Pressure sensor of rock of a kind of new-style mine succeeds in south Africa experiment

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A kind of new-style mine rock pressure sensor succeeded in south Africa experiment a few days ago, this is first in the light of mine safety designs on the world send feeling unit, new sensor will raise the safety factor of mining greatly. Rock collapse is one of main reasons that cause mine accident, undertake as what mine mine works, the deepness of mine is deeper and deeper, and of mine deepness deepen will bring about a layer and lateral rock tension to produce change directly, when pressure increases fixed rate, appeared rock collapse phenomenon. Long-term since, the main method that solves rock collapse is the place that use mine buttress collapses to incidental rock undertakes physical consolidate, but the change of the elapse as time and mine deepness, because shake below the well,wait for a reason, mine carries layer and flank rock stress on the head to be able to produce very big change, because traditional method cannot determine rock stress, cause the appearance with occurrence insufficient consolidate of a few weak point, mine rock collapse still happens from time to tome. Institute of mining industry of gram of peaceful of south Africa quick and the new-style rock pressure that safety of south Africa mining industry studies to commissarial assemble makes development send feeling unit is be made by metallic alloy and become, the change and is change of this kind of change magnetic force change and ultrasonic change that it can feel rock tension, measure the change that gives rock pulling force thereby. This kind of sensor can install mine metal fixity to go up directly, have anticorrosive function, can apply damp environment directly, very convenient. Mine safety checks personnel to be able to pass the signal that issues to sensor regularly to undertake detecting, discover mine rock may produce the spot of collapse in time, adopt precautionary measures ahead of schedule, reduce the risk factor that mine happening collapses thereby, reduce the happening of the accident below the well. At present this is planted new-style pass move plant to doing ultimate test, predict to begin very quickly to apply extensively in south Africa mine. CNC Milling CNC Machining