Empty empty missile plays system to build medium advanced solder technology

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Solder even if pass heat or pressurization, or both use, still use fill data sometimes, make weldment achieves the method of a kind of treatment that is united in wedlock between atom. Solder important place is had in the workmanship that the technology bombs put oneself in another's position in empty empty missile. Current, empty empty missile bombs put oneself in another's position in almost all important parts, include dynamical component housing, each cabin paragraph face of housing, helm and alar face, be combined through soldering and become. Advanced solder technical adoption returns those who make think that he cannot undertake machining before to solder the structure solders with what be close to hard place is able to come true to solder reliably, this pair of new generation went to main stimulative effect since the development development of advanced empty empty missile. Can be without hyperbole ground to say, not advanced solder the technology serves as prop up, empty without contemporary sky missile plays the development of system structure. Empty empty missile bombs put oneself in another's position solder characteristic quality of 1 welding line asks to because be in,fly strictly the process is hollow of empty missile bomb put oneself in another's position not only should bear very big fore-and-aft with transverse overload, and dynamical component housing supports even the harsh environment of the concussion of high speed air current and high pressure of the high temperature when gunpowder burns, this is right the quality of its welding line, solder the technical index such as the mechanical function of contact raised very tall requirement. Because this designs the level that chooses system of national army mark, spaceflight commonly,regard welding line as flaw detection and contact quality acceptable according to, welding line is I class requirement surely mostly. 2 dimension precision assures empty empty missile hard bombing put oneself in another's position is structural member of slightness of canister form thin wall mostly, designed circularity, linearity, jumpy to its quantity to raise very tall requirement. But because its canister wall is thin, rigid difference, changeful form, and comprise by many spare partses, be like some cabin paragraph housing, through a variety of soldering by 60 many spare partses methodological combination is a whole, not only solder be out of shape control hard, and the relative position precision between each spare parts also assures hard. The weldability of 3 material is poorer measure to reduce weight, raise range, designing chooses material is sclerosis of precipitation of alloy steel of extra high strength, martensite mostly the stuff with expensive intensity of geometric ratio of aluminium alloy of alloy of titanium of stainless steel, excel in, excel in. Will tell commonly, to steeliness spare parts, the intensity of material is higher, its weldability is poorer, and because the nonferrous metal such as aluminium alloy of alloy of excel in titanium, excel in is easy the blemish such as occurrence stoma, crackle is to solder hard more the welding line that gives high quality. Empty empty missile plays system to build commonly used advanced solder empty missile of methodological basis sky bombs put oneself in another's position solder structural characteristic and the analysis that use data, energy concentration, heat must be chosen to input what small, place causes to be out of shape when soldering solder smally method. 1 vacuum electron beam solder 1.

1 solder principle vacuum electron beam solder is to use a space after the electron beam that directional high speed moves bumps workpiece surface, change partial kinetic energy into heat energy, make be fused by solder metal, condensation, crystal and form welding line, its principle signal at the graph 1. When soldering, the cathode electrify of electron gun heats to launch a large number of electrons to high temperature, the electron cloud with concentrated posse is formed in cathode surface, these are thermionic be gone to quickly below the action of strong electric field very high rate, the electronic course that high speed moves gets together bundle extremely, the electromagnetism field of zincous electrostatic field action and focusing lens action and the ray of a bundle of electron that gathers into high-energy quantity density, when its bombard point point in workpiece and electron of material crystal lattice, atomic photograph collides, be mixed to prevent by scattering, change of its kinetic energy is energy of crystal lattice vibration namely heat energy, fuse thereby workpiece, form welding line. 1.

2 technologies characteristic and photograph of method of other and fused solder are compared, electron beam solder is like next characteristics: (1) density of electron beam energy is high, bundle shed a diameter small, can form deep and narrow penetrability welding line, do not open groove can solder becomes the metal with thick 300mm, welding line is dark wide Bikeda 50 ∶ 1, this is other solders the method can not achieve. (2) solder hot influence area is small, solder be out of shape small, although be used at finish machining spare parts solder finally, also can assure to have enough tall precision. (3) the deflection that welder of contemporary electron beam can control electron beam through CNC, those who realize complex welding line is automatic solder, and but solder arrives to solder commonly the place that the method is close to hard. (4) because be,solder is applied below vacuum condition, so it suits what titanium reachs the active material such as titanium alloy to solder especially. (5) because electron beam solder cannot undertake adding silk,solder, suit to be seamed at butt welding only so, the part that adds silk like need receives welding line, still cannot undertake electron beam solder at present. Take the quality that receives welding line not ideal also, answer to avoid as far as possible usually. 1.

3 solder welder of equipment electron beam can be divided by vacuum condition for vacuum model, local vacuum with blame vacuum model 3 kinds; The cent of on any account that quickens voltage by electron gun can be divided again for tall profiling (60~150kV) , middling pressure (40~60kV) with low pressure model (<40V) 3 kinds. Welder of vacuum electron beam basically reachs composition of electron gun system by system of vacuum system, NC axle control. Vacuum system is reached for electron gun solder room the vacuum environment that provides a need; System of NC axle control offers the electronic axis that mechanical movement axis and electron beam of control electron gun need when soldering; Electron gun is the core component of welder of vacuum electron beam, use at shooting electron and generation electron beam. Still have power supply system, observation additionally, measure wait for a few much with the system in be opposite, electric control system, workbench and auxiliary unit. The electron beam welder of my unit is French TECHmeta S A.

The LARA52 that the company produces welder, configured welding torch of CT-4 electron beam, those who be a hot type cathode is triode gun, the use of welder controls unit control by CNC, the solder deliver a child that basically is used at empty empty missile to grow spare parts of housing of canister thin wall is produced, apply to the material such as alloy of steel of structural steel, alloy steel of stainless steel, high strenth, extra high strength, titanium, aluminium alloy vertical, annulus seams solder. 1.

4 welder art the craft parameter of electron beam solder basically includes to quicken voltage (KV) , focusing electric current (MA) , electron beam flows (MA) , solder speed (Mm/s) spend with the vacuum of atelier etc. Because silk cannot be added when solder, reason welding line appears easily cave, bite the weld defects such as hole of edge, arc. Solder technological process includes: Clear before contact type choice and juncture preparation, solder, the outfit clip of design of workpiece demagnetization, tool, workpiece and assemble, corrective welder adds up to an axis, solder parameter is debugged, workpiece solders reach examine etc. Nextpage2 vacuum diffusion welding 2.

1 solder technology of principle diffusion welding by before the Kazakefu of Russia was invented 1957, it is the join method of a kind of diffuse each other and realizes union nicety between support interface atom. Vacuum diffuses join is to show in constant temperature and pressure the condition falls, the surface of solder workpiece is waited for to be contacted each other in vacuum environment lieutenant general, be out of shape through microcosmic plasticity made close together union, what the atom that the interface is in passes proper time is mutual diffuse, a kind of solid state that forms integral joint solders method. When soldering, will 2 or tighten in the weldment park vacuum of 2 above press together, heat to a certain temperature under melting point of mother capable person, use force to its next, make the oxidation film of its surface broken, microcosmic and raised place produces the appearance plasticity is out of shape achieve close together contact with high temperature creep, between activation interface atom diffuse, in the union between a certain number of small zonule occurrence interfaces. The between heat preservation when repass is certain, these area diffuse to expand ceaselessly each other through atom further. All form a metal when whole join interface when key is united in wedlock, finished diffuse join process. Actually, metallic surface passes accurate treatment, its are average deviation also will be achieved 0.

8 × 10-4 ~1.

6 × 10-4cm, and the distance that achieves metallic key union needs 1.

Less than of 10-8cm of × of 0 × 10-8 ~5, 1/1000000 what contact a dot actually when 0 pressure to be the surface to accumulate only accordingly; Bring to bear on general pressure also can be achieved only 1% the left and right sides, the clearance that the others surface accumulates is beyond atomic gravitation limits, although contact a dot to form a metal to bolt, its adhesion is dinky also. Divide interface scraggly outside, still layer of aeriform adsorption layer, oxidation is reached be out of shape the layer, diffusing is to use regular method to overcome these when join advocate hindering layer. 2.

2 solder characteristic and other solder methodological photograph is compared, vacuum diffusion welding is like next characteristics: (1) the connect of akin metal can acquire as adjacent as mother capable person or identical physics, chemical, mechanical property. (2) contact is not had cast the blemish such as area of organization, brittleness, crackle, craft is controlled easily, approve manufacturing quality stability. (3) vacuum diffuses join can undertake with union of vacuum heat treatment, a lot of connect can solder successful. (4) workpiece is out of shape small, dimension nicety is tall, can finish what bedding face accumulates to diffuse join. (5) can solder commonly material of the metal of high melting point that the method solders hard, pottery and porcelain and heat-resisting alloy. 2.

3 welder art parameter of craft of vacuum diffusion welding includes to heat the temperature, pressure that when soldering, brings to bear on to the spare parts and soldering retentive time and vacuum are spent below temperature etc, among them before 3 person also be the requirement that diffusion welding receives. (1) temperature. Temperature is to diffuse the craft parameter with the most important link. Inside constant temperature limits, temperature is higher, diffuse rate is rapidder, combinative strength is higher also. But after reaching fair numerical value, because grain is grown,raise temperature contact quality can drop instead. Suffer the condition of surface of material physics function, workpiece, element such as equipment to restrict, a lot of metals and alloy diffuse to heat even joint just temperature is commonly 0.


Melting point of 8 mothers capable person. TC4 titanium alloy chooses 920~930 ℃ normally. (2) pressure. Main effect is consociate face plasticity of generation of microcosmic and raised part is out of shape, achieve close together contact, promote at the same time diffuse, accelerate recrystallization process. Increase pressure to be able to increase strength commonly, but cross congress to be out of shape, raise cost at the same time, from economic angle the consideration should choose inferior pressure, titanium alloy chooses normally 1.


0MPa. (3) time. Soldering temperature leaves retentive time, must assure to diffuse the process is finished entirely, achieve needs combinative strength. Time is too short, contact short of and mother capable person are equal degree; Duration of high temperature, high pressure is too long, quality cannot rise further, can make grain grown instead, form the joint of brittleness compound, should dominate heat preservation time with control brittleness layer generate. Heat preservation time and temperature, pressure is closely related, temperature when taller or pressure is greater, time can shorten. Below constant temperature and pressure, weld time can change inside wider range. To improve productivity, below the condition that assures intensity, time is shorter better. TC4 titanium alloy chooses 60~90min normally. The technological process of vacuum diffusion welding includes workpiece surface preparation, assemble receive with diffusion welding of outfit furnace, vacuum furnace goes out to examine after reaching refrigeration etc. Among them exterior preparation and assemble quality with its he solders methodological photograph is compared, requirement particularly strict, because make sure the surface that wait for solder has reliable metal to be touched secondhand is,decide to solder the sufficient condition of quality, must make sure the surface roughness of surface of the metal that wait for solder, flatness asks; Must the oxide that dispel treats solder metal surface, contaminant, its remain to should be destroyed thoroughly and be decomposed when solder; Must assure to need the interstitial bridge of solder metal interface. Because equipment place is restricted, we are entrusted outside the face of ala of alloy of titanium of some model TC4 that the unit machines with method of vacuum diffusion welding kind hollow weldment already scored initial success, its solder quality and dimension precision the congener spare parts of excel resistance welding. 3 resistor spot welding and roll solder 3.

1 solder principle resistor spot welding and roll solder to assemble weldment lap joint namely, and impaction is between two electrode or electrode of two gyro wheel, use resistor to heat up metal of fused mother capable person, form the resistance welding method of solder dot or welding line. Resistor spot welding is general by the following 4 basic courses constitute process of a loop: (1) press beforehand: Move below electrode, apply joint of force, weldment, process to begin. (2) solder: Electrify heats, mother capable person is fused, form frit nucleus, solder begin. (3) maintain: Continue to apply pressure, cut off the power crystallization of nucleus of cooling, frit, solder end. (4) silent: Move on purify pressure, electrode, silent, process ends welder. Whole loop process is shown 2 times like the graph. What resistor rolls the principle of solder and spot welding is basic and identical, to solve divide evenly fast the pressure after when rolling solder, soldering manages a problem, already developed a pace to roll solder technology into type now, opening stop of the gyro wheel when electric welding is received namely, keep pressure the metal all the time caky, form frit nucleus till. 3.

Spot welding of resistor of 2 technologies characteristic and the biggest characteristic that roll solder are the illuminate that does not have electric arc arc, fused metal is by wrap up among metal of mother capable person, prevented outside airy pollution, because this solders the quality of contact is higher; When soldering, need not fill add any fill metals, in be not had any soldering by surface of inside and outside of solder spare parts raised, can overcome other and advanced solder the existence after methodological solder enhances tall weakness; And solder be out of shape dinky, can assure taller dimension precision, special the Bao Bi that suits to be made at the material such as alloy of steel of stainless steel, alloy steel, effectiveness for a given period of time, titanium builds those who receive a part to solder. 3.

3 solder machine of spot welding of advanced dc resistor is equipment more welder of sub commutate type, have much pulse to solder function, warm-up and temper can have on welder, solder advocate pulse has mix uphill declivous function; In freely of the SM-AS-2/200/1000 that courtyard of boat industry missile introduces from abroad dc is amphibious if the graph is shown 3 times,roll welder, use three-phase direct current source, solder without attrition film cylinder solders with 16 the advanced technique such as controller, assured taller solder quality, system of advanced constant current control can assure to solder the high consistency of quality. Welder has program of 3 paragraphs of pulse, can offer pulse of the temper after the solder that tone pledges the stuff place such as steel needs, and have divide evenly fast the function that rolls solder and pace to roll solder into type. Nextpage3.

4 welder art the craft parameter of resistor spot welding basically includes to solder the working surface dimension of pressure of electric current, weld time, electrode and electrode; The pace solders into what type resistor rolls solder parameter is divided and outside the same share of spot welding, still include to solder span of dot of speed, solder and halt time. Solder before technological process basically includes solder, clear, solder parameter is debugged, the spare parts solders reach examine. When debugging parameter of craft of resistor spot welding, should be in according to the material of the spare parts and ply about " solder manual " on check take basic parameter. It is a basis with this, determine the end panel appearance of electrode and size above all, pressure of electrode of preliminary make choice of and solder pulse time, adjust next pulse electric current, the electric current with what differ solders a few groups of sample. Optimize from inside the parameter of sample of qualification of diameter of corresponding frit nucleus via examining, the sieve singles out a group of parameter, adjust inside proper limits again time of electrode pressure, pulse and electric current, undertake test and verify for many times repeatedly, till solder the dot accords with quality requirement completely. Debug to what resistor rolls solder parameter, when weldment ply is identical, those who roll solder solder of voltaic comparing spot welding should give % of 10 % ~20 greatly, because be in,this is already the welding line office that solder is over can appear bigger billabong; Soldering pulse time, solder silent time and solder when rate is fixed, solder the width that voltaic size is deciding nucleus of welding line frit and rate of frit nucleus jackknife; And soldering when electric current is constant, control frit nucleus width with pulse time normally, mix with silent time solder the jackknife rate of nucleus of speed control frit. The main technique index that judges solder dot and welding line quality has width of nucleus of frit nucleus diameter, frit, penetration rate, shearing force to reach have without inside, exterior blemish. Graph 4 it is me the face of ala of some empty empty missile that the unit solders kind spare parts sketch map, it belongs to structure of framework of envelope of TC4 titanium alloy, among them envelope shapes through heat make, framework uses forging treatment, connection rolling solder is used between envelope and envelope, three-layer overlay is used to differ between envelope and framework join of spot welding of mural thick cant. 4 laser beam welding 4.

1 solder principle laser beam welding is a kind of when stimulate beam of light to undertake soldering as heat source when use high energy density efficient nicety solder method. When laser beam welding, stimulate illumination to shoot metallic surface, produce interaction with the metal, the free electron in the metal absorbs photon to bring about electronic temperature to lift, deliver energy metallic ion through vibration next, metallic temperature rises, light energy turns into heat energy. When the power density of laser facula is inferior, the temperature that metallic stuff surface is heated won't exceed its boiling point, absorbs laser can transform after be heat energy, conduct through heat fuse workpiece, this is so called " fused solder " ; And the power density when laser facula is enough big when, criterion metallic surface lifts quickly in the temperature below the illuminate of facula, till boil, evaporate, metallic vapour leaves bath outside with fixed rate, its counterforce makes liquid state metal caves downward, a small indentation arises below laser facula. As heat of the process undertake, laser can shoot hole base directly, form a slightness " alveolus " . After the exterior tension when metallic steam counterforce and liquid state metal and gravitational balance, alveolus continues no longer thorough. When facula power when density is very big, the alveolus that produces will be perforative whole board thick. As the forward shift of alveolus, fused metal bypasses alveolus is flowed to rear, cooling, caky and form welding line, this is so called " alveolus solder " , the keyhole effect of it and electron beam solder is similar. 4.

2 technologies characteristic (1) after focusing stimulate beam of light to have very high power density, heat rate is rapid, can realize deep fusion welding and high speed solder. (2) stimulate beam of light to heat limits is small, hot small, leftover stress mixes influence area solder be out of shape small. (3) stimulate beam of light to be able to be reflexed, transmission, can be in the space is remote travel and attenuation is small, can undertake remote or of a few place that are close to hard solder. (4) compare with photograph of electron beam solder, stimulating the characteristic with the biggest beam of light is not to need vacuum room, do not produce X ray. Defect is to solder the metal of a few tall reflectivity is more difficult. 4.

3 solder equipment of equipment laser beam welding includes laser, beam of light to transmit commonly wait with source of focusing system, power source, gas, workbench and control system. Graph the 5 objective photographs that are welder of a small-sized laser. 4.

The craft parameter of strong laser beam welding of art arteries and veins basically includes 4 welder density of width of pulse energy, pulse, power and wait from anxious quantity. Its midrib decides to increase caloric size to energy, basically affect fused amount of the metal. Pulse width decides to solder heat time, main effect frit is deep. The craft parameter of successive laser beam welding basically includes laser power, solder distance of diameter of speed, facula, focus and the sort that protect gas and discharge. Empty empty missile bombs put oneself in another's position the weldability aluminium alloy of 1 aluminium alloy has the weldability of commonly used material specific gravity small, melting point low, coefficient of thermal conductivity coefficient of tall, linear expansion is big, strong to the affinity of oxygen wait for a characteristic, it is relatively difficult to solder. Aluminium makes a compact and stable oxidation film very easily, its melting point is as high as 2050 ℃ (the melting point of aluminium is 695 ℃ ) , soldering its meeting block up is fused in the process good union of the metal, form incomplete fusion; The density of aluminous oxidation film is bigger than aluminium 1.

4 times, and easy adsorptive moisture, when soldering easy form air hole and slag inclusion; Additional, aluminium because rate of its heat conduction is old and the quantity of heat that uses up when solder is much, must use the power source of high-power. The weldability of 2 titanium alloy because titanium alloy weight is light, heat conduction performance is poor, chemical active is tall, soldering high temperature falls to wait for harmful gas union easily with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, make contact becomes fragile, protection must be strengthened when soldering and make solder silvery white or golden yellow are after contact solder; Because titanium alloy weight is lighter, bleb rise rate is slow, the gas in bath has not enough time transgression and form air hole, this is the stoma in titanium alloy welding line exceeds bid constantly and the main reason that eliminates hard. The stainless steel of sclerosis of weldability martensite precipitation of stainless steel of sclerosis of 3 martensite precipitation has good weldability. Because be after solution treatment,gets martensite organization is to exceed mild, do not have decarbonization phenomenon and strong trend of strong temper by dipping in water consequently, before general solder need not warm-up, delay also must not want after solder cold, in cabined spend not big case to fall, won't arise solder cold crack; As a result of when quenching, do not need urgent cold, quench so the dangerous sex of craze is lesser; Because exceed low carbon martensite,have good plasticity again, can resist greater stress is centered so, and soldering the sensitivity that the martensite that hot influence area forms organizes pair of cold crack is not great, the hydrogenous fragile sensitivity of the hot influence area of steel wants the low alloy high strenth of level of samer than having intensity small. But, because martensite precipitates,the alloying element content of sclerotic stainless steel is as high as % of 20 % ~30, belong to tall alloy steel, when soldering, easy generation slants analyse forms changeover austenite organization, bring about thereby solder the bate of hot influence area, solder the intensity of contact and tenacity wait for a problem under mother capable person. Because a certain quantity of Cu, Ti, S, P is contained in alloying element,wait for element and impurity again, produce heat build-up crackle easily. The last word guides as empty sky play function rise, its fly to be apart from further and further, speed all right faster and faster, overload is bigger and bigger, taller and taller also to playing the quality of body welding line to ask, material of a few pulverous metallurgy, the high strenth such as composite material, high-powered data will be applied at empty empty missile in succession play system to build, its ask to soldering quality will more severe quarter, this needs us to go hard research, exploration is more advanced solder method and engineering technology come to what advanced empty empty missile bombs put oneself in another's position satisfy future solder requirement. CNC Milling CNC Machining