Pu Ruima will roll out revolutionary Laser Cutting on CIMT2007

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Company of industry of Ma of Italian general luck, will at exhibition of machine tool of the 10th China International (CIMT2007, came 15 days on April 9 at Beijing) on roll out the Laser Cutting aircraft with so-called the fastest whole world SYNCRONO. Introduce according to this company, SYNCRONO is a facility that has thoroughly revolutionary design, use double machine matching section to change way of structure and movement of paralell connection of linear electric machinery, the acceleration of 6g can come true in cut process. It is minutely can cut exceeds 1000 aperture, and on the market at present the fastest Laser Cutting aircraft also can machine 600 aperture only. Not only such, even if again complex outline cut, machine of this Laser Cutting also can give accurately efficiently, high implementation. Company of industry of general luck Ma is engaged in be being used at plane and cut of three-dimensional spare parts, solder, the high-power laser equipment of stiletto (design and make what include numerical control system and laser generator, the 2/3 of its product is used at exit. CNC Milling CNC Machining