Cai Sisan coordinate measures machine: Provide reliable standard for you

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Detect in industry in technical domain, did not compare than Spectrum sex price almost taller. The function of this machine invests formidably less, can call in inside short time cost. Spectrum can deploy a variety of probe, be like: RDS, ST, PH10 is waited a moment. Spectrum has series of 3 kinds of structures 5 kinds of norms, cover an area of an area at the same time small, it is compositive counteract the model that uses in manufacturing site directly to the process that make. Advantage: Offer reliable standard   to you Spectrum is used at detecting daily the task. Make in the tool, stock receiving of cargo for storage, product examines finally the respect provides reliable standard to you. You can detect with it the metal of all sorts of dimension is plastic perhaps goods, can do batch to detect, also can detect to workpiece differring to do on product line. Spectrum can raise your opposite to produce monitoring and sheet detected effect. The software that 3 coordinate of SPECTRUM – measure Cai Si of · of machine card Er is built go up in MS-WINDOWS and UNIX platform. It has couplet net, much user, muti_function and function of CAD man-machine interaction, can support directional craft production, produce complex measuring automatically to measure an order, can reach through statistical function pass on data manufacturing branch to make the program maintains dependability. First-rate measures range, the smallest cover an area of an area. CAA technology assures long-term and constant precision. The temperature range with ° broad C of 18 ° C - 26. Automatic bougie changes frame. RDS rotates probe can be offerred than other probe more dimensional positions. Crossbeam and main shaft use data of imperforate pottery and porcelain, not sensitive to temperature, humidity. A variety of norms can offer an alternative. Spectrum has two old series 8 kinds of norms: Spectrum 700 with Spectrum 1000 model. Much probe, application is wide, the Spectrum of Yi Sheng class is you the day that finish often detects the ideal detector of the task. Spectrum is to accord with Europe in all body (EC) how-to 98/37/EC contains the machine how-to 89/336/ECC of low-pressure and how-to 73/23/ECC and EMC. Cai Si of · blocking Er already passed ISO9001:2000, QS9000TE, VDA6.

4, attestation of system of ISO 140001 quality. Technical data CNC Milling CNC Machining