Be able to bear or endure of superhigh temperature forging mould material develops a success in the stage

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Center of development of research of industry of Taiwan area metal announced to develop a success to be able to be able to bear or endure a few days ago centigrade the nickel of high temperature of 500 degrees of above exceeds alloy mould material, solved forging the mould falls in high temperature easily bate, the problem with not chief service life. According to introducing, nickel exceeds alloy to forging mould material is with nickel the metal is given priority to, contain the element such as chromic, aluminous, titanium and tungsten, high strenth and tenacity can maintain below high temperature. The pattern that with this kind new material makes but will forging the service life of the mould from current rise 200 times or so, can reduce industry to change considerably the frequency of the mould, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining