The simple and easy tool of aperture of cylinder bushing thick bore with a reamer

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<DIV Align=left> my factory machines the aperture inside cylinder bushing of wet and cast-iron gas, craft arranges aperture of thick bore with a reamer to be machined on machine tool of DU406 four-axle boring. The fixed position of cylinder bushing is to rely on to fixed position is encircled and locate tine is encircled so. In machining a process, often appear cylinder bushing is rotational, the local tine cut that cylinder bushing roll makes easily locate tine is encircled, cannot locate, must change encircle with new tine. Because age the treatment of the circle expends tall, production cycle to grow, cannot satisfy manufacturing need. For this, we designed the fixed position tool that attached drawing place shows, 1 installation is in chassis on the machine tool, fixed position is encircled 2 secure with bolt in chassis 1 on. Bearing is nailed 4 put chassis in the via of 1. Because underside uses 3 bearing to urge fixed position, the osculatory area of cylinder bushing end panel is small, intensity of pressure is great, make cylinder bushing turns not easily in machining a process. Bearing is nailed 4 wear away or it is easy that attaint changes. Adjust bolt the coincide of line of heart of runner shaft coming back of the 3 axes lines that adjust position group and boring lever, make large difference of the hole wall inside cylinder bushing achieves craft requirement, reoccupy bolt secures chassis 1. </DIV><DIV Align=center></DIV> my factory uses this kind of simple and easy tool, the effect is very good, satisfied manufacturing need, still reduced cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining