How should transducer of 3 water chestnut maintain?

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As general transducer market flourish increasingly, its year dosage heals day of leap, but, transducer returns existence below different moving condition a few places that fare badly, bring about its service life to shorten reach its the installation of accessory equipment, debug, safeguard daily reach maintenance workload to also increase accordingly, caused to the user thereby great mix directly indirect pecuniary loss. Showed the respect such as quality of interference of the applied environment from transducer, electromagnetism and interference rejection, electrified wire netting to undertake an analysis, the problem that the attention answers when putting forward to use transducer and corresponding improvement suggest, believe this to be able to have distinct effect to improving transducer service life. 1 electromagnetism interference is to the influence of transducer in system of modern industry control, use personal computer more or PLC controls a technology, in the system is designed or transforming a process, must notice transducer is right the interference problem of personal computer control plate. Transducer suffers the outside to if the graph is shown 1 times,violate source, general craft level differs the personal computer control plate that designs as a result of him user, do not accord with EMC international standard, after using transducer, the conduction of generation and radiate are disturbed, often bring about control systematic work is unusual, because this need takes undermentioned and necessary step. The ground connection with good 1) . The strong report such as electric machinery controls systematic ground wire to must discharge reliable ground connection through ground connection converge, the screen ground of personal computer control plate, should alone ground connection. To the situation with certain serious interference, the control ground of layer of screen of interface of proposal general sensor, I/0 and control plate is linked together. 2) adds outfit EMI filter to power source of input of personal computer control plate, in all annulus of modular inductance, high frequency magnetism, can restrain conducted interference effectively. Additional, serious situation is disturbed in radiation, be like all round existence GSM, small perhaps well-informed base when the station, can add cover of gauze shape screen to undertake screen is handled to personal computer control plate. 3) inputs end to add outfit EMI filter to transducer, can restrain transducer effectively the conducted interference to electrified wire netting, add outfit input communication and dc reactor, can raise power factor, reduce harmonic pollution, integrated effect is good. Between certain electric machinery and transducer the distance exceeds the circumstance of 100 M, need adds communication to output reactor in transducer side, the leakage current that because output lead to be caused to ground distributinging parameter,solves is protected and decrease external the radiation interference of the ministry. The method of an effective uses steel tube to wear a line namely or the method of screen cable, and steel tube crust or cable screen layer and earth join reliably. Notable is to be in when adding communication to output reactor, if use steel tube to wear a line or the method of screen cable, increased to output the distributinging capacitance to the ground, had appeared easily to flow. Adopt a kind among them commonly in applying actually of course or a few kinds of methods. 4) detects to imitate sensor input and imitate control signal undertake electric screen and segregation. In the process of control system design that constitutes in transducer, the proposal does not use imitate to control as far as possible, control a distance to be more than 1m especially, below the circumstance that crosses control ark installation. Because transducer has commonly multistage quantity of frequency of fast set, switch inputs output, can satisfy a requirement. When if must use simulation,the quantity is controlled, the proposal uses screen cable certainly, be in sensor side or transducer side realizes Yuan Duanyi to nod ground connection. If interference remains the same serious, need realizes DC/DC to keep apart measure. Can use DC/DC module of the standard, perhaps use smooth to V/f changeover segregation, use the method that frequency set inputs again. Tool / raw material applies actually in transducer in, outside having special computer room except minority as a result of domestic client, mostly to reduce cost, install transducer directly at industrial spot. Working site has dirt commonly big, temperature the question with tall, big humidity, there is metallic dust, caustic gas to wait a moment in still be like aluminous industry. Because this needs,must make corresponding countermeasure move according to spot circumstance / transducer of methodological   1) should be installed controlling cabinet interior. 2) transducer had better install the mid; transducer inside control ark to want perpendicular installation, upper part and lower part should avoid to install a likelihood to hold back a wind, large element that takes wind. On 3) transducer, coping of ark of control of bottom brim space, bottom, or the clapboard, large element that perhaps must install the smallest span that wait, should be more than 300 Mm. If 4) is special user in use needs to take clavier, criterion the clavier aperture of transducer face plate, must use adhesive plaster strict and sealed perhaps use false face plate to replace, prevent dust to enter transducer interior in great quantities. 5) is in much dust place, especially when the place of other people of account of much metal dust, garrulous uses transducer, whole of ark of overall demand control is sealed, special design air inlet, give blast tuyere to undertake ventilated; controls ark coping to should have defend the net is mixed defend coping gives blast tuyere; to control ark bottom to should have the motherboard and air inlet, opening that take a line, and install dustproof network. The special processing that structural member of the printed board of interior of manufacturer of 6) most transducer, metal all did not undertake preventing damp mildew changing, if transducer is in abominable work environment for a long time to fall, metallic structural member produces rusty corrode easily. Electric copper platoon runs a circumstance to fall in high temperature, meeting more the process with rustily drama, to personal computer control plate and drive the petty copper on power source board pledges lead, rustily will cause damage. Accordingly, be mixed to applying at moisture and contain the situation of caustic gas, the interior design that must use transducer to place has main demand, for example printed circuit board must use processing of the 3 spray that prevent lacquer, must use the processing technology such as plating nickel chromium to structural member. Besides, still need to take the prevents gas of damp, anticorrosion step with active, effective, logical other. The influence of quality of 3 electrified wire netting to transducer is like the circumstance such as furnace of electric welder, electric arc, rolling mill in concussion load, voltage often appears flicker; is in a workshop, much stage transducer waits for load of the commutate that allow a gender to be when the job, the harmonic that its produce has very serious pollution to quality of electrified wire netting, also have the destruction that comparative to equipment itself action, light cannot move normally continuously quite, cause equipment to input the attaint of loop again. Can take following step. 1) is like the circumstance such as furnace of electric welder, electric arc, rolling mill to suggest the user increases in concussion load without result is static filling device, improve factor of power of electrified wire netting and quality. 2) compares centralized workshop in transducer, the proposal uses concentration rectification, dc in all means of bus power supply. Proposal user uses pattern of 12 pulse commutate. The advantage is harmonic small, energy-saving, special apply to start often, apply the brake, electromotor is in already dynamoelectric move with generate electricity the circumstance that move. 3) transducer inputs side to add filter of outfit passive LC, reduce input harmonic, raise power factor, reliability is high, the effect is good. 4) transducer inputs side to add unit of outfit active PFC, the effect is best, but cost is higher. CNC Milling CNC Machining