Means of gearshift of mechanical main shaft and maintain methodological introduction

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Machine tool of numerical control of   of   of infinitely variable speeds uses direct current commonly or electromotor of servo of communication main shaft realizes main shaft infinitely variable speeds. Electromotor of communication main shaft and actuating device of communication frequency conversion (basket model system of frequency control of commutation of vector of configuration of inductive AC motor) , because do not have brush, do not produce scintilla, service life is so long, and the level that function already reached dc drive system, still reduce somewhat in noise respect even. Accordingly, application is relatively at present wide. The relation between the power that main shaft transfers or torsion and rotate speed. Fall at successive movement condition when the machine tool, the rotate speed of main shaft is inside 437~3500r/min limits, main shaft delivers the full power 11kW of electromotor, the Ⅱ of constant power area that gives priority to an axis (solid line) . Inside this area, the torque of the biggest output of main shaft (245N.

M) as the heighten of main shaft rotate speed decrescent. Main shaft rotate speed is inside 35~437r/min limits, the output torsion of main shaft is changeless, the Ⅰ of constant torsion area that calls main shaft (solid line) . Inside this area, the power that main shaft can transfer as main shaft rotate speed reduce and reduce. Place of the dotted line in the graph is shown overload for electromotor (allow overweighted 30min) when, constant power area and constant torsion area. The overweighted power of electromotor is 15kW, torsion of overweighted the biggest output is 334N.

M. Machine tool of numerical control of   of   of section infinitely variable speeds is in actual production, do not need to all be constant power inside limits of whole gear shift. General requirement is in drive of power of Duan Weiheng of medium, high speed, in drive of torsion of low speed Duan Weiheng. To ensure low speed of main shaft of numerical control machine tool from time to tome the gearshift limits of bigger torsion and main shaft as far as possible big, some numerical control machine tools are communicating or match on the foundation of dc motive infinitely variable speeds with gear gearshift, make become section infinitely variable speeds. Mechanical main shaft maintains the working temperature that     drops bearing, the method that often uses is lube. Lubricant means has, oil gas is lubricant means, oily fluid lubricates circularly two kinds. Want to notice the following when using these two kinds of means: 1, when using oily fluid to lubricate circularly, want to make sure the oily capacity of gasoline tank of main shaft constant temperature is enough and sufficient. 2, lubricant means just mixes oil gas oily fluid loop is lubricant and contrary, it wants size of fill bearing space only hundred when can. The advantage with circular lubricant type is, below contented and lubricant circumstance, can reduce attrition to give out heat, and can give the one part quantity of heat of main shaft component absorb. To main shaft lubricate to likewise two kinds put type: Oily mist is lubricant means and spray are lubricant means. CNC Milling CNC Machining