geometrical data undertakes the feasibility with low cost is checked. Accordingly, they be able to production of as far as possible press close to undertakes designing actually. Related to spring back phenomenon: "Forming ToCrash " (F2C) when the process is undertaking colliding computational, the application of this kind of system will appear more important. Previously, the method of component design phase is not secured normally. Also did not undertake is out of shape relevantly in the light of sometime node ever since imitate. Nevertheless, personnel of collision computation technology or distributing the ply of true plank early as far as possible circumstance and the simulation that local aggrandizement circumstance uses at high quality, arrive in order to get as far as possible accurate result. All it is have the aid of at target dimension forecast a gender to check. Accordingly, computational engineer can define the ply of the intensity grade of plank material and exit plank freely, perfect the component related to collision as far as possible. Engineering personnel can paddle his own canoe the ground intervenes the design is changed, and need not consider flow imitate compositively or technology program. All detail can be in final repetition grinding phase become effective. OK still even in guiding target dimension automatically collision optimizes calculative tool. The coordinate department of whole system will keep changeless, that is to say, it is medium that component can withhold the car coordinate before be in in the center the data that output calculates. Such, need not invest large-scaly can the model direct and compositive in collision computation. The structure of software is very flexible, offerred with the existing PDM in the enterprise (Product Data Management, product data runs a system) with PLM (Product Lifecycle Management, product lifecycle manages) systematic interface, and can accompany the development of the enterprise and undertake upgrading. CNC Milling CNC Machining