Of cutting tool of single crystal diamond solder with outfit card

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single crystal diamond firm, reliably outfit blocks knife head to go up in arbor, it is the crucial step of production diamond cutting tool, its install calorie of quality to affect the performance characteristics of diamond cutting tool directly. At present the commonly used method that hold card basically has 3 kinds, namely felt law, set law and standard of drill rod solder. 1.

Law of felt law felt is to use epoxy resin or the organic binder such as 502 glue, the groove that gets on felt of diamond knife head to match with photograph of size of diamond knife head in arbor. Operation of this kind of method is handy, do not need special device and clamping apparatus, can gain particular bonding strength. But as a result of organic binder be able to bear or endure lukewarm sex does not exceed 200 ℃ commonly, when abrade knife head or the high temperature that introduces the generation when bigger cutting dosage undertakes cutting is machined all may make binder invalidation, so cutting tool of felt type diamond applies to the superprecision with cutting lesser dosage only, and cannot go up in arbor direct and abrade diamond knife head. When cutting tool need is repaired when grinding, need opens felt gel first with the dissolvent such as acetone, after undertaking repairing grinding to diamond knife head, again new felt arrives on arbor. In addition, the positional precision of knife head assures felt process diamond harder. 2.

Enchasing a law to set a standard is above all diamond knife head and metallic powder an agglomeration, repass pressing plate secures diamond knife head mechanically go up in arbor. Setting a standard is to apply most extensive diamond cutting tool to install calorie of method at present, its process is as follows: (1) general plays small figure greatly on diamond thick wear, determine the position of face of the knife after edge is reached. (2) general diamond sets cast-iron pattern below big look out, powder is belonged to in the fill is right amount copper fund all round its (like) of 663 copper pink, insert next on force plunger, slightly metal of pressure squeezing ramming is pulverous. (3) uses device of high frequency induction slow heat mould while, increase fluctuation ceaselessly the pressure between two force plunger, till temperature and pressure are achieved respectively,750 ℃ are mixed 5.

5kg/mm² . The diamond knife head that agglomeration piece takes out to reach its after refrigeration, it is on agglomeration piece the nest hole that can get agree with appearance of diamond knife head and size photograph. (The relative position of the where a thing can be put to best use that 4) basis designs and arbor, purify agglomeration piece the spare part that go up. Burn those who had machined next agglomerate to expect with the cupreous drill steel of inferior temperature drill rod solder is in of arbor correct locally, the horn after repairing those who grind arbor accurately reachs other share. (The diamond knife head that 5) has worried essence of life puts the nest aperture of agglomeration piece to build appropriate pressing plate, the outfit that completed diamond cutting tool namely gets stuck. Of face of the knife after installing what the diamond knife head that has gotten stuck shows cutting tool only and 1mm left and right sides before knife face. It is OK to set a standard firm ground secures diamond knife head, high temperature resistant the gender is better also, after can holding card of head of direct and abrade knife hind knife face, achieve taller angle precision thereby. Long when grinding, need to open pressing plate only, take out diamond knife head, long after adjusting pattern, assemble afresh again, very convenient. The defect that sets a standard is process more complex, at the same time diamond knife head can show side of the knife before little part only, its hind pressing plate will be cloggy cut bits to pour out of, make easily cut bits to jam be near edge and destroy already machined the surface. Because enchase a law to install the diamond of card and agglomeration piece join without chemical bond between nest aperture face, rely on pressure impaction only, produce tiny displacement likely in treatment, because this fits the requirement of superfinishing cutting tool not quite. In addition, enchase a law to ask diamond has larger volume, the utilization rate that this causes diamond on one hand is inferior, make the small diameter cutting tool that action machines at alveolus hard on the other hand. 3.

Law of drill rod solder solders directly with law of drill rod solder diamond cutting tool is a problem that gets attention quite all the time. Because diamond has very tall chemical stability, produce chemical reaction very hard with other metal and implementation solders, accordingly, how to realize the firm link of diamond and metal reliably, the technical difficult point that makes diamond tool manufacturing industry and the research task that solve urgently. The drill rod solder that realizes diamond cutting tool needs to solve the following problem: (1) wetability can: When drill rod solder, drill rod expects must embellish is wet be assured to solder by solder material ability place is flawless. Because the face of diamond can be very fast, wetability is poor, the drill rod stuff that because this is found,all has good wetability to diamond and metallic matrix surface is the key with drill rod successful solder. (2) felt function: Drill rod makings should have good wetability not only, can learn reaction with biochemistry be yielded by solder material even, form chemical bond link, ability realizes those who have enough felt power to solder. (3) leftover stress: The hot coefficient of expansion of diamond and metal differs close decuple, the cooling process after solder can form very great leftover stress, affect thereby solder intensity damages even diamond. (Of 4) diamond corrode: Diamond issues meeting oxidation or graphitization in high temperature, certain metal still is had to diamond erode action, because this must choose appropriate working environment and drill rod makings, diamond corrode a phenomenon to reduce lowermost rate. Consider to discover in great quantities, the drill rod material that contains the active element such as titanium, zirconium, niobium, Tantalum is in vacuum is OK and direct surface of embellish wet diamond, these active elements return as can nuclear as the carbon of diamond surface reaction to generate stable carbide, form chemical bond link. Metallic molybdenum or cobalt base hard alloy and diamond have relatively the hot coefficient of expansion of close, use as solder matrix need not damage diamond can assure intensity of drill rod solder again already. The technology of solder of diamond drill rod that considered to vacuum condition is developed to fall on the foundation here. Developed the new technology that protecting diamond of solder of aeriform atmosphere drill rod further again in recent years. Compare with photograph of technology of solder of vacuum drill rod, technology of solder of protective gas drill rod has facility cost low, the operation is handy, craft cycle is short wait for an advantage, maintained what comparative with solder of vacuum drill rod to solder intensity. The occurrence of this one technology solved difficult problem of long-standing technology of solder of diamond drill rod more satisfactorily. What diamond of solder of protective gas drill rod uses drill rod makings to be alloy of silver-colored copper titanium, the component scale of alloy silver, copper, titanium is respectively 68.

8% , 26.

7% with 4.

5% . Protective gas is argon (95%) and hydrogen (the gas mixture of 5%) . Drill rod solder process is as follows: (1) fills minute of cleared diamond and metallic matrix apparently oxide; (2) heats in protective atmosphere matrix and drill rod makings, till drill rod expects,distribute equably at matrix appoint the position, cool next; (3) places the diamond that needs to solder in the proper place of matrix, after filling protective gas, heat to expect to drill rod afresh fused temperature, again slow refrigeration comes room temperature. Use law of drill rod solder to install calorie of diamond knife head to have the following advantage: Solder intensity is high, the shear strength of solder side can amount to 340MPa, can be weight only 0.

The diamond knife head of 02 carat solders firmly to go up in arbor; Can be opposite after drill rod solder diamond knife head undertakes essence of life is ground again, in order to assure the treatment precision of angle of cutting tool geometry; Can make arbor of prep above of face of the knife before cutting tool, make sure the eduction that cut bits is smooth thereby, make cutting process and workpiece surface quality more stable and reliable; The system that can improve diamond cutting tool substantially is rigid. CNC Milling CNC Machining